March 15th, 2008

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Quick post....

Just wanted to quickly post this new UK item.

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Careful - At £16/$32, it'll make your wallet much lighter. It also comes with a huge target board with Palkia & the final starters, plus Weavile. You could use it as a poster too really. He fires missiles from his chest plate, as seen in the second photo (You need to remove his plate first though).

It's also not light - Thick, heavy plastic. Mew coin shown for size comparison. Finally, my Entertainer store have moved Pokemon back downstairs, a sign that it's selling! Yay! :D

Zomg, handsewn:

I just finished this:

He is HUGE. I've been working on him all week. His wingspan is larger than mine and he is probably five feet from nose tip to tail tip. (BARELY shorter than me, lots to cuddle). His name is Salieri. ^_^

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He is one hundred percent hand sewn, not a machine stitch in him. I'm hoping he'll hold up okay to the cuddling he's going to get. He took an ENTIRE large bag of stuffed animal filling. ^_^

I kept the pattern and I might be willing to make 1 more copy (since I want him to be pretty unique) if someone wants one bad enough. :) Wow that was fast. x_X
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do you guys know you are insane?

the tiny bag on the left has the SIX *different* pokemon kids people ordered. thats it.

damn dudes. XD i was very lucky to get these - i had to call all the pokemon centers and visit all the conbinis in my area trying to reserve them/rush to get them right when they got them in stock. i got lucky! i took some extra because even in japan, these are already incredibly hard to find - they just came out A WEEK AGO.

EDIT: I PUT FIVE MORE OF EACH umbreon and espeon ON SUNYSHORE. if you want them, get them now, they might not be back. they are too rare to stock for long.

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*bubbles* gaaaaaaahhhhh.. gahhh.. I just.. BOUGHT this..
@.@ I HAD to.. GBPs are evil, but I NEEDED them. It comes with both of them! This person has good ratings, if they didn't I wouldn't of gotten them. Curse the exchange rate though!!
I don't like Regigigas in the game too much, it's really slow, and I'm a little freaked out by the plant matter growing on it, but YAY at Giratina. I'm so hyped. They should be arriving some time before my boyfriend's birthday ^^.
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Plush mascot and zukan auctions end tonight!

Reminding everyone that the mascot plush and zukan auctions end tonight, between 7pm and midnight California time. There is no set specific time, so get your bids in!

-edit- Oh, jesus christ, I'm dumb. I had friday written down for zukan and saturday for plush. I thought Saturday but typed friday because I was discussing Friday night plans ;____; and wrote saturday correctly for the plush mascots.

I know that I missed reminding very few people that they have been outbid on stuff, so go check!!
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Houdour/Houndoom Zukan Auction Reminder

Just reminding everyone that my Houndoom/Houndour zukan is up for auction and is open until 12:00 AM PST Tonight.

I've noticed a good number of people in the community that have been looking for this Zukan, so to those of you, here's your chance. This bidding is only up to $10 at the moment, so come try and snag it before it's gone <3

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:/ :D ?

Am I the only one who keeps about ten packs of Pokemon cards around to open when I'm bored/in a bad mood? Ahaha.

Anyway, today I was in such a crappy mood that I opened up... seven of my booster packs. They're supposed to last me an entire month, dammit. :|

And in one pack, I found these two:

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Both in the SAME pack. *___*

Still feeling kind of gloomy, but that brightened my day considerably! XD
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Nintendo Official Magazine Special Edition (UK)

The UK's official Nintendo magazine has released their April issue, which is a Pokémon special. :O

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The magazine has reviews of various Pokémon games (Snap for the Virtual Console, Battle Revolution, Ranger, Pearl/Diamond, Mystery Dungeon etc etc) and simple guides for them too. It's nothing deeply hardcore indepth about Pearl/Diamond but it's still pretty handy. Kinda pricy at £5 though!
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-I accept paypal only at this time, sorry no echecks

-Mew poke' kid figure - $10 ($2 shipping US)
-Pikachu soap bottle/dispenser- $9 ($3 shipping US)

(Poliwhirl is a tape measure)




Payment Reminder(s), Vulpix Figure, Ebay Lot!

goku_the_saru, this is just a payment reminder for the stuff you asked for me to hold until Friday:
-Bonsly pokedoll $9
-Jirachi Patch - $4
-Chikorita Pin - $2
-Large Lugia Kid - $6
-Pokemon Centre Buizel - $15
Total $42 with shipping

I also consolidated everything from my last sales post that went unsold and put it up in a huge lot on ebay:

Apart from that, I've pretty much completely weeded out my collection. I've been wanting to off-and-on collect Vulpix, but I think most of the plushies are ugly (IMO). This large TOMY figure is something I am considering parting with, but I'm not completely sure just yet. (It's VERY, VERY cute.)

Would anyone want it, or like to make an offer on it? (I'd like at least over $20 for it, if I do decide to sell it, just to give you an idea. ^^;)


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Just a small update for today~~

I got your cards today(the Blastoise and Glaceon),lineaalba! Man, they look super awesome.

I'm also going to show everybody my card haul for this week. I somehow ended up with 4 promo Flareon and Jolteon and I'm like I DONT WANT THESE I put them all in the freebie bin along with a lot of common rev holos not pictured here. So now my shop's freebie bin is 30% more awesome. I'm just going to sell everything but the Glaceon, Porygon Z and Blastoise lol. I don't know why I STILL buy booster packs, even though I've been trying to stop for months.

I still haven't gotten the Lucario + coin skinst_bomb(not goku). I've been eagerly awaiting that card too ;__;

I'm hoping to get a lot of awesome cards in sometime next week, can't wait @_@

Eevee Keychain, new in package! :D

Been busy cleaning a lot this week... I haven't been online much or crocheting much, either. x_x. Anyway, found this Eevee keychain with Pokeball, brand new and still in package! :D I thought I'd auction her off here first, as I'm not interested in the Eevee line at all.... however if no one wants her, I'll be happy to tear it open and keep her myself. XDD

Starts at $4 + shipping!

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Oh, and I'm pretty sure I have a Mew, new in package as well, if anyone is interested I can look some more, but if not I'm not going to bother. xD;
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