February 24th, 2008

collection update~ sale update~

woot! we gots new toys~ we went to toysrus yesterday, and they have such a wonderful selection in pokemon stuff, it isn't even funny! The only thing they DIDN'T have was the new jakk's plushies (the little ones). THEY HAD TALKING CROAGUNK!!!!! T_T They even had the deluxe Palkia figure D: I wanted it so ooo bad. And toysrus is the only place I've seen groundbreakers TFG starter deck (deck?) But all the figures were horibally broken. )=
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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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chibisilverwing and aftertheheaven, I got your stuff on Thursday! <3 Thank you so much!

Can anyone confirm if this is legit? The head poof makes me think otherwise, but it's ridiculously cute regardless.

I want to start collecting Jolteon, though not extensively; I'm mainly wanting to collect its cards (one per artwork, no variations in regards to holos) since I can't afford to compete with Eeveelution collectors, but I'd at least like the TOMY figures and keychain, and maybe the friends plush (I'm kicking myself for not getting it when I had the chance D8 )- something to add to my Pokedoll, kids figures, and tiny figure that's in transit. XD

Also, the top of my TV:

Micro-collections based on Trainer Red and Lucario, two characters (out of five) that I plan to regularly play as in Super Smash Bros Brawl (only two weeks!). :D I actually have a TOMY Lucario plush waiting for me at SMJ and I kinda have my eyes on the newest Lucario pokekid... >_>
Pokemon_Time, Samu_PT

Mini Photostory, Received Plush and Request

So last weekend, I had to travel down to Tampa, Fl in search of an apartment with the boyfriend. I was flying down there alone and since I hate to fly alone I brought along a traveling companion.


Why her? That I’m not really sure of, she just seems like the type to want to get out and about. :3

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When I did get back I was greeted to a certain plush something I’ve been wanting for almost a year now. Collapse )

And to wrap this up, (Sorry about it being so long ^^;) Would anyone happen to have an extra Marill Kid figure that I could purchase from them? It doesn’t even have to be in the best condition. I ask because I finally found the perfect green paint to make my jumbo Tomy Marill figure into a shiny version and I figured why not make a shiny kid figure while I’m at it too. :) I’d even trade for one since I have a few kid figures and Zukans that I’m planning on getting rid of in the coming future. (This way I’ll have less to move when I leave in April)

Some Kids/figures..

Thanks to the lovely tsukiyashi, I won this set of Kids figures :D

Vulpix, Porygon, and Gengar are off-limits. I may also keep Sandshrew and Wartortle, but it depends.

Out of curiosity, would anybody be interested in a few of these? I'm not sure what to price them at, especially mister Clear Mewtwo there. Alexa [tsukiyashiii<3] has first dibs on clear Mewtwo, but I haven't been around here long enough to see what he might go for, sooo I need to find a fair price for him xD

I'm not selling these RIGHT THIS MINUTE, but is there any interest or price suggestions? Thanks :3

Sales/Trade Post

Okay, I have so much stuff that I pretty much have to split it up into 2 posts or I expect I'd just horribly confuse myself.
I took a look at my collection the other day, and realized I just have too many cards from some sets and not enough from others:

First, rules:
1.) I DO NOT accept paypal. I don't have an account. Money order or trade only. (Or concealed cash at YOUR risk.)
2.) You don't like my prices? Got something you think I might want as a trade? Make me an offer! I'll probably take it.
3.) If you want to trade, I have no problem shipping first and then you can ship your half after you receive the item, if that makes you more comfortable.
4.) If you want to BUY, I must receive payment before shipping. The reason for this is I'll be using the money to pay for shipping.
5.) Please leave feedback for me over in the feedback thread after we complete our transaction. :)

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Petition and An Odd Pokemon Figure Mishap

Hello to one and all fellow Pokemon fans! ^_^ I know many of you probably know of this petition, but for those who don't, here's the link: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/easton/petition.html

It's to bring Pokemon in it's original Japanese language format with English subtitles over here to the US. Though I'm all too sure the petition won't do squat, it's still nice to show your support for the concept. :)

Now, as for the main reason why I'm posting, I recently purchased something odd at Toys R Us. Please feast your eyes on this:

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Anyhoo, thanks for reading my post. *bows* Oh, and just a reminder: be sure to set your watches for 7pm tonight. Wouldn't wanna miss the 10th Pokemon movie on CN! ^__^ I had to pull myself away from the D&P marathon today, so I could make this post and later get outta the house for awhile. XD Have a great evening guys!
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Superior, Xemnas

Cards for sale/trade

I went sorting through my cards yesterday. I came across loads of old Gym cards, JP Neo cards, Base, Fossil, Jungle, TR, etc. Just wondering, are there any people out there interested in those cards? If you are, let me know what you're after. Most of them were common/uncommon. I had a ton of rares too, but not so many holos.
I was actually trying to find cards for kanackering (Still no luck! ....I found that Drowzee you were after w/ the Zubat in it, but I had no swap & it was Japanese... And I remember you eventually found it anyway XD) & fernchu (I'll let you know what cards I have for trade from that list you gave me soon!).

Anyway, onto the main point.

I sorted through my DP swaps and decided to try my luck here selling them. I'm also up for trades!
I'm really only interested in Pokes I collect, and some older Gym cards / JP Neo cards. I like promos too :x

So, under the cut the following series - 1st Ed. Shining Darkness (JP), MT, SW & DP

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If you bought kids from me, I can combine shipping with them too. Some kids still for sale over here!
Pokemon - Buds

Sales :D

Lots of stuff for sale~~

First come first serve, please include your zip code when you ask about an item, or I can't be sure of shipping and can't give you a total.
Serious buyers only, items won't stay on hold for more than a day or two unless you let me know ahead of time that you need a couple days for the money.

Very image heavy

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Paypal only
International shipping will be extra
I won't hold an item more than a day or two.
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My Whole Collection

Yesterday I bought lots of those kids that they packed together and today I found my old pokémon figures. I organized them all and when I was done I thought it was time to take a picture of my whole collection. This time taken with my dads camera, so the pictures are a much better quality.

So this is my whole collection, until I finally decide which pokémon I want to collect.

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Water Pokémon fans, ahoy!

I just won an auction of a Korean Raichu notebook. It, however, came with a small water type themed notebook. Would anybody like to have this one? I could trade it for something Raichu (make offers :3). It's as good as new and I think a Lapras/Psyduck/Slowbro/Squirtle fan would love it. Here're pictures of it:


Shipping Update!~

Justa  quick post - a new collection update/sales post will be coming soon ^-^

We have shipped little pakckages to goku_the_saru, jedi_amara and kefanii - they should be with you guys soon :)

Oh! Also a quick notice for UK collectors - Pokemon Kids packs are buy one get one free at the moment in Tesco (and there are new packs around, with the legendary trio from DP as the secret figures) ^-^ We'll try and get hold of some spare as during the promotion for non-UK collectors :)

Free shipping on certain things

Trying something new with my multiple card sales. For my "10 for $4.00" cards...shipping will be *absolutely* FREE! All you pay is the $4.00 for the 10 cards. So...you can choose from This Picture OR!! This Picture

The rest of my cards are: Collapse )

And the Shipping on those above ^ is $1.00 *anywhere* in the world.

I still have my tail-less BK Mew toy for sale...whose picture I am looking for xD (But he will be $2.00 + $1.50sh)

Also...again, if any of you have the Gallade Tomy or Chou Getto figure for sale...let me know, please =D! I just love that guy XD

And one last thing...unowncafe I still have your Vaporeon card =\ Just waiting for payment.
Zigzagoon Pose

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I've spent around the last 2 hours or so sorting my Pokemon card binder and taking new pictures of everything. It's amazing to look back at the old pictures and seeing just how much the collection has grown!

Anyway, it's EXTREMELY image heavy, so be warned D:!

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In other news, I'm seriously wanting to buy a decently priced, good condition Zigzagoon/Linoone Zukan. Anybody know where I can get one for cheap? I don't use YJapan so that can't be an option ._.