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hey dudes,

there's been a really large number of complaints about the sudden increase in card sales posts. some members even seem to be joining just to sell cards and nothing else.

while cards are what some of you collect as pkmncollectors, there is a rule to not keep posting the same stuff for sale over and over and over again, and it's been happening lately... with cards, mostly.

keep that rule in mind, however, even if you have toys for sale. some toys won't ever sell. sunyshore is even going to list most of its stuff on ebay when i get back to japan. some stuff just never sells.

so if you have a ton of really boring cards, please consider ebay. this community's purpose really is to share and enjoy collections, not to sell your junk, although everyone does it anyway and it is a fun part of what we do, just.... try to keep control of yourselves, okay?

and we are keeping a watchful eye on people who join ONLY to avoid ebay. just ... don't. please.
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Collection Update

I just posted my whole collection so I'm not going to post them again. But today while I was shopping with some people I know, my brother called me saying he found the pokemon kids sets I was looking for. This means I have all the 9 sets as of today.

PS: I counted all my pokemon merchandise and I have 83 toys.(=excluding doubles, koffing plush, cards, games, etc.)

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Okay, time to revise all this with pictures and a better description of what I want, sorry guys, I'm not used to this sort of thing!

Okay, so what I'm offering is the cards that are under the cut.

My selling prices are:

Special Holos: $10.00 each

Japanese Holo: $6.00

Holos: $4.00 each

Rares: $2.00 each

First Edition: $1.00

I did not take any of these pictures, I found them online, I'm sorry but my digital camera stopped working.

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Hopefully that is a lot more explanatory than before!

If you believe my prices are to high please make an offer! It's possible that my prices ARE to high, I have been out of the pokemon card trading thing for a long time.

Also, I will trade these, here is a list of what I am looking for:

1. http://img126.imageshack.us/img126/3904/mewimagezq5.jpg That mew, I would PREFER him in his origional set of three, but just that card would make me happy as well. Also, I really REALLY prefer the holo one.
2. Any Mew or Mewtwo stuff. That includes cards, stuffed animals, figures, things like that. I want the new talking mewtwo, that's at the top of my list.
3. Fake pokemon cards, that's right, you heard me. I love fake cards for some odd an unknown reason. All my cards are real, but I'll trade them out for fakes :)
4. A long time ago my grandpa bought me a mew watch and since then I have never seen one like it. I imagine it's a fake, second hand made, however I want to own it again. I still own the old watch but it's broken in many ways. If anyone has or can get this watch I would really appricate it.

Okay, if anything is still confusing let me know, I'll fix it.

Mod Post.

heerosferret posted something important yesterday about repeat sales posts (many of which include cards).

It can be seen here in case you missed this: http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/799242.html

Just to clarify, we are not discouraging selling things in this community. The problems are related to selling and are as follows:

-repeat of sales that are like spam to the community (considering how many posts we get per day); most of these are related, but not exclusive to card selling

-joining this community only to cross-post a bunch of sales (in which your sale has maybe one, or two pokemon things)

Yes, this community is primarily for showing off your pokemon goods, but you can sell stuff. We've just been very lenient about this and people are taking advantage of it. New rules may have to fall into place because of this, but that will be discussed later since badgerr_ftw is on vacation at the moment.

Also - one more thing - do not comment to others posts calling them 'trolls' or other things like that - regardless of your intentions, it is rude, uncalled for and unneccessary even if you are trying to help combat our recent 'problem.'

Politely telling someone otherwise that their post might be irrelevant or spam is a slightly different story.

We are a big community and have really grown over the past few months - I'd like to think we can all be called adults here, regardless of our actual ages, so please play nice - we don't want to give new people joining the idea that we are immature or rude. ^_^
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I've been waiting for all of my stuff to kind of come before I made an 'additions to my collection' post.

Nothing super huge, though I waiting on one auction to end which will end in much squeeing if I am able to win it - (if you know what it is, mum's the word for now. XD) Not my giant Raikou or Latias, unfortunately, but one day. ^_-

Anyway, moving on.


I was finally able to get my hands on this card. It's so expensive when I've seen it on Y!Japan - (around 6000 yen!), but prguitarman pointed me in the right direction. ^_^ Thus, I now have KAREN'S UMBREON! It's so freakin' cute.

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Superior, Xemnas

Multipurpose post!

Starting off, there's new kids figures over here (Don't think they've been posted yet) -

I'm quite surprised, it means we're only about 5 months behind Japan, haha. I haven't found the set with Rentorar / Luxray yet, though no doubt I will eventually. Looks like all the lions have been released, yay! Oh, and the pixies are NOT clear. Just a note. And to anyone trading with me - Yes, these are included in items I'll trade (EXCEPT Luxray's set, because I can't find him).

Also, I'm currently holding items for people -
kiraras_lemon - DX Infernape Kid
kasaii- Spiritomb, Gengar, clear Palkia & Shieldon Kids
battyvitae - Holo Palkia, Rev. holos Mismagius & Rapidash
mjneko - Skitty, Growlithe & Shuckle Shining Darkness

Could you guys let me know if you're still interested? :D

And finally. I'm still looking for Anime Cap Mankey Kid! He's the last little Mankey Kids figure I need, and I'd love to have him.
Pokemon - Buds

Plush Project donations.

I'm not sure what of these you have, or what the link to the project site is, but have some more xD

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I do have a bunch more non-Japanese released plushies, but I don't know if you're wanting those or just the Japanese-made ones (I think the pokedolls are Japanese-made XD)

EDIT: Redid a couple pics due to blurriness
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This is a final call for the Shiny Squirtle Line/Shiny Groudon and Clear Eeveelution kid figures! If you have any final bids to place, now is the time to do it! The auctions end at 10pm EST, which is an hour and a half from now. The auction ending time has been extended to 11:30pm EST due to unforseen circumstances. I am currently posting from a house with terribly slow dial-up service. I have tried to update the post with the most recent bids, but it is proving difficult with the computer here. Until I can return to my normal dwelling, bidding can continue. Please read over the previous bids to before placing a new one, and I'll update the bids as soon as I'm able to. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Major Squee

I finally found it! I have been after the Scyther/Pikachu battle figure set for about eight years now, and I finally found it! Mint in box! And it didn't get sniped from under me at the last second! XD

Here's a pic from the auction:

I'm definitely going to keep the Scyther one, but I'm not sure whether I want to keep the others just yet. Would there be interest in any of them if I do decide to sell? :3