February 17th, 2008


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I hate to be a pest, and I'll keep this brief--does anyone have a Play-Asia coupon code they wouldn't mind parting with? I don't usually buy from there, so when I get a coupon code (they usually give them after you buy something), I'll be happy to give it back.
Love Tsushi

Holo selling!

I just joined this community a few weeks ago, but wow. It makes me wish I had all my Pokemon things with me! I'll be taking a picture when I get home, but currently I'm tight in space in my little dorm room. What I DO have with me is my card collection, my pride and joy. I know I posted it a bit ago. But today I have an intent to sell a lot of my stamped holos and reverse holos. Pokemon is an expensive habit haha...

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Hey y'all. I've got a question that I'm hoping someone can answer.

So almost a month ago, I managed to snag two normal Ninetales Kids from Y!J. Normally, I would've just gotten one since while I love Ninetales like the ocean loves the wind, I see no point in duplicate figures.

But lo! They're not the same! One has orange-tipped tails while the other does not.

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So I was wondering, is there any kind of explanation for this? Are they two different Kids, or did the non-tipped one just have her tail paint rubbed off?
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bat face

hapy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy


*squee* omg gin yay!! my bell plush came today!! it might have come sooner if i've know that it was sent to my dads house. XP)


it's so tiny and adorable and jingley! omg yay!!

i have named it mr. litchy don't ask it's a thing. (also the dratini on the package zomg adorable)

and now i'll stop my fangirling.

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Lookie what i got today in chinatown :D
i've gotta stop buying meowth stuff.. im gunna be in major debt LOL!

can anyone share ANY info on him?
is he from a set or something?
he IS official and has a tag:


Superior, Xemnas

Collection post..... Lugia not included.

So.... After many failed attempts at getting one last Trading Figure, I thought I'd post here.
This is my current Next Quest TFG collection.

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Now. Aside from the US exclusives (DP starters) and the other series..... See anyone missing? Yeah, I'm missing Lugia.
Here's the catch - I need the European version. Obviously, they're a lot harder to come by than any of the US figures. But here's hoping someone here may have one that they're interested in selling. I can also trade, visit store_xiii for items I can trade for it. I don't care if it's 1st Edition or anything like that. I'm also interested in a 1st Edition Ho-Oh, Groudon or Scyther, though that's even more unlikely. And I know there's something upside down in this pic, kk.


Hello everyone!! my name is Cody and i'm here to do nothing but selling! i will have huge massive sales post including old rare cards, figures, and plushies and more! my selling policies are simple and i hope that everyone follows them ^^

My policies are:

1.I only accept money orders and concealed cash
2.buyer must be sure on what they're purchasing
3.be happy with your purchase!! ^^

i will be posting a sales post here VERY shortly ^^
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Ending! (soon)

Just wanted to let you all know that my Collapse )auction will end tomorrow night at 9pm EST (well...at least for the one that has a bid...if the other 2 don't get bids I'll keep them up longer or just sell them *shrug*)

I also added more cards to my 10 for $3.50 deal...choose any cards from This Picture OR!! This Picture (Every trainer/energy cards in both pictures are all of them for $2.50!) (or 1 for $0.35)

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Thank you!!!!

...And now back to studying for Chemistry (which I dislike ^^;) None of you happen to be good at Chem. by any chance?? xD