March 12th, 2008

Art market?

Just how much of an art market is in this community? I made a little something in my painting class, and I'm happy enough with it to think someone else might be interested in purchasing it.

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thanks for all of your sunyshore pokemart orders!. with some luck all items will be mailed before this weekend, unless you specified otherwise/are bidding on the eeveelution DS lite cases on ebay.


EDITEDIT: somoene purchased the jakks staraptor for me!! thanks for everyone who offered!!

for everyone who wanted and missed out on the shaymin mini poster, i will try to grab some more today!!


in other news... check out these new swaying-head figures coming out this week! ROCK ON!!! MORE SHINX! why suddenly two brand new shinx figures where pocchama would normally go? HMMMMMMMMMM.... curious.

(yes, I will be stocking these guys :D)

thanks again to pokemon blogspot for the photo!
Dragonite real collection toy

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Greetings fellow collectors!

Much to my happiness, I see that there's a new Dragonite card (here at this Y!J auction. It's been awhile since I've seen anything new!

On another note, it seems that I've exhausted my resources as far as finding Dragonite things goes. I thought it couldn't hurt to ask here if anyone has any Dragonite stuff they'd be willing to sell that isn't pictured here in my current collection.

My actual wishlist can be seen here:

If anyone has anything they'd be willing to sell, please let me know!
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Purple Heart

I'm Selling More Stuff!

I found a whole lot more of my Pokemon stuff. Plushies--figures, my old Pokemon Pikachu giga-pet thingy. So I hope someone on here can give them and everything else I'm selling a good home, because they've just been in my closet for the longest time. <3

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Thanks for looking!!!
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Auction Winners! (and exciting Poke-related news!)

Our latest Zukan auction finished last night and here are the winners!:

Rayquaza: $6 </a></b></a>tonko

Suicune: $8 </a></b></a>serasaturn

Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium: $4 </a></b></a>staraptor

Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligater: $11 </a></b></a>prguitarman

Clampearl/Gorebyss/Huntail: $3 </a></b></a>tonko

Barboach/Wiscash: $2 </a></b></a>kasaii

Aerodactyl/Togepi/Togetic/Egg: $6 </a></b></a>tonko

Congratulations guys! Please leave a comment with where you live and I'll give you your total :) Payments should be sent to kate_fanel AT (tonko_ni, I'll remember to include the zukan you won last auction ^-^)

I've got exciting news too! On Sunday, my boyfriend andyboyh proposed to me using Pokemon Battle Revolution - and I'm now engaged!
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Char-line looooove~

Has anyone else...?

Back in December (the second I believe) I purchased a typhlosion zukan from icer01. It cost me 17.50 cause of shipping from Australia.
I still haven't gotten my package from THIS sales post from them. I did a quick LJ search and noticed that a couple other people (warandromance and emlee) were looking for them/waiting for packages.

I got an lj message from them a month ago saying that they had sent it out then due to extenuating circumstances, and I don't mind waiting, but I'm just worried that it'll never come :( I had my friend buy it for me with their paypal, an account they no longer have because their identity was stolen so I can't even get a refund.

Has anyone heard from them/have the other people who bought from that post received their items?
Friend Code DP, Hedgie Love

Kids & Cards sale!

pacificpikachu, received Absol, Vigoroth & Mankey coin! Love 'em! And flag, received Riolu! His box was slightly damaged, but he's still great! Thank you both! If you guys want me to leave feedback, by all means lmk!
Btw - miss_fuu_chan, are you still interested in the Drifloon/Unown Zukan? ^^

Also, how many of you would be interested in the older Dog Tags? I have some faves like Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Eevee, Psyduck, etc. which I'm considering putting up for sale. They're the older, 'Limited Edition' ones, not the newer Metal Tags.

Secondly, got some new kids to sell. Please note - I only accept Paypal for people outside the UK.

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HUGE Sales Post, Packages Mailed.

All packages except scarsofsunlight's togekiss have been mailed as of today! - YAY! Sorry for the delay!

I've got a huge sales post below as well, however, please make a note that I will not be accepting international orders at this time, unless you are prepared to wait up to 2 weeks for shipping. - My method of transporation is unreliable at the moment, and whereas I should be able to get to the APC, since it is open 24 hours, needing to go to the post office when it is open is not very convenient for me at this time.

All other packages should be mailed within 1 week at most. ^_^



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Also, I finally added these three to my collection! (Pokepark Mew, Alt. Mew on belly and Alt. Aerodactyl! (Not for sale.)

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Zukans Anyone?

Anyway, I've just recently taken to collecting Zukans and I was wondering if anyone has the Houndour/Houndoom and Cyndaquil+evolutions Zukans they wouldn't mind letting go of. Also does anyone know if Nidoking, Garchomp, Tyranitar, and Dusknior have any Zukans yet? I've also purchased the following Zukan set:

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Overdue Introduction and Collection

Hello to one and all Pokemon fans! *waves* Many of you know me by now as I have posted once and commented quite a few times.

I've been a Pokemon fan since late 1998. To be honest, I used to LOATHE Pokemon with a passion. Sad, but true. -_- Everyone loved it back when it first came out and I couldn't stand it. It wasn't until I saw that commercial on tv where that kid is trying to take a pic of Charmander. He tells it to say "Cheese!" but all Charmander can say is "Char!" over and over again. Does anyone remember that commercial? I tried finding it on YouTube, but couldn't. T_T If anyone can direct me to a site that has it, I'll be very grateful. ^_^ Anyway, I fell for Pokemon gradually from there. For obvious reasons, my favorite Pokemon is Charmander. ♥ It got me into Pokemon, after all, and it's too damn cute. =^^=

I've been collecting Pokemon merchandise since late '98, so I have a wide variety. My love of Pokemon died out for awhile, but has regained it's stature. :) Currently, I'm collecting the movies in Japanese. I have a few so far. I'm expecting the 5th movie in the mail soon. I'm specifically looking for ones with subs.

My sister and boyfriend love Pokemon, as well. We watch the series and play the games quite often. We've traded so many Pokemon together. ^^ As of late, my sister only needs 3 pokemon to complete her Pearl. ^__^ LEGIT pokemon, I might add. We are 100% against hacking. We're not looking for any of the pokemon that are unobtainable out here. We're excited about the Darkrai event that's "supposed" to happen soon at Toys R Us.

Anyhoo, I've posted Part 1 of my Pokemon collection. Part two will consist of cards and other misc. items I didn't include in this post. I will also be listing items I want to sell, as well. So, without further adieu, I bring you my collection! *drum roll*

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I'm glad to be here and hope to see you all around! Pokemon 4ever! ♥ Ja ne!
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Rare Cardass Auction

Hi folks- I just won this auction, and I dont intend to keep all of these, so here's your chance to own some very rare cards from 1997!

I do NOT have these cards on hand, so when I get them in the mail is the time to pay. (I will let the winners know.)

All auctions will end SUNDAY at 10 PM EST.

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Shellos (Blue)

I was at Target today, so I stopped by the Pokemon section. I fell in love with the Jaks Shellos Plush, so now I am collecting Shellos and Gastrodon Blue.

So my question is what Shellos/Gastrodon stuff is there besides the following:

Jakks Shellos Plush
Jakks Shellos Figure
Jakks Shellos Attack Figure
Shellos Kid
Gastrodon Kid