February 14th, 2008

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Does anyone know how old these plushes are? I found them looking for Clefairy things on Y!J and I ask because I've never seen them, or the other plushes on the tag before. There is バンプレスト in the item description, so I think they were made by Banpresto.


And while we're on the subject of Pippi, does anyone happen to have any of the following 3 Kids, or the Clefairy evo zukan that they would be willing to sell? I'm on the hunt for them.

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Today I received cards from fernchu! Thank you so much for the extra cards =D! And I love Mewtwo and Gardevoir, they're great! ♥

Also, candycafe, I mailed your cards out yesterday for our trade =D!

I still have more than a few packages coming so I shall get pictures when they all arrive! I can't wait ^_^!

Though for now...Collapse ) The auction will end Monday @ 9:00pm EST (Due to the fact I have a couple tests coming up -_-;)

HOWEVER...ANY *10* cards in This Picture OR!! This Picture are 10/$3.50....Also, all the trainer/supporter/energy cards (outlined in green) are for $2.50!

I also have Holos, Rares and Promos: Collapse )
If you have any questions about any cards and/or want a closer picture, feel free to ask =D

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I just spent wayyy too much money on some new Pokemon cards on Ebay, so it's time for an

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1. Please Copy and Paste the URL of the item(s) you want in your reply and clearly point out which card(s) you want in there, as well as the price(s). This will seriously speed up orders, and make everyone (including me) happy :D . Extra happy points if you add up the total XD
2. Shipping is $2 worldwide.
3. You must be able to pay immediately. I will only hold your choices for a short period of time.
book Tonio

The Great Jakks Chase update + shameless self-promotion

First of all, I've started a forum of my own that I'd appreciate if you guys joined:


Now, to business.

Still haven't found the new Jakks plushies! STILL! But I did find the Roselia figure in a single pack. Infernape was there as well, so I assume the Torterra is out there.

I also found something unexpected today: A new figure 3-pack with ROSERADE!!! It was Roserade/Mesprit/Sudowoodo, and according to the back, the other four 3-packs in the newest set are Dialga/Mothim/Shellos East, Wormadam Trash/Azelf/Kricketot, Uxie/Wormadam Plant/Glameow, and Wormadam Sandy/Palkia/Shellos West.  
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