February 25th, 2008

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Looking for Jakks items

I thought it couldn't hurt to ask - Does anyone here have the following Jakks items they'd be interested in selling or trading (Say, for EU exclusives)?:

Figures: Salamence, Mew, Totodile, Charizard, Riolu, Charmander, Shinx, Squirtle, Azelf, Groudon, Ash
Plush: TALKING MONFERNO, Riolu, Zubat, Sneasel, Azelf Pokeball
Marbles: Monferno, Infernape, Shinx, Riolu, Mew
Electronic Figures: Monferno

I'm also looking for a 10th Anniversary Salamence, Manectric & Alakazam figure by Hasbro too, though they seem even less likely candidates.

I can offer anything really that's in The Entertainer trade-wise. Otherwise, let me know what you want for them!
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After some card trades

I'm looking to trade for the following cards:

Blissey MT x1
Rare Candy xX
Double Rainbow Energy xX
Felicity's Drawing x2
Any good/playable Trainers (Celio's Network etc)
Darkrai Lv. X x2
Cresselia Lv. X x2
Magmortar SW x3
Magmortar Lv. X x2
Pachirisu GE x3
Any Ampharos (low want)
Basic Dark & Metal Energies (low want)

I have a list up here of stuff I have - it lists all my rares/holos/trainers from recent sets, you can ask about other cards or for pics. I'm also willing to sell stuff I have, if anyone's interested (I've updated the list from a couple of days ago, opened half a box of Great Encounters yesterday).

Sorry about spamming the comm so soon after my last post. ^^;;

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Return of waifusneverdie

Hey pkmncollectors! I was previously posting/buying here as waifusneverdie, I now have a new lj just for pokemon collection purposes. I'm excited to be back and will be opening a sizable card shop in the near future!
I'm on the lookout for-




It is great to be back!

PS- Keep your eyes peeled for a small sales post early March!
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Quick Sales post!

Hello hello~! It's been a while since I have done one of these! *_* Well I am moving again in 6 days (yikes!) and came across a box of Pokemon stuffs I was meaning to see if anyone wanted to buy over here. xD So here I am! I am currently not trading because I need the money for the moving truck. xD;; Sorrys!

Also~~ I will be making a hoodie post later tonight with two new hoodies I finished!! =D So be on the look out! ♥

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♥ Shipping ♥
I combine shipping~~ :D And I will ship world-wide. ^^ Just include your country you live in, in your comment and I will let you know the appropriate shipping cost.

For Buttons or Coins Shipping to the US is:
$1.50 for 1-4 buttons or coins
$2.50 for 5-8 buttons or coins
$3.50 for 9-12 buttons or coins

For Cards Shipping to the US is
$1.00 for 1-4 cards
$1.50 for 5-8 cards
$2.00 for 9-12 cards

Shipping for other items will vary~

♥ Payment ♥
I accept Paypal, Money Orders, Personal Checks and Well concealed cash

♥ Order Form ♥
Method of Payment:
Items Wanted:
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.25 card sale!!

Every card here is .25 each! I am only accepting paypal as of right now. (no echecks please)
Shipping everywhere in the US is - $1(for up to 10 cards) (if you buy more than 10 add .50, add another 10 add .50 and so on :)


Sale, just make offers! ^_~*

I can only take paypal at this time (no e-checks please ^_^

--A few random items, pikachu drinking bottle, electronic pokeball some burger king stuff, metal coins, tiny radicate, (togepi spinner has some scratches, he's free w/ purchase)

-electronic talking eevee Super cute! ^_^ talks and wags tail and moves head!- make offers ^_~*

Asking $8-includes shipping to US

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Luxray Auction!

Here is the adoptable Super-Duper Luxray for auction! This little fellow needs a home where he will be loved and accepted for who he is, despite his unfortunate ear condition. He's very sensitive about it. :3


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Superior, Xemnas


So yeah.... Remember those 3 packs, with the 2 x Crystal Guardians & 1 x FR/LG packs? I decided to try my luck with 'em.

........And apparently should try more often. I absolutely love Blastoise, being my first starter and all, so this was the only card better than Charizard Ex for me out of the whole set. Rev. Meowth was a bonus. The Crystal Guardians weren't too bad either for a change!
But then it made me realise - I wanna collect Squirtle & co cards. Only one for each artwork and all. If anyone has any for sale, let me know. Here's what I have so far -

Squirtle - Base, Team Rocket, E-Expedition x 2, Crystal Guardians, Secret Wonders
Wartortle - Base (W promo), Team Rocket, E-Expedition, Crystal Guardians
Blastoise - Base, Team Rocket, E-Expedition, Secret Wonders, FR/LG Ex
Ash Dandilions

Package Status! Plus Icons.

My plush tanuki volunteered graciously to be my poster child. Woot!

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Okay so, I'm not going to do this now, since I'm a bit busy. but I wanted to see if there's any interest in $1.50 icons of any Pokemon. These are from over a year ago, so I've improved (see my DA if you want to?), but this is just an example. I'm happy to say I could take requests for variations and whatnot easily. They'd have a single pixel black outline, or on one with a light background, a more suitable color the the color scheme of it. I know they're not really awesome looking, but I wondered if anyone would want "cute" designs of any Pokemon they liked.

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I'm also beginning to learn to animate, I put together the icon I'm using at the moment but I didn't draw those frames (obviously). But I could totally slideshow, and do blinks or waves or whatnot. You know, simple animation. That would be for a bit more of course, since it takes longer.

Lastly, I still have lots of reverse holos here.
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UK and US Hasbro Action Figures

Does anyone happen to have or know of one of these guys for sale? I think it might have been a UK exclusive, since I only find mention of him on UK sites.

Also looking for this one released by Hasbro in 2001 (I think it was either a website or a store exclusive). The one they have pictured doesn't have wings for some reason, but I know it came with them.

*is really hopeful*

Any other random unloved Scyther junk you might have laying around would be nice, too. :D