February 29th, 2008

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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CLEARANCE SALE - Kids, Cards, and a Zukan set

Clearing my previous stock out of the way to make room for an upcoming SMJ shipment (as soon as two things arrive to the USA... >>).

Prices have been REDUCED! Same rules still apply, now with a new hold policy.

-All prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping.
-Haggling is acceptable (though not always guaranteed), especially if you're buying a lot of stuff.
-Shipping for figures starts at $2 within the USA and $3 international, while bulkier orders may cost more to ship.
-Shipping for cards is a flat rate of $1.50 regardless of your location and how many you buy.
-I accept money order and concealed cash (at your own risk) within the USA and Paypal regardless of location.
-HOLD POLICY: If you are paying by Paypal, I will only hold an item for three days, after which it'll go back up for sale if not paid for. People paying by money order/concealed cash will have items held until the payment arrives to me.
-When posting, please include your location.
-I'm more likely to trade cards for cards and figures for figures, but if you have a really rare card that I want then I may consider trading figures for it.

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Thank you for looking!
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 Right guys, I just missed two sales posts concerning my main quarry at the moment; zukan!

I am after the eeveelutions zukan, yep, all three. That's the Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon, Espeon/Umbreon and Glacia/Leafia Anyone willing to part with them, please let me know, I am willing to pay top dollah. :3;;

I'm also looking for the Friends plush Jolteon. And a bunch of other stuff. 

Also; packages finally mailed! ^^;;;
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Kyo fallen angel

Finally decided to part with my collection.

Hi everyone! ^^! I thought I'd join so I could give my little toys and things a better home. Because they're just neglected at my house. lol I have millions of the little figures from the first 150--I just have to um...find them. lol So look for that post soon [more like in a week or 3...] But for now, I have what I could find. ^-^!

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Shipped Out Packages X____X

Hey guys,

I finally got to the post office today with 8 packages and yeah...i was there for a while XD I held up a line too =D

Just wanted to give a heads up for the people i've shipped packages out to! I tried to include a couple freebies but i dont have much lying around anymore D: I was also quite strapped for time so i wasn't able to do any doodles for your packages ;~;

animarelic : Your marbles package has been shipped off!

meowthcollector :Your Poke-kids are on their way!

mjneko : Mr. Meowth is on his way and excited to have a new home!

magicpineapple : I sent out your package on Feb 13th and still haven't received payment. If i could get any word from you ASAP that would be brilliant as i had to take out $45+ from my own pocket today to ship everything out and i'm still awaiting payments from you and a few other people ;~; Please let me know when you can...thanks! Thank you! ^-^

Pikachu card collection~

A package full of wonderful Pikas arrived today from jedi_amara (thank you so much!), so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show my collection of Pikachu cards ^-^ I know there are some I haven't got - does anyone have one they don't see which they are willing to part with?

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Oh - does anyone else in the community collect Pokemon cels? We've been collecting cels form different anime for some time, and we just got our first Pokemon cel (see it under the cut!) We're on the lookout for more to add to our collection ^-^

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Random figures and a question!

I was hoping I'd have my camera back by now so I could upload some collection pictures and pictures of some things for sale >> Hopefully I'll have it tomorrow ._.

Question! I bought a few of these little 'dome' Pokemon figures a while back (see here for an example of my Vulpix one) and I was wondering what these are .. from? I don't come across them too often on eBay, but I've seen a bunch of people with them in their collections.
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Who wouldn't?

Collection (...er some of it anyway)

Hi, I'm somewhat new in here, although I have been watching the community for a while. I haven't really been keen with collecting Pokemon stuff for a while- or rather collecting is much more on a relaxed scale right now. I have a lot of stuff, just don't have much time to upload pics, but expect more collection pics in the near future.

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Also, thank you temporalecho, your package arrived safely today. If you have a feedback thread, please tell me! A+++++ lols.

Leaflet Set Received

As a bonus, the envelope came with awesome animal stickers. Thanks :D