February 22nd, 2008

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Collecting the Collector

I'm going to keep asking until I find one. Does anyone know where I can procure this Cardass card?

And I have the program book with the corrected card, but can any of you sell me the program book with the *misprint* Ancient Mew?

And pretty much anything else with Jirarudan would be appreciated. I have the foil card of him from the English release (where he's called Lawrence even though that's not what the captions call him, but oh well), and the 10th Anniversary sticker.

I realize I should have bought the English "art of" book when I had the chance. Anyone have that?
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Hiyo! I'm not sure if the $5 through paypal got through cause I paid someone here $5 in paypal and they had to claim it but I'm unsure they got it cause I never got a response. I forget who it was though! TT-TT
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my friend says this card is really rare. She actucally looked it up on ebay and it was going for like 10 bucks. so i must ask is it really worth anything. and if it is do any of you want it?

image is from serebii.

Greetings! Looking for VULPIX STUFF~

.. Hello, all! I just joined PKMNcollectors yesterday. Joined LiveJournal yesterday actually,  mostly so I could post here o_o Um. I'm a huge Vulpix fan and I have been since I first saw that Pokemon promo at KFC and bought the Vulpix plush toy x3 My collection has since grown, but I don't have a current picture right now. I need to get my camera back from a friend.. For now, here's the slightly outdated collection picture!

Not pictured are quite a few cards, a set of dogtags that .. vanished in my room somewhere, and another plush.

I'm extremely interested in the Vulpix/Ninetales Zukan figure as well as all versions of the Vulpix Kids figures. And.. pretty much any other Vulpix figure or plush that isn't pictured here o_o Feel free to email me or comment or whatever if you're selling something Vulpix, thank you :3

(Hope I'm posting this right.. I'm not too familiar with LiveJournal xD; )

Edit: Does anybody remember the Vulpix longsleeve shirt that was available on Pokemoncenter.com a while back? I wanted that so badly but I kept waiting for it to be available in the right size, then I ordered it and it wasn't available, and now the online store is closed XD I am willing to DO BATTLE for this shirt if somebody happens to have one~
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Hey y'all. I'm in a very, very happy mood. Know why?

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Be warned! Very picture heavy. But like I said, I'm selling half the stuff. But since it's so much and I'm tired of having to hunt for my last sales post so I don't have to recode everything, I just went ahead and made a selling journal!

So if you're interested in this round of SMJ goodies, check out Cinnabar Ruins!
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Mail Received and Sent!

In the past two days I've received many packages from you guys! :3

Cute package from chibisilverwing! <33

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warandromance, lazer, quizr // I sent my half of the TCG card trades on Tuesday, so let me know when you've received them! 8D

To those who have commissioned a crocheted case and already paid, they should all be done and sent off to you tomorrow! (and I'll post photos!) ^_^
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Superior, Xemnas

PokeKids for sale

First off, moonloop - I received the microphone! Thank you so much, and for the lovely card - I really do appreciate it! <3
Secondly, LJ has been acting a bit weird with emails. Who was it that had the rev. Shinx & Luxio?

Finally, Kids for sale! Kids & payment details under the cut.
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Any questions, just ask!