March 14th, 2008

Big Bang Theory BAZINGA


Alright guys! Freshly shipped off of SMJ "Diamond and Pearl Zukan set 6"!

The zukan have been paid for and shipping has been requested! They should be on there way out here soon! I'll let you guys know when they arrive to my house!

I am going to auction these off, yes ALL of these!
That's right everyone single one is up for grabs!
They will each be sold by themselves.

That means you can bid on



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Kids, figures and cards, Oh my!

I decided to consolidate the kids figures I had left from my auctions, and lowered some prices on them! I'm also cleaning out some of my collection, and I want to give some of my figures new homes! Collapse )

States luxio (no staff stamp on left)-9.00

Ampharos EX-some scratches, but in good condition. 5.00

I’m also willing to make trades for the following kids:

Buizel (not the angry one)

Shipping depends on what you purchase and the weight of the items. If you have questions, just ask!

I also have 100 card lots for sale as well. 100 commons and uncommons, with rares included, for 15.00 shipped. 17.00 outside of the US!
Love Tsushi

Collection and Small Request

Okay so I'm finally at home and I got a chance to gather up all my Pokemon stuff! Time for showing off my little well-loved collection. At the bottom I have a question to you Japanese product experts, since I saw something at the store the other day and I don't know what it is and I'd like to know!

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Wren: Bitty boop


Just a quick update saying that meowthcollector, happyjolteon, lightofapollo, alakazzandra, and prguitarman's packages from my last sales post were mailed yesterday afternoon! They should take around 3-5 days to get there.

fernchu, I need to know if you still want the Poochyena plushie. The other fell through, and you were next up but I haven't gotten any response after I alerted you... ^^; If not, then kasaii will get it instead. Next up for it! Please tell me if you want it, Kasai.

And a few days ago I got my Cubones from juumou!! Thank you so much!

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And I still have a lot of items available from the Sales Post if you're interested! Thank you for reading~
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 Hey guys!

The zukan finally came, so I'll be sorting out packing and posting later on in the weekend. I'm going away in, ooh, two hours, so I'll sort it when I get back!
And the same with anyone who ordered from Lavaridge after the cutoff last wednesday.

I'll have all the packages mailed out as soon as I can ;3
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Auction reminder!

It's Friday! And you all know what that means! 2 days left on the Banpresto Vs. Figures of Charmander getting Kidney punched by Pikachu, and the epic battle between Mew and Pikachu!

and why not? I'll toss in the link to my ebay store too. Looking for cards? Then this is the place to go!

Mew* newly listed!
Pokemon: Snorlax
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Some nice ebay deals

Heads up for a few nicely priced deals of figure sets. Brianjapan on eBay is selling some neat things.

Lickylicky, Togekiss and Magnezone zukans (the three sets sold together).

Mystery Dungeon D/P figures

Set of vending machine figs (Dialga, Palkia, Darkrai and the three startes)

Bottle cap figure set Munchlax, Rayquaza, Deoxys, and two sets of different Plusles and Minuns. (Seems like there's a Pika in the set but it's not included in that one).
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Does anyone have:

These figs?

I'd be willing to pay via money order, or trade cards for them, or art. (See My Stuff Here.) I want the Lugia more than the Mewtwo, but I'd love to have both.

Also, I got my Lucario bottlecap fig today and his poor face is mispainted, but I love him anyway - the Zukan of him is extremely nice too. I... forget who I ordered these from, but if you comment and let me know I'll leave excellent feedback for you!

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So here it is, mah collection! Just got a massive Meowth plush from Vegas today. Spent an astonishing 11 bucks on it. Also, manaphy cell phone charm in addition to talking croagunk plush. And~ I found my boyfriend's old burgerking gold card things. All six in perfect condition except for a defect on one of them.

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CRAP! how did i miss some of this stuff? @_@ I feel so inadaquate (cant spell).

look at these nifty standees! dangit! theres a luxray! this is the third set and i never even knew about them!

take a look at all the sets....anybody you collect?

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CAGED ➽ anya

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So I had a really crappy day at work today. Man I hate Fish Fridays... But when I got home I had a lovely package from warandromance !


My Plusle collection is slowly growing. Though, it still has a little too much of the blue one to be called a Plusle collection. I am expecting more of her though. This is making me want to break out -and finally beat- Ranger.

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