February 20th, 2008

Mew Giddy


Yes! To help with that Pokémon plushie collection thingy, here are all the plushies I and my siblings have - including my sister's Eevee which had been missing for quite some time.

So anyway, here we go! ^.^

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Hope this helps some! ^^

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Received Packages!

Just wanted to shout out to fernchu that i've received my Charizard TCG so thank you so much for everything! He's lovely and i'm so glad his wings are more bendy because that made packaging him a lot easier and less stressful of breaking i bet xD

dunsparce i've also received my end of the trade so thank you much for my little toys! I'm still wondering wtf that thing on the back of Golem is though XD

And animarelic i've received your payment so i wanted to let you know it's safe and sound and i'll be getting your package along with others out very shortly! It's a drag when you're still waiting on addresses and answers from other people so please be patient and i'll have em all out asap!

moonloop, i had sent the other half of my payment on Feb 16 and was just wondering if you've shipped my Charizard, Rayquaza and Miltank Kid out yet? Just let me know so i can keep track..thanks!

And my god i'm so sorry but i cannot remember who it was who was sending me the Lugia zukan...but that payment was sent on Feb 7th and i never heard word that it was shipped out so please let me know if you can...thank you!

Oh and juumou, i left you a comment but in case you don't get it, i received my package today as well so thank you very much! But just drop me a line whenever because it seems i'm missing these items from my bundle so i'm not sure what happened ;~;

-Pencil Case
-Clear Case Collection Figures Snorlax
-Hoppip toy so i can put that along with the zukans
-Hyper sticker collection super deluxe gold
Jumps zukan
Luxray sticker

Thanks so much guys! ^-^
☆ Chi- omfg typing

Got something =3

heerosferret; I got the Lucario Pokekid! He's so adorable and small and cute and I LOVE HIM. Thankyou! <3

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In other news; skinst_bomb, I sent your Dark Raichu card. No receipts I'm afraid, so just wait until mine arrives before you send Mew and Ho-oh ^^
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ok today i sent out the payment/cards for norkia and that person i was trading cards with. (i'm sorry i forgot your username.) i'm sorry for the delay but i couldn't really get to post office.


Here's my addition to the plushies posts :) Let me know if you need more info on them.

I'm also accpecting a Jacks Shelloes and a new Pikachu backpack,clefairy(or was it cleffa?) and igglybuff in the mail. I'll upload the pics once I recieve them.

( I'M NOT SELLING THESE! But I might trade for other plushies! I'm looking for the talking Chikorita UFO plush from 2000 that goes with my Pikachu,Luxio plush and a Giant Buneary)

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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I'm looking at this big lot of mini figures... Would anyone want to do a group buy?
I claim Tracey and Officer Jenny, possibly the Starmie too.

It would be $3.75 per figure plus shipping.
Let me know if any of you are interested... otherwise I can't justify the $75 price tag for just two figures.

EDIT: Group buy is under way! I just bought the lot. Comment to claim any remaining figures! You will be expected to pay as soon as I get the figurines or beforehand, if you wish. Will combine shipping on multiple figures.

Grrrowly: Tracey, Officer Jenny, Starmie
LineaAlba: (possibly) Joy and Vulpix
Chatsy: 2 Ashes
Wendy: Peace Sign Misty and Jesse
Wolven: Oak and James
Obakehoshi: Meowth
Eifia: Open Arms Misty
Pikaplex: Venonat and Spinarak

EDIT: Also, are there any Germans here that can help me buy this?
They do ship worldwide, but they only accept bank transfer as payment, and in the USA, bank transfer is not safe at all. :( And I can't negotiate with them because they speak German.
If nothing else, at least I have a picture of the sticker so I can find it later :)

Meh, nevermind, I just bought that $75 set of figures above. xD I'll find this laaaaater.
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After much thought and consideration, I've decided to start collecting. I'm not sure if anyone else in the community is collecting this Pokemon... but I find it to be the best choice for myself.

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Howdy! I've been lurking around here for a few weeks, and since all my stuff just came out of storage from moving to MD, I could take some pics of a few things.

Everyone remembers the BK pokemon toy craze, right? Well, when they came out, my husband-then-boyfriend was in high school, and there was a BK right outside, so he would go there every day for lunch. I bought a few as well, but most of the collection is his.

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And that's only one facet of my collection. I have a thirty-pound box of pokemon cards sitting around, with craptons of holos in a binder, and a small (but growing) collection of fire chickens. :3
Angry Lugia

Still selling stuff/Cards sent

To anyone who bought/traded with me I sent the mail pretty much the moment I got the money on Paypal (yay for mailbox being right down the hall) so I hope they all reach you safely! I used some notecards from my Japanese adjective flash cards since I ran out of notecards... I'm classy like that. So if you get something saying "warui" on it it's not a subliminal message of hatred, simply a cheap college student.

I still have a lot of cards that I haven't sold, over here

Bah... oh my EV training and how it CONSUMES MY LIFE. Better get back to that... Speaking of which... this is random but can anyone help me think of a good female from a book that I can name my Kangaskan after? She's the only one laking a name right now, the poor dear..
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Pokemon - Buds


Woot! This includes items I've bought over the past month cause I was waiting on the box x.x

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I forgot the LJ user name, but I also got the Delta Pikachu in. :3

ALSO, I am STILL in search of 10 Dark Energies and 10 Steel Energies from the D/P series. Looking for the NON SPECIAL ENERGY versions. Willing to pay $10 for all 20 I need, or $5 for each set of 10.

I'm selling the Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Red carts. $5 each plus shipping, or $10 shipped for both (extra will be added in if you're out of the U.S.)
Paypal only.

I'm also still trying to sell EVERY CARD here for $20 shipped: http://ragnablade.livejournal.com/1577.html
And EVERY figure here for $35 shipped: http://ragnablade.livejournal.com/2511.html
(I can't split them up at the moment, as I won't be able to pack them for a week, and won't be able to ship them for two weeks)
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