February 19th, 2008


Japanese Gym 1 and Gym 2 Cards

Does anyone here happen to have any cards from the Japanese Gym 1 and 2 sets that they don't want/need anymore? I'm looking for a little bit of everything, so any help would be appreciated. I know plenty of websites that have a lot of them, but I was hoping to maybe rescue some unloved ones from you guys first. :3

I have a few duplicates of some cards I could trade as well:
Misty's Horsea (lvl 10 C), Lt. Surge's Raichu (lvl 38 H), Erika's Venusaur (lvl 45 H), Sabrina's Drowzee (lvl 15 C), Koga's Ditto (lvl 12 H), Blaine's Ponyta (lvl 13 C), Giovanni's Nidoran M (lvl 14 C), Giovanni's Nidoking (lvl 58 H)

More Cards!

Hey guys, you haven't really heard from me lately but I do lurk in the shadows, watching those collections grow! :) Today I have for you a new card sales post! Lv. X, EX, Japanese cards... a few I think are pretty neat. This is an all-holo/RH post, if I get the drift that there is interest in an uncommon/etc. sales post then I will probably go snap some pictures of them as well. A cut for the sanity of some peoples' computers!:
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CAGED ➽ anya

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So over this lovely President's Day weekend I spent most of my Monday putting together a new display shelf for my Pokemon. [And since I had shelf space left my YGO stuff as well].

&& I would like to say regen I got your package today! The note was cute and omg thanks for the Abra card. It's my first other language that's not Japanese or English card xD And first edition too!


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ETA: disko_potato Your card was sent out today. I am so sorry for the delay. I sent out extras with it to say I am sorry.
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Dialga Lv X :D

AHHH *flail*

I went to Target yesterday, and I bought two packs of Great Encounter packets (Was looking for the darkrai deck so I can build on to it, but it was sold out.) Anywho I got my 2nd Lv X from this set!!

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And yeah he's next to my Darkrai Lv X (who is NOT for trade) I pulled at the pre release. Anyway Dialga is possibly up for trades. I useally collect Suicune, Umbreon Raichu are the top favs. Any star/shining cards I dont have are auto trade(I have: Umbreon, Rayquaza, Groudon, Raikou, Pikachu, Flareon). (Suicune star is at the very top of my wish list) Also neat promos, or Japanese promos are wanted. Just make an offer really, if I like the art/need the card we will see. :3
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Shipping Notice

Today was shipping day and the boys over at shipping and receiving couldn't be more tuckered out. (With a receipt that long, it's no wonder why!)

If you paid me by yesterday, your stuff has finally been shipped! The only exception is kamacazizero, whose package I forgot to bring with me due to my own stupidity. nnn-.-nnn It'll go out tomorrow with badgerr_ftw's package.

Please let me know if they arrive safely and if you got what you asked for! I'm terrified that I might have screwed up an order despite double checking and everything. T_T Also, if you feel compelled to do so, leaving feedback once the packages arrive is always welcome since I strive to improve my selling and shipping services. ^_^

As for the mini-gameboy freebies, whoever asked for them got them, but I felt dirty about forcing unwanted toys on people (despite my desire to give free stuff) and they would have pushed up shipping rates due to being so bulky so I didn't include them in orders that didn't ask for them. D: Please forgive me. ;;

regen, I got your package today! The zukan is more adorable in person and the notecard and Pidgey cards were pleasant surprises; the German one is my first non-Japanese foreign TCG card. :D Thank you!

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THESE ARE SO AWESOME! i literally said 'HOLY CRAP' a hundred times because theyre THAT COOL. anyone who has seen these and not told this community should be ashamed! (meanwhile, sorry if this HAS been posted about before :D; )

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i found them at target and gosh they are just... ;n; i love you jakks pacific!!

Received and Shipped!

Ok...ok...one more post XD I'm sorry XD but I got 3 packages today o_o! Two were from a friend of mine, gamecubegirl...one being an early birthday gift and one was a card she helped me win (as I don't have an ebay account =\) The other was from candycafe!! - These cards are absolutely *stunning* I love them o_o Thank you so much =D!!!!

I also mailed packages today for: goku_the_saru, pikachuashnat and chibisilverwing

unowncafe and anuvia, I will be mailing your stuff between tomorrow and Friday =D!

under the cut are pictures of what I mentioned above =D

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Sales and Wanted List

So... cute.... o__o

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Two packages came for me today! I was so ecstatic to receive my Elebuzz bell plush, but completely taken by surprise to find that I had another package, too!

The Luxray from denkimouse's contest! 8DDD

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Will be posting a biiiiiig collection update tomorrow, I hope. :3
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Mass mailing!

All packages were finally mailed today - it was exhausting, and took about an hour in line since the APC was out of labels - this also includes international packages - yep, they were mailed too! ^_^

Also, here's a picture of the Hasbro, Shiny Cyndaquil figure I have - someone asked for a picture, but I can't remember who. ^_^;


:3 hello~

Hello all! I'm new, kinda. I've been a stalker for a while, and decided to join finally! Thank you for letting me in :3. Me and my boyfriend collect pokemon things, our collection is very small at the moment though, but it's growing! He collects sneasels and zangooses (zangeese?) and others, whilst I collect quilava, palkia/dialgia, and others. I've always loved the merch. I'm also trying to sell some cards, they need a good home now. Collapse )
Char-line looooove~

New Things :D

I was going to wait to post until after I got my bell plush et. all from Gin, but I'm too excited to show off my new stuff! :3

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P.S. If anyone has a pkmncenter jolteon plush, groudon, umbreon or palkia they would be willing to sell...let me know ;w;

also: This is not really pokemon related, but it's so funny. Just wait until you get to the paypal/ebay part. THEN it's pokemon related (well sorta, it reminds me of looking for cards on ebay).
INTERNET PARTAYYY, some content may be inappropriate for minors ;)
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Kadabras, Abras & Alakazams - Plus PPP pics!

So.... I finally decided to get a pic of Kadabra & co.

Here's another angle.
Trading cards: Page 1, Pages 2 & 3 & Page 4.
However, they are kinda annoying me, simply because you can't really see them all like this.
I really, really want one of those clear display boxes he US have - But none of my local dollar store equivalents stock them. Is there anyone who knows an online store that stocks them? Or maybe someone in the UK knows a place that sells them? I have looked, but the stores around here are pretty crap :x

ANYWAY. Under the cuts are pics for PPP! There are also pics for scarsofsunlight (Charmander Applause), lazer (Pidgey Applause), amenislytherin (Groudon x 2).
A personal note is that the 1/1 Scale Psyduck & the reversible Charmander were the first EVER Pokeplushies I ever had. Along with a squeaky Tomy Pika <3

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I'll submit more, this isn't all of them. As a lot of them are caved in, I'll probably wait and take pics once the site is up :3 Hope they're of some use!

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Okay, from this day forward I officially vow never to buy Pokemon booster packs again, no matter how incredible the temptation. I just spent around $30 on some booster packs and got some cards that would probably very good for competitive battling, but aren't any of the cards I plan to collect :(

My sad haul


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IN OTHER AMAZING NEWS, I have shipped out any orders made since my last sale! *Most* of you will get a huge amount of extra promotional cards and holos because I decided to downsize my store a bit and get rid of some cards nobody wanted to buy.
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I have stuff!!

I am getting a lot in the post recently; testament to me spending far too much.

So I have a lot of 'packages recieved' ,messages, most of which I forget but here are the recent ones ^^;

taycs , prguitarman , juumou  (Thankyou for the stickers! ^-^), norkia  and a bunch more but I fail ;-;
Basically if I haven't messaged you recently, I've got it xD

Except for one package, moltres toy and vaporeon tomy, I can't remember who though, update plz? D:

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I also had some uhh, uni troubles this semester, so there will be more delays in commissions. I'm sorry guys but education first and all that -__-;;;
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Legendary Collecting Poll and Suicune.

Sorry for not posting this with my earlier post; I was multi-tasking and forgot at the time, but I've been wondering this for awhile - Which legendaries do you collect and why? I believe I included all of them, though I didn't have enough spaces to put them all individually, so in your commet just specify which one it is you collect if you pick an option with multiple answers. ^_^

Poll #1141325 Legendary Collecting Poll

Which legendary pokemon do you collect?

Mew or Mewtwo
Legendary Birds (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos or Lugia)
Legendary Beasts (Entei, Raikou or Suicune)
Pixies (Azelf, Uxie or Mesprit)
Regis (Regice, Registeel, Regirock or Regigiggas)
Dialga, Palkia or Darkrai
Latias or Latios
Shaymin or Giratina
Other - (lineaalba forgot one!)

My reasons are under the cut, along with a link to a Suicune doll I put up on ebay. ^_^


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Small Collection Update & Upcoming Auctions!

Today was a very good day. I received packages from obakehoshi and daynipp, as well as my latest SMJ batch. A small helping of those items are here for your viewing pleasure.

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I'm going to take the opportunity to announce that I will have four new shiny kids figures up for auction, in addition to some clear Eeveelution figures. I took them out of their plastic bags for the picture, but they've been securely tucked away again. I will be posting the auctions sometime Wednesday.