March 3rd, 2008

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To all you guys that purchased stuff from me in the last week and a half, your Echecks all cleared. I have not been able to get to the post office just yet. I've got some running around to do on Tuesday afternoon, so I'm making a stop then! everything will be sent out for you guys!

Pikachus Global Adventure

Have any of you ever read the book Pikachu's Global Adventure: The Rise and Fall of Pokemon???It was printed in 2004. It's hard to find but I managed to get a copy after a long time trying, It's a very good book that goes deep within Pokemon and how it all began and everything,both in the reality world of all who created it and in the anime storylines themselves.Also goes through the hype with merchandiding to religion views and obsessions of otaku...The book is written by Joseph Tobin and is 299 pages long..Alot of spoilers and stuff in it that makes you sit back and look at Pokemon in a whole new way and light..Both through reality and fantasy...I really recommend it to everyone who is a Pokemon Fan...

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Has anyone ever purchased a set of zukan figures... and not gotten the whole set?
I bought a set of DP 4 zukans and there were 2 Piplup/Prinplup/Empoleons. No Shinx/Luxio/Luxray. Arrr.
The bag they came in was sealed so... I don't know. I'm kinda disappointed. D:

I'll edit this post later and add some collection pictures. ♥

Sales, collections, and more!

Ahoy hoy! I've been a member here for a bit over a month now, and I've really enjoyed being apart of the community. I have a lot of little messages and announcements, so without further ado...

Thanks - Just a quick thank-you to all who replied to my kids questions in my previous post; you've all been very helpful!

Collection - My collection page has surpassed 20 updates; check it out! To keep things from getting too crowded, I've also started a second page, currently showcasing some of my older collection items.

Wantlist - I've composed a wantlist. It's a bit basic and I'll probably update it now and then, but this covers the crux of my collection needs. If you have something I might be interested in, let me know!

HOTTIP - For those of you heading to Target for those Team Rocket Meowth balloons, Magikarp subs, or any other toy, this should help you save some scratch.

Feedback - A big thank you to those who have left feedback! This is a pretty trusting group, but it's always nice to have some credibility.

I'm a little disappointed, though, that I haven't received some feedback, especially since the majority of those who haven't left any are set up to receive feedback themselves. I'm relatively new here and would like to establish my reputation as much as possible; for those that just don't do the feedback thing, that's fine, but for those who wish to receive feedback (and thus have received some from me), I would appreciate you returning the favor here or here.

Not to call people out, but in hopes of getting their attention: I'm particularly looking for feedback from dunsparce, daynipp, and lineaalba x3 (one is fine too). (resilientspider and spacebuizel would be nice, too!)

And finally,

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Edit: Lowered some of the prices.

1. Shipping is $2 worldwide
2. PLEASE PLEASE copy and paste the URL of the item you're buying in your reply, and put the price next to it. Doing this will speed things along and will confuse me less.
3. All cards are in mint/near mint condition, unless stated.
4. PAYPAL ONLY. All payments go to pr [at] prguitarman [dot] com, BUT DO NOT PAY UNTIL I CONFIRM YOUR ORDER!

You may reach me on AIM at prguitarman1 if you have any questions. Oh, and if anybody wants to trade their Luxray plush for some of these, CONTACT ME NOW :O
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So, guess who showed up in my mailbox on friday?

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I've been after him for quite a while now (although not consistently searching), so I'm super happy to finally have one. A big thanks to featherclaw for pointing out the auction to me, I wouldn't have him if it weren't for you!

As for the rest of my collection, it hasn't really been going anywhere. *laugh* I went out on an expedition for the Mightyena TFG figure this weekend, and came home empty-handed. Target still only has Next Quest around here, and I couldn't find them at all at Toys R Us. Other than that, I'm still on the lookout for:

Poochyena: Zukan, American-made plush (I know there's one on ebay right now, but I'm not paying $40 for it), Kids figures (both versions), Mega Blok, Krak/Wap, Tomy figure, Pokedex figure.

Mightyena: Kids figures (I believe there are two), Mega Blok, Krak/Wap, Pokedex figure.

And of course, any other Mighty/Poochy stuff you may be willing to part with. That's just off the top of my head. I'm not really looking for cards or flat items, but anything else goes. Oh, and if you have something to offer, please keep in mind that I do not have Paypal and therefore cannot pay by it. D: Sorry, I know that makes things awkward for everyone involved.
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Pokemon Kids sets for sale!

First of all - a big thank you to tsukiyashi for the Pokedex (and cute freebies!) which arrived today- it's going to be perfect for cosplay! ^-^ The envelope art was so cute too!~

Now on to sales!~ We have quite a few thigns around now to sell (I will make another post soon), but this weekend I bought some kids sets from Argos and I've got a couple of duplicate sets which people might be interested in ^-^

Set One: Raichu/Buneary/Starly/Roselia/Turtwig/Palkia - $10 (£5) for the set (or $2 each for single kids)


Set Two: Machoke/Mismagius/Drapion/Prinplup/Riolu/Electvire - $10 (£5) for the set (or $2 each for single kids)

Leave a comment if you're interested along with where you live and I'll calculate shipping for you :)

Both sets are unopened, so I don't know if the secret figures are clear or not :S I was planning on selling them as sets, but if people are after a single figure from them then I'm okay to break them up too, just let me know ^-^

hi2 each

ATTN featherclaw, jedi_amara and shiny_vulpix!

Okaaaaaaaay guys sorry about the long wait XD I totally forgot about the last sales post I made (been uber busy with finals crap).

featherclaw: Would $4 shipped be all right for you? I haven't ever sent anything to Italy, but I sent a light package to Australia and it only cost around $2 :) Let me know if that's all right!

tortoises: Togepi is yours! How does $6.50 shipped sound?

shiny_vulpix: Thanks for getting back to me on the plushie ^^ Poliwhirl would just be $1.50 shipped ^^ Cause I can put him in a small envelope to save on shipping costs!

Mail, Collection and a Question

Ok...I think I have everything I need for this post xD

First...I would like to mention...I have moved my sales post over to pokemontcg...Which can be found by clicking Here(shipping is $1.00 worldwide ^^)

Second...I would like to mention that I got mail from castform and dunsparce! Thank you both so much =D

I believe it was you, castform, who sold the WAPs? Anyway...they are so cool! Thank you! And dunsparce, Thank you so much for the cards! And the freebies! <3

I also got a card today that I have wanted for years! With the help of my friend who I always mention, gamecubegirl, I finally got it! And it arrived in the mail today! I am SO SO thrilled. It has to be one of my favorite cards! ♥

I have pictures of everything I got today Collapse )

Also...after getting those Kids the other week from flag...I decided to take a group shot of all my which, without you all, I may never have owned. SO thank you all!^_^ (under the cut is also a link to my Card Collection of my favorite Pokemon ^_^) Collapse )

Oh...and...well....I got bored one night...and decided to play with some Pokemon toys...(lol, yes I am 12 XD.....not really XD) Anyway...Here is what I came up with/made? xD Collapse )

And one more thing...Has anyone seen or heard from unowncafe? They purchased a card from me about 2 weeks ago...and...vanished and never have the card on hold...But here is my question...what exactly is the hold policy for this community? Is there one? I ask this because...seeing as it has been 2 it ok for me to put said card back up for sale? I don't want to be rude to them...but it's been ages =\ I also know that pikachuashnat sent them something in a trade and she got the envelope sent back to her saying that the address didn't exist o_o;

So yeah...I was just wondering if it would be "against the rules" if I put my card back up for sale =\ (it's a holo Vaporeon Promo if any of you are interested)

Thank you for your help!

Ok...I think that's everything o.o;;

PS: I am still looking for that Chou Getto Gallade and Tomy Gallade figures xD

Also...I forgot to mention this...sorry ^^; But kari_xiii I still have your cards on hold as well =\ Was wondering if you are still interested in them.

ETA: OMG the bootleg horror! XDXDXD (pickachuashnat and I *cannot* stop laughing XD)