February 21st, 2008

Mew Giddy

What's This?!

Well, I got my first package from a fellow collector! I know that the package I sent to sarahpom83 got there fine, though we're doing a trade and she only sent my things out yesterday. I also made a trade with fernchuu, whose package is here, and man I am giddy! I'm incredibly relieved that it arrived here safely and without any problems, and I hope the same in return (haven't heard back from her yet). Looks like I'm off to a good start anyway, and I am sooo happy with what I got. Hopefully this will mean good tidings for any future buying/trading/selling!

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regen and mrshellsing420, i sent your packages off today. sorry for taking so long ;n;

anyway, where do you guys find your Great Encounters booster packs? target yesterday didnt have any. :( im probably going to walmart tomorrow so we'll see but i wanted to ask...
Love Tsushi

Oh boy!

So I'm now deciding it's a perfect time to empty my wallet more by starting a new collection. Of Cherubi and Cherrim. Is there anyone out there who knows a little about collecting these guys? Do they have a lot of merch already?

Oh and I was at the store tonight. I saw they had started selling Great Encounters Boosters!
Annnddd guess what I got in my Secret Wonders Packs...

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[pkmn] pika - shakin' blues

Greetings from a newbie! :D

I'M NEW. :D So I'm going to ramble about myself! Hurray! (Feel free to skip all this and go to the pictures; I promise not to be angry, hahaha.)

After spending my Katsucon in a room full of hardcore Pokémon collectors, it was hard to not jump on the bandwagon. Since I'm home sick from school, I figured it'd be as good a time as any to gather together my merchandise and take a photo of it. This is nothing impressive, though I've been into Pokémon since the anime's American debut (...10~11 years?). I love Pokémon, and always have, although I did get "out" of it for a few years. Because of this, I'm really only extremely familiar with the "classic" and Diamond & Pearl Pokémon, not those in between. I also know almost nothing about how much merchandise is out there, what's rare, what isn't, etc... but I'm here in part to learn, so hopefully that's cool!

My favorite Pokémon is DRAGONAIR!! I've spent most of my Poké-loving life collecting what little stuff I could find of the gorgeous, underappreciated dragon, although my collection is still super pathetic. Now, with Diamond & Pearl, I also hope to work on fairly extensive collections of Carnivine and Shaymin because they ARE SO AWESOME AND ADORABLE I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT. D: I also casually collect Shinx, Luxray, Pochama, Mantyke, Dratini, Mew, Dialga, Blue Shellos/Gastrodon and Whiscash.

Anyhow, here's a collective photo of the stuff I could find. I should emphasize that, since I've been into Pokémon for over ten years, it's really just assimilated with my life. After taking the photograph I remembered the Pikachu hanging from my rear view mirror in my car, the wallscroll in my room, the Mew plushie hanging from my bag, my Pokémon DS bag and game cases, and endless other crap that got left out. D: Oh well. I really need to think about finding them their own shelf or something. >o<.

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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New Items in my Collection + Mini Sales post!

Yayy! I finally snagged me an Arcanine Mini Skateboard on eBay! I don't know whether or not I should remove it from the packaging though. The package's already half open, but the only good way to display the Arcanine is to have the skateboard laying on its side or upside-down, and it's already posed like this in the package. Hmm.

I also got some wonderful new Spanish and German Base Set Growlithes :D One of you guys sent me the German one and I love it, thanks! I'm looking for any other language Base Set Growlithes I'm missing... I think I have English, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Spanish, so I'm still missing Italian and possibly French if they made it for that language.

Oh, and I also have things for sale!
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Also, I will accept trades! I am looking for fire type Zukans, clear Arcanine, Stunky, and Skuntank kids, foreign language base set Growlithes and Arcanines, Arcanine EX, the Growlithe and Arcanine stampers from the 151 Stamper collection... fuck, basically anything Growlithe/Arcanine or Stunky/Skuntank I don't have. :D Including Amada and pan stickers.

Selling Pokemon Items

Hello all, I hope you don't mind me posting this here but I'd like to let anyone who may be interested in knowing that I am selling some of my pokemon items.

Pokemon Comic Books

Pokemon Adventures Part 2- http://s180.photobucket.com/albums/x208/Digizeldragadoon/?action=view&current=ebays002.jpg
(all come with original sticker inserts)
 vol 1-Team Rocket Returns
  vol 2- The Hunt for Eevee
  vol 5- The dangerous Dragonite

Burgerking Pokebal toys from 1999  http://s180.photobucket.com/albums/x208/Digizeldragadoon/?action=view&current=ebays001.jpg
2 spinners and one racer (does not have its base) they have their original pokeball key chain shells

POkemon cards- ( I would like to sell these together if possible or more than 1 card a person) Ponyta,growlithe,psyduck,vulpix,Legendary Rare edition Mew(from one of the films), Pikachu, Gyrados (with shiny background) and porygon

Any one interested please let me know. PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE

Fav scene in the GN XD

Still Selling Stuffu + Dratini Sculpture!

Hai guys,

Doing a quick combined post of things i really need to get rid of and as well, the little Dratini sculpture that still needs a good home!

There's more info under the cut so take a look ^-^

EDIT : I remember who it was that i ordered the Lugia zukan off of : eeveelution i sent payment on Feb. 7th and never heard word that it was shipped so can you please let me know what's up as soon as you can? Thanks!

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YAY fdgfd

im so happy :DDD my local walmart had great encounters packs and i pulled...

YAYYY its only the rev holo, but its perfectly okay with me, considering im trying to get all the d-rai cards from this set. :D

i also got these... if anyones interested in em, just say so :D?

(blaziken is holo while palkia is just normal :B)
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Small Mail update

I'll take better photos when my package from lineeabla comes in, but for now I wanted to post what came in the mail today and yesterday!

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ALSO I was wondering, I used to chain a lot on my diamond game (I have no time for it anymore) I have a few guys for trade? Is anyone interested? I know I have shiny absol, and smoochum. I have pikachu but it might not be for trade. The last two for sure are. Let me know. Legit and self-chained.
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Huge Collection Post... :o

I've been waiting a while to do a new collection post! I was mostly waiting for my package from Gin. :3 I've been so excited all this week seeing everyone post their bell plushies. ;__;

I warn you...LOTS of photos and text under cut. I don't shut up easily when it comes to collecting my lovelies. XD

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Drew, the cards you sent me came in! With perfect timing too, because I have the flu today and the cards really cheered me up :D


Ex cards are so amazing. I just wish the ones I really want weren't so expensive

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EDIT: OH I HAVE A QUESTION for all of you card collectors. How do you sort the cards in your binder? Do you have more than one binder for different rarities? I'm asking this because I'm thinking about sorting my binder so all of the rare cards will be up front, or possibly even getting a new binder to store a certain kind, but I'd like some ideas before I go through with it. Especially since I have over 300 cards that will need sorting @_@
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TCG-related pictures and Luxray

Firstly, here's a question to my fellow card collectors: I have this set and I'm having trouble deciding if I should keep the cards in the original packaging, or add them to my card file with my other holos. I'm so indecisive. What would you do?

Alrighty. Now on to the good stuff. In my recent SMJ shipment I received a new card file and my first task was to fill it with my holos, promos, and cards of sentimental value. It's almost full and I didn't want to post pictures of the entire file, but I included the first few pages that are probably my favourites. :3

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There's one more subject I'd like to bring up. I have a Luxray plush that needs a home. I found him while searching for Arcanine back when the BIN prices were still surprisingly low. He's in excellent condition and comes with his tag. The only problem is that he has a defect of sorts.

The yellow ear piece on his right ear is missing. I received him in this condition, so I assume it's either a manufacturing defect or he came out of the machine like that. Anyway, I'm really hoping I can find someone interested in him. Otherwise, he'll likely end up on eBay. If you're interested, please get in touch with me.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Shiny/Clear kid auctions! They end Wednesday evening. ♥
rentorah is beautiful

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basically this photo made my heart melt.

STOLEN FROM JUUMOU i hope she doesnt come kill me for posting this because i couldnt wait any longer for her to wake up ;-;

this is from katsucon last weekend where me, juumou, amenislytherin, kasaiface, waifusneverdie, and lecheporfavor has a pkmncollectors meeting and discussed community srs bzniz before going down on each other.

it was hot. no, really.

and, here is the luxxie meetup :D