February 13th, 2008


Looking for Plushie Holding Net!

Hi Comm! I'm looking for a net that can be used to holding plushies. Preferably something that's atleast 6 feet wide. Anyone know a place where I can get one? I've checked Home Depot, Walmart, K-Mart and Toys R Us. (And we don't have Target here.) And no results. The closest I've gotten to was finding a large fishing net at K-Mart but that was ridiculously big and costs over $100.

Anyways, thanks!

I hate The delivery services here

Lucky It was the woman who I went to for before. I told everyone I would send there stuff and did a long time ago. Now I went to the post office to ask whats up. And I wasnt the only angry person.. Allot of other people were too. Apparently allot of items have not been sent So that includes
my stuff..
They have been sent, somewhere in america. Never got sent to the right people or messed up and destroyed off. 
anyone want refunds? Im willing, or commisions. I have no cash. Send me a Invoice to my paypal. You dont understand how angry I am right now. This is what happens when I trust the postal services  
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OMG what's this?

Look what arrived at my home today and it arrived quickly too :D!
Me and my bro are very happy with our stuff.

But I had to take pictures with my cellphone, because I couldn't find my dads camera. (I think he took it with him to germany...)

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i got two AWESOME packages today!! but only one of them is pokemon related... oh well! i am really excited anyway. :333 this post is really stupid but whatever.

cutest darkrai EVER. thank you gin ;u;

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Bootlegs are amazingly awesome

I find it really amusing that I just bought a bootleg card for more than I've ever spent on an official card before. But, seriously... This thing needed to be in my Scyther collection for the lulz value, especially since there isn't much Scyther merch to screw up to begin with, let alone the fact that it is so horrifically awesome.

It is a lenticular/reverse-holo Abra card with 6800 HP that has had the Abra picture removed and replaced with an image of Scyther. Like, word-for-word Abra Pokédex and everything. IT IS SO FREAKING AMAZING AND WORTH EVERY PENNY.

My new baby.

I really shouldn't be as excited as I am about getting this card.
Fav scene in the GN XD

Mailed Out Packages!

Heya, i hope this is okay but if not, mods just delete it :3

I'm just posting this so i dont have to go through everyone's emails again X_X

animarelic I went and weighed your marbles and sent you an email so just get back to me whenever! Thanks =D

dunsparce Just wanted to let you know i've sent out your "Moltres" stand for our toys trade :3 I remember you told me that shipping to me would be about $2-3 but mine ended up being over $7 so if you could just email me whenever you have a chance and maybe we can work out a bit of the shipping :/ If not i understand as well.

magicpineapple I shipped out Mr. Buizel today and i had estimated shipping would be $5 but it ended up being over $7 as well...i still haven't received payment either so just drop me an email whenever you get the chance...thanks! (also, i think i put an "s" on "Jacksonville" making it "Jacksonsville" Florida so please ignore my incompetence xD

staraptor I've also shipped out your Kids figures today! If you could just drop me an email when you get the chance since shipping as well was a few dollars more making it $7 as well instead of around $4...

featherclaw Your Chimchar plush trade is also on its way! I saw your post today about how long it took one of those packages to get to you and i hope it doesn't take that long o-o We had worked out shipping prices since we both estimated to pay a bit higher for our locations. You had estimated it'll be about $8 to send to me which is what it ended up being for me to send to you.

To all of you guys, i have really underestimated shipping prices in Canada...they've really become insane and it's pretty unfair that people in the States have to pay less/more shipping for sending/receiving packages out. I'm really sorry for the extra few dollars i might need from you guys but i took out $30+ dollars from my own pocket today to pay for all of these so i could get them sent out. I'm really not trying to scam anyone -__-

I really hope you all understand and your packages have all been sent out and are heading your way ;__; Thanks again guys!


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I have mailed out all payments. Sorry again for the hassle of concealed cash but PayPal is still not working out for me. I am going to have to call them when I come back from Germany.

Let me know when they arrive! I won't be around here so e-mail me at saint.flaaffy[at]hotmail[dot]com if you could. Thank you very much.

But the real topic of business is SHOP LINKS. We still have a lovely list of shops on the sidebar here and I was wondering if anybody would like their shop linked. My only rule is to please make sure that Pokemon items make up a good majority of your shop's inventory. It does not have to be strictly Pokemon, but more than just a few cards please.

For anybody who already listed on the side and would like me to change the URL or title for any reason, please comment here as well.

Starting tomorrow I am going to be overseas for two weeks on exchange, so I am handing this community over to the other mods, denkimouse and lineaalba. You guys are wonderful but still.. BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR. >:0 I'm watching you but not really at all.

~ Sam

Favourite figures!? :D

So... I was going through and organizing my collection when I realized just how much I love this certain figure. I find it genius. A little tiny figure inside of a tiny clear case!

and it also comes apart!

Which leads to! What is your favourite figure? :D
Note: I don't mean of your favourite POKEMON. I'm talking about the item you find most interesting or love the idea. :D
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I finally figured out how to use SMJ (sort of). I won my first auction today! I'll be getting a batch of kids soon. I don't want all that many in the lot, so most of them are gonna be sold on here!

I plan on hanging onto blaziken, lucario, groudon, blastoise, and possibly one of the mews. I can't wait to get these!

Looks like we are going to have some bidwars going on with some of these. The auction ended yesterday, so it's now a matter of it getting to SMJ, and then them sending it to me. I don't think I plan on using it too often, but I wanted to give it a test run and see the worthy-ness of SMJ. I may just fall in love with it!
Pokemon - Crystal Quilava
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Pan Stickers

I'm beginning to take an interest in pan stickers; I'll be picky in what I collect, of course, but having recently acquired one I was rather impressed with the size and static cling-esque style. (I'm paraniod about stcking my stickers on things!) I ran a search on Y!Japan, but I couldn't find many lots as opposed to "pick one piece" and indvidual auctions which, with SMJ, I really can't justify. And the few lots I did find had only one or two of the ones I'm interested in spread out across different lots.

What I want to ask is, what 's a reasonable price to pay for them and how much do lots often run for? I'd love to decorate my Wii, iPod, and even laptop with these things since they look so simple yet awesome and convenient, but I obviously don't want to break the bank over them.

As a side note, packages will be mailed on Monday for sure. My operation got postponed at the last minute so I've been organizing everything in my spare time today, but I can't buy packing materials until the weekend due to transportation. (And thus I will shut up about al this.)
Mew Close-Up

Greetings from your neighbourhood Psychic

Hey everyone. I'm Psychic, and I have been a Pokémon fan since the earliest days. I've always had a very modest collection - though that is mainly because my parents never really liked me collecting Pokémon stuff, and now that I'm way older they really want me to get out of it, but Pokémon is too awesome to give up!

I joined this community because I recently started collecting a bit again, plus I saw some other people on LJ posting/selling parts of their collections, and I was just completely blown away by some of the things you guys own! And I would LOVE to have a collection of products of all my favourite Pokémon like you guys have. While here I would love to see more of what you guys have, and try to work on collecting some of my favourite Pokémon while selling things I know other people will want more than I do.

For now, though, I'll just post my collection. ^^

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So yup. That should be every single thing in my collection, not that it’s much compared to some of you guys’. Like I said; I’d really like to expand my collection, and there are some things I would be happy to part with, so hopefully I’ll have a sales post soon. Pretty glad to be here, yup. ^^ Now if only I could figure out how to use Paypal properly…

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Let me show u mai kollectiun

Today was a lucky day! I got not one, but two packages that were supposed to arrive the next weak according to my calculations :D

So I decided to take photos only of the pokemon groups that have 3 or more members (except for Pikachus because everyone and their grandma are already tired of them):

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Everything and by everything I mean EVERYTHING EXCEPT the tiny Bulbasaur on the bottom right corner which was found and almost eaten by my dog while we were in park because it was inside of a bouncy ball and my dog loves chewing on them, and the small Shinx plush and Staraptor plush I got from Ebay - everything else I got is from you awesome people from pkmncollectors and I thank you sooo much for that!
Happy Mew
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New Plush...

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Wow we havn't gotten snow like this in YEARS D: They didn't even call for it! Odd that the day I get my Glaceon (and leafeon but she was NOT going out there) in the mail from Linealba we get this ^^ BUT I LOVE SNOW. So yay!

I'll try and take some better photos in the morning its almost 10 PM here. This was a cell photo photo but I was just happy ^^
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Raikou Stuff!

Updated picture of my Raikou collection - the only things I didn't put in it were cards, or the custom doll I had made, since none of that is here yet in Texas. ;_;


I assembled the gashapon figure, finally - I was scared to death of misaligning the eyes or something like that, but I put them on all right - I just need to coat them with something so the NEVER come off. XD

I still wonder what I am missing from my Raikou collection though, apart from the obvious (my holy grail of Pokemon collecting - the giant doll). I know there is a large keychain thing on Y!Japan right now that I want to get, but other than that, what IS there that I am missing? o_O

EDIT: Eugh, how could I forget the TOMY figure which was sitting on my nightstand? --;