March 10th, 2008


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dear everyone...i just bought this!!!

I'm so happy, it's the closest thing to Bidoof as I get for the moment.
It was really cheap, and it's just so goofy looking and I'm kinda warming up to Bibarel because I love Bidoof so much, I guess.

PS- Is anyone selling the Bidoof kids figure?
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TCG Halp

Ok, well, as you no doubt remember, I'm collecting 'mon cards again.
Woe betide my misbegotten wallet =(

But! Always in the past have I only ever collected cards. Now, though, I am going to play!
Down south, there is a reasonably local league that I am going to attend once a week, but I can only go in the holidays. Luckily for me, this time next week is the start of Easter (spring break, for the Americans).

Now, the only tourney legal cards I have will be my GE cards, until my HUGE trades arrive from some of you lot, so I'll probably have a tricky time making up a decent deck, but I'll survive, I'm sure =P

What I'd like to hear from you guys is what generally goes on at a POP league meet, since I've never been before, and being 20 I don't exactly want to make a total tit out of myself on the first day xD

And also, does anyone know where I can get pictures of the old TCG League badges? I know I'm going to end up trying to collect them all, but I can only find year one and year two ones, and this year is year eight =P

Thanks in advance, guys =)
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Long Time No Post...

It has been awhile since my last collection post. I have been keeping my collection journals up to date, but I feel like now would be a good time to just show off my Pokemon "goodies!" So click away!!!

My collection journal pages are image heavy...Those with "snail" paced internet connections have been warned...

Prepare for Trouble...Gee I wonder what this collection is about!

One Legendary Beastly Beauty


Tree Gecko

I have also picked up collection Purugly and Luxray recently, though they are both more of a secondary, you can view what I have of these two unique Pokemon so far under my Team Rocket section...

I am also very excited about a Non-Pokemon related item that I won...What is it you ask? Click the link silly to find out:

One Gorgeous Statue

I am also planning a major shop update probably at the beginning of next week. I have all kinds of "goodies" coming in from SMJ, with many rare items. I have recently added a small amount of new stuff, but nothing to really write home about:

"Absol"-lute Pokemon Shop

I know I need to come up with a better shop name!!!

Have a Fluffy Day!!!

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tons of cards! clearing out!

I have a lot of cards for sale and also other thinks such as figures and more. I am only accepting paypal as of right now. and sorry ^^ no echecks.

--$.75 for regs. $1.50 for holos.
- shipping is $1 anywhere in the US for up to $10 cards. Buy more than 10 cards and add .50 for any additional 10


_Cards SOLD_

-Entei (neo 3)
-Poregon 2 holo (neo destiny)
-Feraligator- (neo 1, neo 4 is still available.)
-Dark Feraligatr
-Blastoise (newer)

-pikachu lunchbox SOLD-
Pan - Plush!Pan

Crocheted Shaymin Plushie <33

A wild Shaymin has popped out of the flowers! :D
It's almost Spring time!

I remember the day a friend and I were looking through the newly released list of the 4th Gen Pokemon... I pointed out to the little hedgehog and freaked out because she was too adorable! I squeed that I wanted her on my D/P team, but sadly that was never possible. And since that day I've wanted a plush of her, so I took matters into my own hands yesterday. 8)

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DB// yup that was me
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I think another stupid rain front is moving in-- I have a massive headache that feels like my HEAD IS GOING TO SPLIT OPEN.

But today was a good day :DDDD A package came today, along with a second, unexpected one from cardhaus!

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Also, kari_xiii, think I could just go ahead and just buy that slowpoke squash and dome from you? Unless you're waiting for any more slowware :>
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To those who bought stuff from my last sales post: Packages are finally mailed; I'm really sorry about the delay, as life's been throwing unforeseen punches at me this month and last week I've either been busy or snowed in (a rarity in Texas).

Also, I received packages from eifia, castform, juumou, and kari_xiii; thank you all! If you want me to leave feedback, I can get on to it soon.

To make this post less message-y, I took an updated picture of the collective on top my TV and why it's there in the first place:
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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Group buy - magnets!

Anyone want to go in with me on this auction?
It seems to be all of the Pokémon from 1-250 plus some trainers.

I'd have to ask you pay in advance because of past poor experiences with group buys.

For now let's just see who all is interested. You can reserve as many as you like, and keep in mind I'll only accept Paypal. Once there is a sizable interest, I'll figure out costs and contact you all about paying your share, then with that money I'll purchase the lot and split it up to send to you guys :)

I reserve: Growlithe, Arcanine
I have some others I'd not mind having, but I'll let you guys take a crack at it first :)

RESERVED:grrrowly: Growlithe, Arcanine
shesatiger: Articuno, Dratini, Farfetch'd
regen: Jynx, Smoochum (PAID!)
norkia: Quilava, Seadra (PAID!)
candycafe: Smeargle (PAID!)
shiny_vulpix: Vulpix (PAID!)
double_breaker: Wooper, Quagsire (PAID!)
Ridi: Electrode, Voltorb, Venonat, Venomoth, Pineco, Forretress (PAID!)
Amirrorstwin: Mew, Togepi, Snorlax (PAID!)
Sui_kune: Suicune, Raikou, Entei (x2) (PAID!)
Tsukiyashi: Ninetales, Typhlosion, Ho-oh, Lugia (PAID!)
crimson_angel02: Marill, Azumarill, Rhydon (PAID!)
enshogirl: Zapdos (PAID!)
eeveelution: Flareon, Gengar, Flaafy (PAID!)
twitterpaited: Venusaur (PAID!)
heerosferret: Raichu (PAID!)
kiriska: Lapras (PAID!)
obakehoshi: Scyther (PAID, waiting for it to clear)
invader_julie: houndoom, houndour, ampharos, umbreon, vaporeon, team rocket
aftertheheaven: kadabra (PAID!)
jannali: jolteon (PAID!)
doctorsidrat: slowking (PAID!)
meowthcollector: Meowth, Espeon, Aipom, Abra, Oddish, Cubone, Cyndaquil, diglett, ditto, natu, politoed, wobbuffet, porygon, porygon2, sentret, unown, teddiursa, phanpy (PAID!)

I've figured out costs... Each magnet is going to be $1.75, with 40 cents shipping, flat rate. Add 30 cents for international shipping (I'm in the USA). :)
Payment can be sent to I'll purchase the lot once everyone's paid!

EDIT: Be sure and put your LJ name in the Paypal memo!
I also want to remind you guys I'm still lookin' for that Growlithe plushie!
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Yay! They finally got here!!

I've been waiting ages for these to get here and when I got home I was happy to see a big package laying on the floor for me ^^

These two that I got where at a quite cheap price so I'm very glad I got them, considering it was eBay where they price things up so much most of the time.

Just thought I'd like to share this with you guys ^^ By the way what is PPP? I understand its something to do with a Plush project and people take pictures of their plush to give to them I'd love to do that ^^.

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Ok. So I really want the Mew megablock from this, but I don't want the whole set, so I figured I'd ask if anyone else in the community would be interested in the other pieces? Honestly, if even one person showed interest fast enough and sent me the money then I could get it. Also, depending on how many people want to split it, then it would affect the cost.

Up for grabs would be:

  • Weavile
  • Mime Jr
  • Bonsly
  • Lucario
  • The rest of the mega blocks that seemingly make up a big Lucario. [whoever gets this can also have the box]

    A guess for prices would be like maybe 3-4 bucks a block plus shipping?
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    it's kids orders time! and some fun eeveelution and badass pokemon game holders as a bonus! AND a shaymin MINI POSTER!

    i have a REAL sunyshore update later this week or next week... for now, enjoy!

    also, NOW is the time to buy "that think i always wanted on sunyshore and never bought". soon i will be gutting the place and listing stuff on ebay in lots full of crap i am sure you will not want!

    sunyshore is ready to become MOVIE CENTRAL: YOUR ONE STOP SHOP for all Giratina, Shaymin and other movie merch!

    next update: shaymin and eeveelution cut-out cards, the new crystal puzzle collection, rare FIRST SERIES keshipoke! plushies - and more!