February 16th, 2008


juumou - I got your package! I squeed at the little bobblyhead Plusle--it's so tiny! X3 I'm in the process of sketching out your commission~ ♥

To... whomever sold me the Bunnery and Gyarados kids - I got those, too! Sorry, I'm really terrible with names... and the fact that I've bought so much stuff from here this past week, well... it's a bad combo. XD;

shindow_kitsu - I still haven't gotten that holo Mew card from you. D: What happened?

OH! And to those who bought cards from me last week, I haven't had a chance to send those out yet. Sorry for the wait. ;3; I should have them sent out by Monday at the latest.

By the way, there's still some cards up for grabs, if anybody else is interested.
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Collection Update/Upcoming Sales Preview!

I received a few packages this week. One from denkimouse, and a couple others from assorted places. It's been a good week! I've included some new Jirachi items, as well as a few gifts I received yesterday for Valentine's Day. :3 There's also a preview of some kids figures I hope to make available to the community sometime soon, including some clear Eeveelution figures. ^__^

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Small Pathetic Selling Post X3

Hai everyone =D

Okay so i went through my Poke packing box tonight and i found a few more things to put up..i'd really like these fellows to go to good homes so if you're interested please take a look and let me know!

I didn't want to part with some of them but i did realize i want to focus on my other collections and give these guys a better place ^-^

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CoroCoro promos yay!

I got my Scyther bell plush from denkimouse and my Scyther card/zukan from happyjolteon today! I loved the "I AM SCYTHERRR" doodle on the bell plush package and it is totally being added to the Scyther collection. XD

Now if only I could find the stupid memory card USB reader so I could share my pics of the plush + rest of the Scyther army. Hopefully I shall find it soon.

Aside from Scyther merchandise, I recently made the goal of collecting the entire Japanese Gym 1 and Gym 2 sets of the TCG. I received a minor holy grail of the set in the mail today by snagging mint/near-mint condition cards of eight of the twelve CoroCoro promos released for the Gym series.

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Now, I just need Brock's Mankey, Misty's Tentacool, Giovanni's Nidoking, and Koga's Ninja Gym to finish off the promos. After that, it's time to find Imakuni's Doduo. -.-'


Another Target update from DR! At our last adventure to Target, DR discovered giant Palkia plushie on sale for ridiculously cheap amounts of moola!

This time.. we find more discounted goodness. :D

They were about $5.70 each! Half off from the original price, basically. I suspect that they'll go down further if you wanna risk the chance of them disappearing. There were two Palkia and one Dialga at my Target. So, in making up for not getting the Time Pony last time, I figured I'd get this one.

(I also got a Zangoose and Weedle TFG 8D; )

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I usually don't  take a lot of pictures of my collection because I'm dang lazy and we have a gawd awful camera at home which only work half of the time...the battery compartment doesn't shut properly sometimes.  Anyway, long story short, I was really sick about a week ago and sort of self-grounded myself at home so I don't infect anyone and basically had nothing to do at home.  So yea, I decided it was time to take pictures of my collection.  By the way, I decided to slow down on purchasing any more stuff because I spent way too much already and thought it was a good time to post my collection.

Anyways, here's my modest collection.  It's pretty small in size because I don't collect any Kids, small figures, gashapons, plushies etc.

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My whole collection in all its glory.  Yea, it's currently a mess as I need more space to display them all. XD 

P.S: Can a Ho-oh zukan please fall out of the sky and onto my lap? XD