February 15th, 2008

Pokemon - Buds


Mmkay, so with one of the D/P releases there came non-special energy Dark/Steel energies. I am in need of 10 of each. Anyone have some they'd sell/trade? >_>
Will pay $5 for each set of 10.

Some more I'd like to trade for/buy:
Holon Phantoms:

Need one of each :x

Looking to pay $3 for the Raichu and $.50 for the Pikachu.

EDIT: Also in search of a Flaafy of some kind (recent set, electric type please)

I would be MORE than happy to do trades. I'd actually PREFER trades over purchasing.
Main shop (rares/holos): http://ragnablade.livejournal.com/1577.html

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Also as a note to people who have bought cards from me:
They'll go out Saturday morning, I haven't been able to hit the post office and I don't trust just putting them in the mailbox.
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Shaymin sez Hi :D

This is not a collection post or anything so I hope it's not that off-topic.  

Anyways, the 11th movie site was recently updated and in the updates was an official confirmation of Shaymin in the movie and a new form of Giratina!?!?!  Magazine scans foreshadowed that Giratina might be the mascot of a new D/P game sequel and you can see its new form in the game similar to Deoxys' new forms in Emerald, FR/LG.

I took a screen cap of the new images from the site for your viewing pleasure.

You may also visit Pokebeach for scans from CoroCoro magazine.

(Picture under-cut for spoilers)

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Gossip Girl: Summer Blair

Various things.

First of all, everyone who has bought from me recently, your packages have all been mailed. andyboyh and flag, your packages were mailed out yesterday. SO SO SO SO SO INCREDIBLY SORRY FOR THE DELAY >__________< I hate making people wait. I'm really sorry. Let me know when you receive them! <3 (This goes for everyone who has bought from me :333 because I worry about things getting lost)

enshogirl, I haven't had the time to get to the Pokemon Center to pick up your figures, but I will try to make time to go this weekend. Sorry for the delay. I suck. I have your Vaporeon all wrapped and ready to go, though. <3

Secondly, I still have stuff leftover for sale in this post (although photobucket got weird and screwed up one of the pictures...I can retake it if anyone's interested). Prices are negotiable so if you see anything you want but think it's too expensive, don't hesitate to make me an offer ^_^

Also, Adopt-a-plushie is still going on here if anyone's interested. :3

And last but not least, to make this post non-boring,

Here is a picture of the inside of my head a random UFO catcher I stumbled across recently. ♥ Enjoy!


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I found the pokemon center zukan on ebay and the only thing I want from it is the eevee egg.
I don't want to pay 59.99 + Shipping just for the egg D: usually I'd buy it and sell the rest but I don't have enough money to do that right now.
So I was wondering if anyone was looking for it/planning on buying it and wouln't mind selling me the egg? I'd love you forever!
DB// yup that was me
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received and question!

daynipp: received the poster and zukan! :DD The desk staff did their best to cram it in my box along with another small item I got, so it was interesting pulling it all out XDDDD
pidgey is so TINNYY ♥ ♥

regen: I don't mean to be a bother, but do you have a date for when you shipped out everything? :0 Just curious.

hee, I also got my bootleg slowpoke in today. :D It.. smells, a little. But only if I put it UP TO MY NOSE and take a whiff. It actually looks pretty good for a boot. They even put all the trademarks on the bottom. :0 only they put ©Nintendo instead of the regular kanji. YOU CAN'T FOOL ME.

I also got my SMJ package yesterday, but my roomie ran off with the camera. My phone doesn't have a camerafeature, so expect pictures later :D I think I may try my hand at whittling a peg for Pidgeot.
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Lopunny Zukan

Could someone that has the Lopunny zukan take a picture of the plastic stand/support that Lopunny has?

I'm trying to sort out my zukans, and I have quite a few different little sticks - (I don't think I could get her's to fit right initially, but sometimes they can be tricky.)

Drowzee =)!

taycs I got the Drowzee card today!!! Thank you so much I love it so much!!! =D! So cute *_* And thank you for the extra psychic energy!

I really need to get a picture of my card collections of my favorites soon xD Just waiting for more to get here XD

I know that pikachuashnat is also looking for this card...just in case any of you guys have another =D Collapse )

Click here for my sales and my Eeveelution auction!!!
Pokemon - DJ Chatot
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Flying-type collection update

daynipp and denkimouse, I got your packages today! <3 The Pidgeotto bell plush was jingling and jangling as soon as I took it out of the mailbox; it's so small, yet so ADORABLE and is the most prized part of my flying-type collection alongside the shiny swallows. :D

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More collection pics (KYOGRE and Buizel, as well as micro-collections of lions and Jolteon) are still due to come!

Since Monday is going to be a US holiday why did I not foresee this packages are back to being sent out on Tuesday for sure. I got packing materials today so everything will be packed and ready to go!

pikaplex and robocoon, are you still interested in the kids? I haven't heard back from either one of you. :/
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Pan - Plush!Pan

Crocheted Umbreon iPod Case 8D

Making coin purses takes a while [especially with the zipper sewing] and can get tiring after a while, so I've been making MP3 player cases in my spare time. xD I made myself one [it's not Pokemon, so no sharing photos here ;3;] and it's SO much easier and faster! I made an Umbreon one as well, if anyone wants it let me know!

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Measurements are 4 1/2 inches long and about 3 inches wide. My MP3 player is too fat too fit it, so I have no use for it. >__<
I'm sure an iPod or similar portable devices can fit perfectly, though! Thanks for looking. 8D
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Finally An Update =D

Okay so this is the first time i've actually posted a collection if you can call it that xD

Since most of my stuff is all packed in boxes since i'll be moving again shortly, i just took a couple pics of what i recently got over the past week or so.

I couldn't be happier with my Pokee stuff and you all know who you are so thank you very much for all the stuff i've gotten from all you guys to help my pathetic Munchy/Mantyke/Sudowoodo collection grow a bit more xD

Oh and a side note...thank you so much guys for the extra shipping issues for the packages i sent out ;__;

magicpineapple i'm still waiting on your payment as well so just get back to me when you can..thanks!

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Rare set of pokemon glass jars for sale!

This is a set of glass jelly jars that I collected years ago. Each jar features one pokemon and three different pictures of that pokemon.
=I would like to sell them as a set but may sell individually.
-I am only accepting paypal at this time ^_^ Thanks!

-Asking for offers please ^_~*

(Also have squirtle, which I would like to keep, but if the offer is good I will sell ^_^)

Promo cards for sale

Uhhh, so I was checking up on my ten million websites and realised I have a $200 hosting bill to pay in two weeks. -_- Panic time. I'll have more cards up for sale over the weekend hopefully, but I wanted to put up a bunch of Lvl. Xs, exs and promos for now. I've tried to base prices off the lower end of standard prices, but make offers if you must (can't guarantee acceptance), and I'll discount large orders. Paypal preferred, and no credit card-funded payments unless for big orders.

( fake cut to my shop )

hello kitty she's ridin her bike

herro collectorsssss
i'm moving shortly, so i'm trying to lighten my moving load. and the extra cash never hurt in moving. soooooo DO YOU LIKE PLUSHES AND OLD MODELS? OH HO, THEN YOU WILL LIKE THIS POST.

plushes for sale

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yes i will ship round ye olde world, and paypal is really your best bet here. first come first serve, cept for the make-an-offers which i will end off on sunday (EST).
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Totally Random


Er, I found this in a giant box of markers I was using to make a Valentine for my b/f.

Does anyone want it? I'll take offers. I know it came from Burger King, but I don't know if anyone cares anymore, lol.