March 8th, 2008

A Good start to a birthday

To start this post off I would like to let pacificpikachu know that I got their packages today! You packed those cards up good O_O! Everything is awesome, thank you! And thanks for the freebies ^_^! (there's a picture under the cut somewhere xD)

The next part will need just a tad of back story...

I think everyone here has gathered that I love Pokemon Cards xD Well...maybe some of you will know what I mean when I say my mother HATES that I still buy them...Oh well xD my step dad surprised me (kinda) and took me over to the Super Target by my house. (You may not believe me when I say that HE likes Pokemon and has helped me complete some of my sets) But there is one EX set I really want to complete...probably the only one. Holon Phantoms. Well...we get to the store and he walks right to the aisle that has the cards...and grabs all the 3-packs that has 2 packs of Holon Phantoms in them and asks if I am ready to leave...I was just like *jaw drop* because...even though he likes Pokemon...he doesn't always liek that I spend so much money on cards....I told him..."You're kidding me right" "nope" " serious?" "yes...think of an early birthday present" (my birthday is this Sunday ^_^)

So..before leaving we look over the card section again and pick up a trainer kit I have been meaning to learn how to play for awhile xD And he doesn't mind learning either (we got the one that has Latios and Latias =D)

ANYWAY....sorry that this is kind of long...

I have had REALLY bad luck lately with pulling cards...the last 3 pack I got w/ Holon Phantoms...I only got 2 cards I needed...and everything else was a double...including the rares!

Well....we got home...and I began opening the packs....And on my first luck least...for that pack....Collapse )

After that my luck kind of faded least for Holon Phantoms...I needed about 30 cards? to complete the set...and I think I got 9...the rest...sadly were doubles...(which I will be selling)

So then...I opened up the 4 Crystal Guardian packs...I love the artwork on this set....well..First...something of the packs had was ripped open on the side and one of the cards were damaged...bad. Good thing it was only a common Jigglypuff xD Anyway...since I had doubles...and it was ruined...I got to do something I for some reason always wanted to did it tonight...We set the card on fire! XDXD I have it on video if anyone wants to watch XD It was rather ammusing...oddly...

BUT....on the third pack...MY LUCK RETURNED Collapse )

So yeah....that was my afternoon! I love opening packs of cards xD I think it's because you just NEVER know what you're gunna get =D

Collapse )

I also added a few more promos to my sales post over at pokemontcg (I plan on updating everything sometime next week) Remember...shipping is $1.00 worldwide.

PS: Is there an official release date on the Gallade Plushie yet?

Has this happened to you? :C Plus some updates!

So I bought a pack of Great Encounters (again I LOVE this set wow I get so lucky in it) And I pulled Cresselia lv X! BUT-

Collapse )

In some community type news all my cards from my sales post are being mailed MONDAY, along with the kids that just came in the mail that need to be forwarded. International orders means I have to take a trip to the post office, and since its not near me and I dont drive we try to go at once. Sorry for the delays folks :C

I also got my hands on something that I never thought I would own recently, and I can't wait till it gets here!

An UMBREON V-CHIP FIGURE. My friend found it in a lot she thought was kids and bought it for oh, 10 dollars for about 14 of these V-Chip figures and told me I could have the umbreon "kid." I said..AHHH NO its the Umbreon V CHIP!! Umbreon V chip (according to Lineaabla) only exsisted in China, and was very rare (like a prototype) and was never mass released! So Im very excited about that! I had known about the V Chip but I never knew it was that rare.

And recent packages that I've gotten- Lineaabla's stuff all got here <3 Wailord EX came in today I forget the user name x.x Its perfect thank you! If you need feedback I will surely do so! Those roserade/gulpin kids that need to be forwarded. And I think thats it. Photos will happen when I get Regen's stuff in sometime next week :D Thanks guys, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have most of this stuff! I really apperciate it, and what this community has to offer as far as info, goods, and selling. Its a great place~

Two Pleas:

If I sent you a money order or item, and forgot to include a sketch on my 'thank you' card, if you comment here with your favourite pokemon I'll do a sketch for you. ^_^ I know I get a little rushed sometimes at the P/O but I feel bad when I do sketches for some folks but not others.

Second, if we have completed a trade or sale, If you could leave me some feedback over yonder, that'd be super de-duper awesome. :)

Third - uh, I guess this is 3 pleas - does anyone have a Lucario stuffed animal they'd be willing to sell/trade/part with? I can only pay by money order, or I'd be more than willing to do a full color commission in exchange/partial exchange. See here for examples.
Edit: I'd also be willing to do partial commission trade for a Lugia plush, but currently I'd like Lucario more. (More cuddly, less... wing-y whale-y)

Thank you!
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... to collect every Mudkip card, and I need you guys' help!

I thought I should come here first to see if anyone had the card I was looking for. It's a Shining Mudkip from the Ex Team Rocket Returns card set. It is one of the CUTEST Mudkips I have seen, and it's also Team Rocket. OK? Can't get much better than that!

Here's my proposition. I have a Shining Celebi from the Neo Destiny set. I am willing to trade said Celebi for said Mudkip.

Collapse )

If anyone knows of any I am missing, please let me know! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Also I am NOT interested in collecting EVERY edition of the card; just one is fine for me! I don't care if it's promo stamped or holo or not, I just want the art. (:

Thank you kanackering for the first Mudkip on the second row! :] <333

And thank you skinst_bomb for the first two Mudkips on the third row!

BY THE WAY -- who was selling that German "Here Comes Team Rocket" card?? I was supposed to be buying it from them but they never replied to me and their messages got lost in my inbox. D:
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Me again ^_^

I know, I know, I disappear for months, and all of a sudden you're sick of me again =P

Anywho, first order of business, I have managed to find some individual pics of DP01 and DP06, so those are now sorted on the site for the time being, thanks to some random Japanese blog =D
Hurrah for obscure Japanese collectors!

Next up, the orders from last weekend went out on Tuesday, so they'll hopefully be trickling in over the next couple of days or so =)

And lastly, I want some gorram pokemon cards.
It seems the comm has gone a bit card-crazy recently, and all these EXes and delta species are so darn pretty, I just can't resist.
However, the last boosters I ever bought were from Team Rocket, back in the 1500s =P

So, if anyone with a more of a clue than me could give me a speedy rundown of sets since Gym Challenge and so on, that would be absolutely awesome. I know it's a big ask, but you wouldn't want me getting ripped off because I don't know what a darn "reverse holo" is, now, would you?

Ok, I'm all done trading now ^_^
Once raichu26 is sorted out, that'll be it. Thanks guys ^_^
These shipping costs are going to cripple me xD

Um... long post xD
Tell me if you want me to cut it.

Zukan Auction WInners

Congratulations to the following people , who won the zukan in our auction ^_^ I'm epalsed they've all fund new homes.
We pulled some more doubles last night, which I'll be posting later today!

For the winners, US/Aus Shipping is $4 and UK shipping is $2 - payments should be sent to kate_fanel AT hotmail dot com

Entei: $11 </a></b></a>eristell_neko,

Raikou: $5 [info]fernchu

Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion: $15 </a></b></a>happyjolteon

Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr: $4 </a></b></a>kiriska

Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium: $4 </a></b></a>goku_the_saru

Spinerak/Ariados/Ledyba/Ledian: $8 </a></b></a>tonko
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Two posts in under six hours?

I know... what the devil am I playing at?

Well, I went shopping this morning, and bought myself fourteen Great Encounters boosters.
I thought you nosey buggers...
Collapse )
All in all, not a bad haul, I guess.
Out of the commons I missed only one, #66 - Ekans.
As for Uncommons, I missed three, #35/36/58 - Combusken/Delibird/Wailmer.
My Holo pulls though, were pretty good, I think: Blaziken, Cresselia, Darkrai(Lv40), Swampert and Togekiss!
Plus, of course, I got Dialga LvX!

I also bought the GE starter decks: Eternal Time and Endless Night, so we'll see if those fill in any gaps =P

Questions/Picture Requests for Munchlax Stuff

Hi! I'm new to this community. n_n I will be posting my collection/some sales stuff next weekend when I'm home on break. :)

But anyways, my favorite Pokemon right now are Munchlax and Darkrai, so I'm focusing on collecting them. n_n

Zukans- What are they (gashapon?) and does anybody have a good picture of the Munchlax/Snorlax one? Is there a Darkrai one?

Kids- How many Munchlax poses are there?

I know of this one... how hard is he to find? @_@ I would also like a better picture of him if anyone has one. n_n

Cards- Are there any Munchlax cards besides the one in the D/P base set? I can't seem to find any. ;_;

That's pretty much it for now I think. XD Thanks in advance!
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To those who buy new kids figures in a box

WTF... Togekiss!? :P

This isn't exactly a problem, per se, but it's more like a WTF for me. So, besides my undying love for Mew, I also really like Togekiss [among other pokemon]. So, anyway... every time I buy a Togekiss kid... I end up pulling out a clear one. If not for the fact that I bought a normal one in this community, I would only have clear ones. I'm up to 3 clear Togekiss now. I had the same problem with Buneary a while back, but have gotten rid of the extras.

Has anyone else run into issues like that? Haha.

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have this Mew, or Miltank, for sale/trade/whatever? The Mew is the last one that I need for my Mew kids collection, and I really want it. Miltank because I really love that pokemon.

Or might anyone have any of the Mew zukan for sale? I seems impossible for me to get my hands on one. :(
Wren: Bitty boop

Sale Time!

Huge sale due to a major purge of Pokémon things.
I'm getting rid of 95% of my cards and all my old figures.

Sale includes: almost 150 cards, Poochyena plushie, stationary figures, and more!

Pictures: Feel free to ask about any card(s) that you would like to see a better picture of. My camera didn't do too well on a few of them. And if you notice some of the images are pasted onto others, they were done so to cut the glare.

Payment: Via PayPal is preferred. But I will also take concealed cash if you're in the US. I'm open to trades and will consider partial payments. Meaning that you may pay part of the asking price and offer an item with a value that fills out the rest of the payment. Please look at my Want List if you have an item I'm looking for. Similar items to the ones listed will be highly considered.

Trades: For common/uncommon cards I trade on how much I like the artwork. I love dynamic poses, perspective and interesting backgrounds.
Some examples: ex1, ex2, ex3, ex4.
For rare and holo cards I trade on how much I like the Pokémon. My top Pokémon are Cubone, Latias, Mew, Togetic, Togekiss, Flygon, and Delibird. I'm COLLECTING Cubone, Mew and Latias. (Latios is okay too)

Shipping: Cost for shipping will be calculated once your order is complete. They will be standard rates unless I'm requested otherwise. I'm located in the US, so prices will be based off of that.

With each shipment you'll get 1-6 cards from the Free Pile!

The Free Pile has OVER 150 cards!
Amount of free cards you receive in your package depends on your sale quantity.

Collapse )

Thank you for looking! ^^
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(no subject)

Hey y'all. I'm sick, but I'm happy, because last night, I finished my baby, whom I had been working on for a month or two:

Whee, isn't he adorable?

Collapse )

And on a side note, if you're still expecting a package from me, fear not. It's either been sent out and the USPS is taking a damn long time, or I've got it packed up and waiting to be shipped. I've just been super busy and for that, I dearly apologize!

I also still have LOTS of figures and whatnot for sale over at cinnabar_ruins, with more expected to come in the next few weeks. > __>
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(no subject)

The other day we got a Darkrai tin. We didn't get anything good out of it except a rare ninetails. Selling the darkrai on ebay XD

But at walmart they had KITES. for CHEAP. so I got both of them <3
waiting on taycs package, cant wait! waiting for our box of zukan, and our giant meowth plushie too! I also want to get the palkia deck and the palkia tin. O.O.

When we get the other stuff, Ill get pictures :3
Edit: I hope the pictures work now..

Shipping status and Sales Post!

This afternoon I shipped packages to eeveelution , onigirigami , warandromance , happyjolteon  and fernchu  - so they should be with you guys soon! ^-^

We got a delivery of various Zukan balls yesterday from a few different series, so we have some more doubles to sell - I'm afraid we didn't get an eeveelutions, but we did get a few nice ones :) We got some more Johto starters if people missed them last auction. These are the doubles we now have:

We're putting them in a 3 day auction again (as I never know what to charge for them ^^;) ending at 12pm (midnight) GMT on Tuesday. Shipping is $4 per zukan to US/Canada/Aus and $2 for the UK. Please comment in the ame thread if someone has already bid on the one you want :)

They are all sealed in their plastic bags :)

Rayquaza: $6 tonko_ni

Suicune: $8 serasaturn

Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium: $4 staraptor

Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligater: $11 prguitarman

Clampearl/Gorebyss/Huntail: $3 tonko_ni

Barboach/Wiscash: $2 kasaiface

Aerodactyl/Togepi/Togetic/Egg: $6 tonko_ni

We've also got some kids for sale if people are interested ^-^ They are $2 each:

Drapion x3
Clear Electevire x2 (1 held for pikachuashnat)
Turtwig (held for pikachuashnat)
Machoke x3
Prinplup x2 (1 sold to 216handsbound)
Kriketot sold to tonko_ni!
MIsmagius sold to 216handsbound

Shipping is $2.50 in the US/Canada/Aus or $1 in the UK :) Leave a comment for quotes for more than one kid.

Gets post coming soon! ^-^
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(no subject)

I realized I had a non-Pokemon Pokemon item. I've had this doll since 1987, so the resemblance to Sabrina's doll is coincidental, but...

Yeah. I had to take a picture of her with some of my psychic type figures.

Any of you have things along those lines? Things that look like something but aren't meant to be? And what do you do with them?

New Zukan set + new Pokemon?

I came across an interesting thread at another Pokemon website and  came across this image


The figures in the image look a lot like Zukans and features all the stars of the new movie.  Absent from the set is Dialga and Regigigas. What's more interesting is the shadow in the middle.  Someone from the website I got this image from translated it as "new Pokemon".  Anyone else able to confirm the characters do indeed transfer to "new Pokemon"?  If so, we will get a glimpse of the first new Pokemon from the 5th generation.

Collection update. Might trade/sell 2 of these pokekids...Not sure though.



The pics in this are so cute! I might be able to get ahold of 1 more if someone is interested.

SALE! ^_~

Eevee Leafeon/ Glaceon Zukan- $20 (SOLD)
Shiny Butterfree- (SOLD)
mini butterfree- $2.50
Mew- $2.50
Pikachu fork- make offer ^_^

(paypal only, just give me your address for a shipping quote)

I have a lot of cards for sale and also other thinks such as figures and more. I am only accepting paypal as of right now. and sorry ^^ no echecks.

--$1 for regs. $2 for holos. - shipping is $1 anywhere in the US for up to $10 cards. Buy more than 10 cards and add .50 for any additional 10


_Cards SOLD_

-Entei (neo 3)
-Poregon 2 holo (neo destiny)
-Feraligator- (neo 1, neo 4 is still available.)

-pikachu lunchbox SOLD-