February 28th, 2008

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sales post

I really want to get rid of this stuff. It's just sitting in a box. ;A;

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Other than that, I've received plenty of stuff in the mail... but I miss sending stuff out. It's like the best feeling to see packages that are to be shipped~
So I would like to know, what's your favourite part of sending/receiving a package?

EDIT I just found a Marill Kid under my jacket! xD curse my messy room. Oh well. He is for sale too.
Happy Bat

Pokemon hall and a question

Today was a wonderful day for pokemon card collecting, I got myself a bunch of free tops pokemon cards, and I don't know if you guys like tops but I've always loved tops.

I was also lucky enough to get quite a few tops cards that came out for the first movie. I'm so happy!

I'm still on a large quest that involves finding this card:

Does anyone have it and is willing to sell or trade for it? I would love you forever :)
I prefer it in the three pack it was originally sold in, but just that could would do :)

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Collection Weeding!


Did some major collection weeding - prices are under the cut; I accept paypal only. The only trades I will consider are for clear figures of Umbreon and Espeon, general merchandise I do not have of Raikou, Umbreon, Espeon or Latias - no cards, please.

EDIT: I'm not stopping my pokemon collecting. ^_^; Most of the things I am selling that I would normally collect in this post are doubles.

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