March 1st, 2008

Pokemon - Buds

Yay Darkrai Tin!

Sorry to add in yet another card sales/card post, but I just hit up Target and got the LAST Darkrai tin there XD

(We also STILL DON'T have the Jakk's plushies.... wtf?)
But they did have the newish set of figures (Riolu, but I passed him by Dx) and the Team Rocket transports XD
The TR things were very tempting, but I resisted.

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(shameless plug)

Also, back on the Jakks thing... has anyone else NOT seen these yet? ;.;
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Hiya (Most of my collection)

Hi this is my first post in this community, someone told me about this place and after looking around I thought it sounded like fun ^^.

I mostly collect Pokemon Plush and Figures though I sometimes collect cards, books etc.

Heres some of my pokemon collection bar the cards, books, games etc. If you want any close ups on any particular plush/figure then just ask, I can easily take a photo on my mobile and get it on the internet soon ^^.

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To the UK/European collectors!

It's come to my attention recently (little slow on the uptake though) that you guys have gotten Zukan recently too? :0 I mean, within the last months.

Does anyone have them around where they are? I had a failed buying attempt with a Donphan zukan (not her fault though ; ; ), and heard they're still around in the UK area. :D I'd totally pay for the compansation in case of machines.

Or if anyone has access to one, I'd pay them too!

I will tempt you with little phanpy doodles.

Edit: also, does anyone know if there are any significant differences between the euro and the japan versions? We already discovered the paint jobs on Kids are different between the japan and aussie versions. :0

Anyone wanna go in?

I want this Chatot, but I don't want the other pokes. Would anybody else be interested in them? Total after shipping is 44, but divided by 4 is only $11 per poke! If I had it shipped to my place, the money put towards shipping it would of course cover the repackaging and shipping it to YOUR place, anywhere in the world (comes to about 3.50 a person, which pays for a small box so they don't get mashed). I'm sure we could all pool together in PayPal, easiest that way.

Any takers?

Click here to see!

Kwestions about Kids

Hello gang,

I am uneducated on the Pokémon Kids line and was hoping someone could clear up a few questions I had about them:

1. How are Kids sold? Are they off the shelf, crane game prizes, something else? They seem to be marked--i.e. what's on the box is what's inside the box. Is this correct?

2. Does each and every kid have a clear variant? Are clear variants randomly inserted/unmarked, or are they sold expressly (i.e. "clear version" on the box)? (My guess is... yes, unmarked?)

3. Does each and every kid have a shiny variant? Are shiny variants randomly inserted/unmarked, or are they sold expressly (i.e. "shiny version" on the box)? (My guess is only certain Pokémon do, and they are marked)

4. Is there anything else I should be aware of? White variants, gold variants, cheese variants, only-available-via-mail, some may contain traces of peanuts, etc, etc...? Assume I know nothing.



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hey guys! two kind of dumb things, so don't stone me, i just miss posting here.

first of all THOSE POKEDOLLS ARE SO CUTE but right now, they are a luck-of-the-draw. i'm not sure exactly how this works, but you pay and randomly get one of those three dolls.

will they be available for normal sale soon? doubt it. eventually, i hope so. but for now, if you want them, be prepared to fight on Y!J or ebay!

second of all. MAGNEMITE LOVERS.
this is looking very very good. if anybody has always said GOSH, I LOVE MAGNEMITE, I WANT TO COLLECT THAT LINE OF POKOS, well, you might have a wonderful chance to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am holding out for: magnezone pokedoll and DX pokekids. who's with me?!

ALSO! when the new attack kids come out, sunyshore will be stocking them (for much cheaper than we ever have before). i might clearance out all of sunyshore on ebay to make some room in my damn futon cupboard;;; and sell exclusively DP stuff, like new kids and movie goods, as cheap as i can. who would like it if i did that? (asking honest opinions here).

thanks guys! hope someone else is excited about the magneminnies!