March 6th, 2008

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Giant Pikachu Plush, anyone want it?

Alrighty, so I've had a few people ask me about this plushie ("The One and Only" Cuddle Pillow, as titled by the tags):

Now, a large number of people from around the world or parts of USA that don't have the store "Rite Aid" have asked me if I'd be willing to buy the Huge Pikachu Plushie and ship it to them in exchange for the money via paypal. After thinking this over for a while, I realized it wouldn't be that much trouble to stop by the store and pic up a few for those who requested it. It is, after all, on the way to and from work and would take hardly any of my time to get XD

What I'd basicly do is act as SMA (Shopping Mall America) except without any fees. You pay the exact amount it's worth, I send it out and then charge you what it cost me to ship, which would also be an exact.

The plush itself is roughly 24 inches (61cm) tall, not including the ears, and is made by the company "Funhouse". There's an audio CD next to the pikachu in the image as reference. It's an official Diamond and Pearl product and comes with a tag featuring Dialga.

Exterior: 100% polyester
Fill: 100% polyester

The "Cuddle Pillow" sells retail for $19.99 USD and with tax comes to $21.39 USD
Shipping varies from country to country, so I'll charge for that after it's been shipped for the exact amount it cost me, which can be verified when the package arrives. For those in the USA, the same process will apply since I'm not sure as to what shipping will be yet.

Post here, or Email me if you're interested:


Other Contact info:
Aim: Hybridr4inbows -I'm usually on as invisible, so if it shows me as offline, feel free to try to send an IM anyway.

Hopefully I can be of some help to those who wanted the giant pika plush.

Also, hate to whore myself out, but I still have stuff for sale in my sales post:
Link to Shop!
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Zukan Auctions!

Sorry to Spam the community, but this is the only time I have to get this much done XD

I'm auctioning off some more zukan figures:
Pidgey-Piggeot set

Follow the cut:
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Zen Zeni! Game Game!

papersnow! I received your package, thank you so much, and for the freebies! I'll be leaving feedback shortly :D

I haven't had time to get pics, but amongst that package, was a Charmander figure I'd been after for a fairly long time. Now all I need is Charmeleon from the same set.... Of course, most of my knowledge about this figure came from a bootleg version I got a long time ago. I later acquired a second, but different bootleg, and finally now have the official. So there's the official Charmanders, and the bootleg Charmanders. But which is better? Official Charmander, or bootleg Charmander? There's only one way to find out......

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But, onto the main reason of this post.
More recently, I've decided to 'slow down' on a majority of my collections - Including Jirachi Movie characters, Slowking, Buizel plushies, Shieldon (Although I think I have everything right now anyway), Monferno, Infernape & a couple of others. I'm not getting bored or anything - But I've decided to start a collection that will eat my wallet if I'm not careful.

I've decided to start a collection of Squirtle, Wartortle & Blastoise - I've already got a majority of European figures, but I probably did miss out on a few here and there. I'm really interested in ANYTHING featuring them - Except trading cards - Only interested in promos at the moment.
So, if you have anything you wouldn't mind parting with.... Let me know here? I'm also interested in Kids - Although I have all three of the 'original/retro' Kids, and 'pointing' Wartortle :D

Sometime soon, I'll be having a small sale (As in, reduced prices sale), though not sure of the dates yet.
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Pokemon gashapon Weeding

Sorry to clog up the works, but I have some adorable pokemon gashapon figures that need a nice new home! And a chatot charm!

Thanks for looking!
Everyone who purchased cards from me your cards have been sent out and should arrive soon!

I'm waiting on some new kids in the mail and zukan but I promise to post some collection pictures soon! >:3
I just need time to take pictures, I have soo much! ^^;;;
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WHAT IS YOUR "HOLY GRAIL" of collecting?

i see this term used often and eifia just used it again to refer to her own. so i'm curious - what is your HOLY GRAIL - the item you most desperately want in your arms, the item you most long for in this world?

post photos if you can! let's enjoy eachother's things we'll never ever have *sob*.

my holy grail is actually two things of equal holy grailness: the ZAPDOS AND JOLTEON BELL PLUSHIES. waaaah!!


New Friends!

A whole bunch of plushies arrived today! I thought I'd take a picture of them along with Combee and Manaphy which arrived last week ^-^ I think I'm going to start collecting Pachirisu things, it's so cute! The big Pachirisu in the photo is a hand puppet, which'll be perfect for when I cosplay as Dawn *squee*

oh - does anyone know where we can find a Drifloon/Drifblim zukan? We tried to get one recently but lost it :( Has anyone seen one for sale?

Speaking of Zukan, our auctions finish tomorrow at midnight GMT - for anyone that missed them, they can be found here:


Team Rockets lovers look here!!!

Look what I found while mindlessly browsing Ebay...

Isn't that the coolest thing ever!?!  I'm not promoting the seller by the way. I actully advise you to buy in stores because it'll probably be a lot cheaper.

I'm slowly chaning my mind about Jakks'  Pokemon merchandise. I must admit their Pokemon line is really cool!  

Now to write a letter to Jakks and beg them to release a large Ho-oh figure. @____@  Btw, has anyone seen single packs of the pixies yet? I'm still waiting for them. 

[EDIT] I came across a member's sales page not too long ago but can't remember who the person is.  All I remember is that they had a lot of figures for sale and a Jumbo Tomy Charizard. If you're that person, could you please send me a link to your sales page? Thanks.  

Also, if you have a sales page that's not posted on the right links or have recently posted it, could you post them here? Thanks!

Help me out? ^_^;

Hi guys -

I'm writing this from a slow, ancient dial-up connection.

I'm back in Florida at the moment, but I am in need of a big favour of you guys.

If you recieve a package from me, could you please check for a TINY TINY Eevee zukan figure? Please look INSIDE your pokemon KIDS figures or anything hollow I may have sent, since sometimes zukan pieces (being so tiny), can get wedged up in there.

If you find it, please let me know - I will pay for you to ship it either back to me, or to it's rightful owner.

Thank you. ^_^
Pokemon - Buds

Battle coins...?
I keep seeing these off and on, but... what are they?
(And is there a Dunsparce?)
It SEEMS to be a new set or something, but right now I'm loving that Umbreon one x.x

Also, for those Pony/Penis(and the pixies) collectors out there:
I don't collect either, but damn, it's so PRETTY x.x

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(Selling stuff at ragnablade, still x3)