February 18th, 2008

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Arcanine Plush

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has any leads to a UFO Catcher Arcanine plush. They've been getting pretty scarce on ebay, and figured I'd check here to see if anyone has one/has recently seen one/has a way of getting one. 


This makes me want to clean my house!!!

I was just cleaning and I found this outside with some old common/uncommon cards in it. I figured to post it since it gave me a bit of nostalgia for the days when stuff like this was the most important thing to me. Reminded me of being in tournaments, and the absolute joy I got being like 11 and beating adults with my deck of favorite pokemon. I don't remember where I got this, but I do remember carrying it around with me to the Pokemon League. Back in those days, Bulbasaur was actually my favorite of all the starters [with Mew ALWAYS being my all-time favorite]. I immediately loved it, although I hated it's evolutions. Wartortle was my favorite of the 1st generation 2nd stage starters, and Charizard looked the best to me out of the final evolutions. For being outside, the card binder is in exceptional condition. There are just a few dirty spots that were rubbed out with my finger. I plan on washing it later, and trying to figure out where to put it, since my collection is mostly Mew/Pink Pokemon/Team Pokemon, and some random kids I bought on whims at the market. :D
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Recieved, collection, and trading post!

eeveelution: :DDD guess what I got~! thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate it ;wwwwwwwwww ; and that doodle.. was too cute. You killed me inside. So I obviously had to turn it into an icon. D:<

prguitarman: got the cards! thanks for the extras <3333 I've never seen a card with gold text before, is it more rare? I have no idea how these newfangled cards work.

Alright, and to make this post more relevant, I has cards to share :D

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Who was it that was looking for the Holographic Skarmory from Great Encounters? I know someone mentioned that they wanted one. I got one today in a pack, if you're interested!

Auction Over

Ok so....my Eeveelution auction has ended...unowncafe has won the Vaporeon card =D (please get a hold oh me so I can total it and give you details =^^)

However...I will not just sell the remaining Eeveeluton cards....Collapse )

Remember 10 cards from This Picture OR!! This Picture is $3.50 (or one for $0.35...and ALL the trainer/energy cards for $2.50)</font>

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ALSO! Is anyone interested in trading? I made a list of cards I am looking for Collapse )
Sorry for all the posts lately -_-;; *head/desk*

ETA: goku_the_saru, pikachuashnat, chibisilverwing....your cards will be mailed tomorrow morning =D

New Toys!

Hi guys! Tiny little post, but I thought I would share..

Just a couple cute little doodads I recieved at Katsucon! The Torterra Jakks and SUPER CUTE Wailmer card are from the lovely denkimouse, who was an epic housemate this weekend! The two adorable Venusaurs came from juumou as a thank you for taking care of her sorry sick little butt today. XD And I bought the jumbo Palkia figure at the dealer's room.

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Also- PokePlushProject is coming along great! I've still got a really long way to go, but we've got a fair amount of stuff documented. My number one wish is for those of you with bell plushies to post pictures, if you have spare time to do so! It would make my day so happy!

Lastly... prguitarman, THANK YOU FOR THE CARDS! I got them yesterday! My Base Set is complete after nine years of collecting! To quote that video: BLASSSTOOOIISEE, BLAASSSSTOOOOIIIISSEEEEE!!!1!!

On that note... Collapse )
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Shiny Great Encounters Sales Post!


I've put up a few of my Reverse Holo GE cards! I have available in this post:


I just don't want to rape the post with images. I have others for sale, including:

Unown G

These are also from Great Encounters as well. Pokebeach.com has images of all these cards if you want to see what they look like! Thanks for looking!