March 7th, 2008

tons of cards and stuff for sale!!

I have a lot of cards for sale and also other thinks such as figures and more. I am only accepting paypal as of right now. and sorry ^^ no echecks.

--$1 for regs. $2 for holos. - shipping is $1 anywhere in the US for up to $10 cards. Buy more than 10 cards and add .50 for any additional 10


_Cards SOLD_

-Entei (neo 3)
-Poregon 2 holo (neo destiny)

-pikachu lunchbox SOLD-
scratching growlithe

My puppy got jealous of growlithe? ;_;

So... Today kinda fails. =( I cam home to find my beloved Growlithe pokemon kid, chewed up. >_< wtf ..
I keep all of my collection items on shelves so I didn't understand how my dog could reach him.
But it seems my mom was moving things around the basement today and said she might have bumped into it and knocked it down..
The point being is... My kid Growlithe has become a chew toy and i'm so upset over it. ;_;

And I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere I could buy another one? I can't use Yahoo!Japan, so thats kind of out. >_< Inless I pay for someone to order it for me. *sigh* I'm so upset right now. =( If anyone could help me out it would be very appreciated... Thanks.
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New Things :D

I got two packages today and they MADE ME SO HAPPY 8DDD

But before I show off all of my wonderous new toys, I'd like to ask a couple questions:
Does anyone have this model that they would be willing to sell:

I see it every now and again on Y!J but I don't have an account and I don't want to be a bother to have someone bid on it for me, since there will probably come a time when something I really want comes up for sale :)

My second question is if anyone has the charizard pokedoll and this other plush (I have deemed it the happiest charizard), since they are pretty much the only plush I want right now, I would love to buy them at some point in the near future!

And then I have a quick shoutout to asylums (I think) who was going to sell me a charmander backpack....I'm still interested :D

The images are stolen from Y!J, but I hosted them myself :)
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Just a small update for today

First of all, anybody that has ordered anything from me up until the last 2 days (I shipped them out Wednesday), your orders have been sent out! However, there was one person who wanted a Lucario tin and sent me an e-check I had to wait until the e-check cleared so I actually haven't sent yours out yet, but it'll go out hopefully by Monday.

Second, I got the cards I ordered from Biohazard0(I know they have a different username on LJ) :D! I ordered a WINNERS Rocket's Mewtwo promo.


Man it's awesome.

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Finally, amirrorstwin, did you ever check your store to see if they had a Zigzagoon Zukan for sale? I never heard back from you.
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Small Collection Update & Sales Post Stuff

Cute things always make me feel better when I'm in a bad mood, so here's a small collection update featuring a new Jirachi item. I've been trying to snag this little guy for ages, and he's finally mine.

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Also, a final note while I'm here. There's still a lot of pending/unpaid orders from my sales post a few days ago. I'm aware of the circumstances for some of you, which is fine. However, if you need more time or you need to make adjustments to your order, please let me know. :D Orders paid for this weekend will be packaged and shipped out sometime next week, weather pending. We're expecting a lot of snow here. Goody. x_o
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sorry for this, guys ; A;

Hey guys! This is a really annoying post but I've been super stressed with school and stuff lately and haven't been doing a good job of keeping track of what I'm buying from people.. Do I owe any of you guys payments for anything? I have a terrible feeling in the back of my mind that I have things that are unpaid for and I want to get those done with so I can stop stressing about them. ;__;

Sorry to bug you guys with this! Once midterms are over, expect a big sales post, whee~ ♥
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Okies, hey guys! I'm new to this community, and I'm now just starting to get into Pokemon collecting. A while back, I made a bunch of keychains, and I made people get on a list to see how many I order of each I made. Well, someone backed out for one, and I actually made a few extra of a few others because I thought they looked nice. ^^ Though, the best one I think I made I didn't make more of, and I'm sort of regretting I didn't.


Please give your suggestions or commissions in THIS post! Thank you!



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Mini-auction for Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan!!!

I went to a local shop today to get prguitarman a zukan he wanted and stumbled across another Leafeon/Glaceon/Eevee zukan, and figured I might as well get it since maybe someone might want it in the community. I figured I'd auction it off again starting at $10 + shipping, which isn't much more than what was paid for it.

Current Price - $20 chatsy

I guess you guys can just leave a comment with bids. I'm posting an old picture I took of the last time I sold this zukan. It's in good condition. I only accept Paypal, and would rather not get e-check or credit payment, though it won't stop me. I guess I'll leave this up until Sunday night or whenever it dies down.

Please check the comments to make sure what the current price. Track the post if you bid. Happy bidding!

P.S. I also saw the following zukan at the shop: Jirachi flying over the mountains x1, Electivire/Electabuzz/Elekid x1. Volbeat/Illumise/Roselia, [and I'll post the others as I remember them], then I can pick those up from the store as well. Though, I make it clear that I'm not selling them till I go and pick them up. :D