February 26th, 2008

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this auction is ending soon, and its getting close to my max bid. all i really want is the rev holo, and i was going to keep the holo if the auction stayed on the cheap side. but eh.
so what im asking is would anyone be interested in buying the holo? it would probably be $5.

aaand i want to ask: if i lose this auction, does anyone have the rev holo theyre willing to sell me for cheap? ;n;
thanks for any help!
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Looking for Mini-Cots

Does anyone know what katakana to use for running a search on mini-cot figures on Y!Japan, or would they classify as gashapon/capsule toys? There's several mini-cots that I'm after, and I figure that just buying lots will be the easiest way to obtain them.

EDIT: Also, if you've bought something from me, will you please let me know if your stuff arrives and, if you wish, leave a little feedback for me? All I want to know is if my stuff arrived safely and I'll definitely return the favor by leaving feedback for you! (The same goes if I've bought something from you. :3)

Thanks in advance.

Hmm. Let's try something different.

Okay, since there's no interest in the cards at the previous price:

1000+ pokemon cards NO ENERGY AT ALL - pokemon and trainers only. $50+ shipping. It weighs at least 2 pounds so shipping will probably be around $8 to the US, but that's still an awesome deal! This is less than 1/2 cent a card. At least 100 uncommons. All in excellent playable condition (no bends, rips, tears, obvious signs of wear). Most mint. These have spent their lives in carefully kept binders. Everything from base set all the way up to the first e-series. Lots of Gym, Neo, Rocket! First Editions!

Money order or equivalent trade only, please.


Thank you SOOOO much flag for my lapras zukan! It wreaks of gorgeousness!!! I wuvs it!!! And the freebies too!! ^______^ Your sketch is also very cute, it shall be kept XD

ETA: And now with my lovely zukan, my entire lapras collection looks like so:

I'm not including cards or stickers though, I may do that another time.

Personally I dont think the collection looks that big compared to others on here though ;_;

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ATTN: Group buyers!

YAYYY! The group buy figurines are here! They are so adorable and tiny, and they're all in really great shape.
So! If you reserved any figures, now is the time to pay.
Here is the list of who is buying what, and their totals.

Me: Tracey, Officer Jenny, and Starmie (paid, obviously)
lineaalba:Vulpix ($3.75 + $2 shipping = $5.75) (PAID and shipped!)
chatsy: Both Ashes ($3.75 x 2 + $2 shipping =$9.50 total) (PAID and shipped!)
missmoonsault: Peace Sign Misty and Jesse ($9.50 total) (PAID and shipped!)
wolvenillusion: Professor Oak and James ($7.50 total because no shipping is needed) (PAID and delivered!)
moonloop: Open Arms Misty ($5.75 total) (not paid)
pikaplex: Venonat and Spinarak ($9.50 total) (not paid)

Payments can be sent to craigxiii@charter.net BE SURE AND INCLUDE YOUR LJ USERNAME!

Also, the unsold figures are for sale for the same price.
Unsold: Meowth, Brock, Pidgey, Togepi, Pikachu with eyes closed/arms raised, and Pikachu with one arm up

Also uh... some of you guys are international which will make shipping charges on my end higher, but I'm giving you guys the option of paying me more for shipping or not because I know these little guys are expensive enough as it is. ;_; So I would really appreciate any extra shipping funds, but you don't have to if you're pressed for money too.

I ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I Love getting mail! =]

Over the course of yesterday and today I got a few things in the mail =D

First, candycafe Thank you SO much again for the cards! And even more thanks for the freebies!! ♥ ♥ Collapse )

Second, flag! The kids arrived here safely ^_^ (in case you are confused kamacazizero had them mailed to me as most of them she got for me as a birthday gift =D) In any matter...Thank you SO much! ♥ They are *wonderful* =D I think in getting this Mewtwo from you completes my Mewtwo Kids! (except clear and DX)! Unless there is one I don't know about xD Collapse )

And today! I got mail from warandromance! However...there was a slight Collapse ) But! the cards are perfectly fine and I love them! Thanks again for the trades!!! ♥

My Pokemon/Pikachu Collection

So after the teadeous task of counting every single piece of Pokemon merchanise for a couple of months now with the help of my boyfriend I think I have everything in order and in it's final place and ready to post here to share..As of this moment I have 5,461 collectables by Guiness Book of Records standards, meaning no doubles can be counted or items that have been made or generic type stuff..I have a little over 8,000 by terms not by Guiness...I have been collecting Pokemon merchandise well over 10 years now and still till this day always on the hunt to find more or that one item considred a holy grail till I find it..Although my main focus has always been pikachu I also have a collection of other pokemon here and there, thanks to all my friends,family and other pokemon fans through the years that have helped me attain so much..I have always been asked why Pokemon to collect? and it may come as a shock but when I was first introduced to pokemon years ago when it was brand new I myself thought it was pretty lame,never knowing years into the future I would pretty much become there biggest fan and promoter at different events I have done through the years with the company.I fell in love with pokemon and by watching it on tv and getting ingrossed into it thought it was very good and taught good lessons in life..Everyone has a collection of some type either it be big or small, collecting from Disney to Star Wars to things one might never ever consider to collect..To each there own and once I collected my very first giant sized pikachu I won at a game with at Universal Studios I knew then by his cuteness I was hooked since I love hamsters and other type rodents..and decided that he would be my collection,and through the years what was just one pikachu that started it all became my obsesseion so to speak..Through my collection and passion for pokemon I got to do all kinds of pokemon events,be on tv shows,be in magazines, be a guest at cons and being the entertainment at kids events. When I do these events especially for children it really makes me happy when I bring a smile to one's face and the amazement it brings when I share it..Just driving down the interstate in my car is an experience..Pokemon may seem gay to alot of people who dont understand why I do what I do or why I would want to collect a mass of yellow but in the end I have met so many awesome people and done so many things with it that I wouldn't change it for the world..

So without further adu, here is the latest pics of my pikachu/pokemon collection...I must warn you under cut contains so much yellow you might get thundershocked..(o~_^o)

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Auction Reminders!

The Shiny Squirtle line/Shiny Groudon and Clear Eeveelution auctions end tomorrow evening at approximately 10pm EST, which just over twenty-four hours from now. I've extended the auction time by a few hours due to unforseen circumstances that keep me from being able to end them any sooner. :3

The auction for the special Luxray plushie also ends at about this time on Thursday. :D

Also, a quick message for unowncafe, your package was mailed today and you should have it within a week or two. ^___^
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Current Dragonite collection!!

My collection is beginning to be respectable! Here are all my beloved Dragonites assembled together:

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Special thanks to denkimouse for selling me the two Dragonite plush UFO catchers on the left in the back row, and to bluetip_echelon for the bust on the far right (not a commission, but won in an auction recently done in this community). Also, thanks to a recent sale done by lineaalba, I have acquired my now previous most wanted Dragonite, the chibi UFO catcher plush in the back row on the right! (Now I most desire the bell plush...maybe it'll turn up someday.)

I don't think I could've assembled this group without the help of my fellow members of this community. Many thanks to everyone from whom I've purchased something!!
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Card Sales Post!

Yep its that time again~ Sales time. Was going over my collection, and thinking that some of you might apperciate these cards more than me. They are either doubles, or things I just don't need at the moment. ALL OF THEM ARE MINT

I gladly accept international orders. Paypal only at the time though (If you are in the US and are just DYING for some reason to have one of these cards and dont have paypal let me know Im sure I can work out something ^^;;; )But paypal is the fastest way for both parties I think.

As I said Im located in the US, so shipping to US starts at 1 dollar. I have to charge more for 3+ cards as I put them in top loaders and it gets heavy. So any cards 3 or more will be charged 2 dollrs shipping.

International shipping is 2 dollars, and 3 dollars, for 3 or more cards.

My take on Trades. Im not saying Im not open, but right now I tend to need the money. HOWEVER especially if you have some nice Suicune/Umbreon cards I may be interested in trading.

All Prices -ARE- negociable. If you want to haggle than by all means go for it. I will espically be inclined to if you buy more than one item from me :3

And with that here's the cards~

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Thats it. I have some D/P promos I may sell, but Im more so interested in selling them as a set, or trading for something really nice? I have that shinx that people want, Buneary/Pachirisu Sheildon/Cranidos. Just a thought. If no one is interested I might just ebay them. But I would like to trade, or do a set sale.

Any questions just ask!~ Thanks for looking.