March 13th, 2008


Looking for a card

I just realized I do not have a card featuring Scyther, making it the only one in English I am missing. This is blasphemy, I say.

(card from pokebeach)

Does anyone here happen to have any version of this card from Gym Heroes/Gym 2 they'd be willing to sell to me? I'm looking for the English 1st edition, English Unlimited edition, and Japanese one.

I'd pay via Paypal eCheck and you're welcome to hold onto it/them until the check clears. Thanks! :3

Note: I'm aware of a place to buy two of them, but always like helping people out here first. :3


hey guys. ive decided to auction off my flareon bell keychain. im sure someone else here will appreciate it more than i do.

HIGHEST BIDDER: kiraras_lemon at $15.50.
(shipping to the US will be $2 and anywhere else $2.50.) Bids must be in minimum $.50 increments. i will try and keep highest bidder updated.
auction ends saturday at 8 PM my time.
happy bidding!
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Houndour/Houndoom Zukan Auction

After much deliberation, I've decided to auction off my last Zukan.

I actually really love/adore Houndoom/Houndour but I'm really not fond of Zukans, oddly enough. So, instead of sitting on my self and collecting dust, I figured I'd put it up for people who'd actually enjoy it 8D

Even though it's been opened and assembled, the zukan is in MINT condition and will be shipped safely in a very thickly padded envelope 8D I've sold several Zukan in the past, and I've yet to ever get a complaint 8)

This auction will only last for a short period of time, so I'm going to have it end on Saturday, March 15th at 12:00 PM (0:00) PST.

Also, I can only take paypal at the moment D: Sorry for any inconvenience

Houndour/Houndoom Zukan:

Starting Bid: $12
High Bidder: - frugrow

Also, I still have some inexpensive, random cards/items for sale in my Sales Post:

Stupid Question of the Day

I'm new here, and new to collecting pokeymans by means other than ebay and local stores. I'm a huge Lucario/Riolu fan, and when I saw this: on pokemonfigure blogspot I really wanted it. I don't know how to search for it. I tried searching YJ using the kanji for Riolu's name, but only one item came up. Some of you guys seem to have better luck than I do in this arena. Any advice?

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Hey guys! I added a few more things to Sunyshore - probably all I will add until middle or late next week, so after this I will be mailing everything hopefully by Friday, Monday at the latest.

NOTE: MOVIE PROMOTION/MERCHANDISE UPDATES wont really start happening until june, so don't think you can wait to get this stuff until then - it will be gone. and i am mailing EVERYTHING friday or monday, my next update wont be for a while and i can hold this all in my house until then. :3


I went and got some more Shaymin Mini Posters, and also picked up Giratina/Movie Poster mini posters, and ALSO Gigantic sheets of cut-out and fold greeting cards, with Shaymin, Glaceon, Leafeon, the pixies, etc! Go check the out.

If you want these items added to your Pokemon Kids or previous order from the 10th/11th, just say so in the comment part of your order and I'll refund you the base shipping fee.

so now! some collection photos... with new kids out of the box photos, too!

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i also still have eeveelution DS covers and soft cases on ebay. :D

A little gem that found its way into my bag...

I'm kind of new here, but I recognize a couple people as I've interacted with them on eBay or elsewhere: prguitarman and SkinsT_Bomb, possibly some others. Some of you might have also stumbled across my Mew Cards page: here.

Anyhow, I collect Mews (mostly just the cards), I just wanted to make a quick post about a card I received in the mail a couple days ago. I'd been looking for it forever, so imagine my astonishment when I found it floating around eBay a few weeks ago, and needless to say I won the auction, and at quite a low price I believe (~ £16 / $30 USD)!

It is the ORIGINAL Ancient Mew, very rare! It precedes the other one that mostly everyone is familiar with. It's from the 1998 Meiji series from the first Pokemon movie in Japan. The whole front of the card has a prism foil effect.

I'm so glad that I finally found this card, and in mint condition to boot. It's so nice looking, the picture doesn't do it any justice.

That's all I wanted to say. Does anyone else have this little gem of a card?
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Sales and Mail!

This is a bit late and maybe some of you already go your stuff xD But just to be sure: pacificpikachu, 216handsbound, latifox and invader_julie....I mailed out all of your things on Tuesday, March 11 =D

Speaking of sending stuff...I received some stuff over the past few days! I have received mail from: juumou, flag, invader_julie and 216handsbound!!! Thank you all so much for everything!! And flag, the Flygon will be sent out to kamacazizero just as soon as I send out her birthday gift xD

Thank you all for adding a little something to my various Collapse )

Getting mail is fun xD However...I am holding back from making a full collection post until I receive some items from a couple of people ^_^ After I get them...I shall make a collection post =D Though, one will be coming from the not exactly sure when it will get here....but...that one is quite special =P and I cannot WAIT to get it ^_^

Anyway....remember how I pulled that Mew EX card? And how after that my luck deteriorated? Well...I don't need those extra rares and holos I got...*shrug* are up for I don't clog the community with cards I will only post my Collapse )Please check out what else I added: HERE Thanks!

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Yay, I hope my Meowth cup comes tomorrow. XD

Anyway.. I bought something else today. I need to STOP.
Hey! This doesn't count, it's for my friend! ^^b

Isn't she CUTEEEE? lol

Can anyone inform us on what she does? Does she spin, or something? =O

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Tomy Eeveelutions (and thanks!)

FIrstly, thank you all so much for the lovely congratulations messages! *Huggles* ^-^ I was shocked to see just how many we got :)

Also, is there any demand for the original Tomy eeveelutions? I've found that I have two sets of Eevee/Flareon/Jolteon/Vaporeon and was wondering if there are people who don't have them -  I'd be happy to auction my spare set if there is demand! ^-^

Darkrai tin Lot

Okay, after the massive failure of my last posting of a lot, I'd like to get some real help on posting something more then can be named with just the title. I've got a ton of cards, in a tin, holos and whatnot. Any advice for a blossoming seller? I know I've already asked for help before, but I think this time it's different because of the size. Thanks so much in advance and I'm sorry guys XB
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A quick update.

All completed orders from my last sales post were mailed today. All 32 of them. I'm sorry for the wait, but I couldn't send them out much faster due to weather and delays in my shipping supplies order. Air mail from Canada to international destinations should arrive in approximately 7-10 business days, and domestic shipments should arrive a little earlier.

Today was a good day for me as well, because I received a package from juumou. My new companions kept me company at work while I finished organizing the packages before I sent them out after my shift. Here they are, venturing atop Package Mountain.

Mew Escaping


Yay updates!

Because of some buying, receiving and finding, I have done a bit of updating. :P

My Sales Post has been updated with a few new figures and is still open to buyers and traders, so be sure to check out some of the figures, stickers, cards and more available! Remember that anyone doing a transaction will get a free drawn commission, not to mention that shipping is free* and did I mention the great merchandise? Check it out! ^^

I have also updated my Collection Post with a few new things, though it's mostly old merch - have a look if you like the first generation! ^^

*If shipping is a fair bit more expensive than the product itself I will ask that you pay for some of the cost.

I received some packages from fellow members a couple weeks ago, thus allowing my collections of my favourite Pokémon to slightly grow. For the collections of my three fasvourite Pokémon, look under the cut.

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So yayz!

Also, I apologize to shiny_vulpix/kiraras_lemon and lovinganime; being Canadian I haven't yet had the chance to change my money to American and send off the cash - this coming week I'm off schoool so I should be able to do it then. Sorry for the wait. ><

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