March 16th, 2008

Pixel Pair

Shipped out!

Hey guys, I went out yesterday (to buy card sleeves, thanks featherclaw     , you enabler ;-) ) and I shipped out phat loot for the following people:
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I also have eBay auctions ending in about 10 hours! These items are rare and several years old. See the Mewtwo Museum's entry on the goblet if you don't believe me ;-) If you were waiting on the auctions to get closer to the end before bidding, it's getting close!
Gold-plated Plates
Christmas themed Plate
Mewtwo/Charizard Goblets
Small Individual Pokemon Plates

For anyone that missed it, that sales post is here.

And while I'm here, to add something more new and interesting, I managed to pick up a spare Riolu (and maybe Zubat) Jakks plush. Is anyone still looking for these? They're extras, so I'd sell them for the store price of $6 each.

Also, of the Chicago-Mitsuwa going folks, does anyone know if they have Kids in stock? I haven't seen any but the DX kids there for a while.

Ill - Hour of the Wolf

Soundtrack Questions

Okay, so I figured here and the pokemon comm would be the best places to ask this.

I've managed to get , in some way, shape, or form, every movie soundtrack (english and japanese) that I know exists from movies 1-10.

My question is; I know that the first three movies had english scores that were dubbed over the original japanese. I know that english score CD's were made for the first two movies, but does anyone know if there was one made for the third? I particularly like the dubbed score for the Entei movie and I would LOVE to have it. But I've never been able to find it, and to my knowledge, it doesn't exist outside of being in the actual movie.

Any info? Thanks!

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Hahaha wow, check out what I just bought on Ebay for a PENNY. A PENNY!

Hahaha, sorry for flipping about this, but I've never won anything on Ebay for a penny before.

Of course there's a shipping fee, but it still ends up really cheap. Has anybody else here won some awesome penny bid Pokemon auctions before?

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now these are the HEIGHT of fashion. i bet you are all dying for them - i should probably stock about 35, right? you would wear these to your wedding.

seriously tho? i lol'ed. i don't even think the children of japan are lame enough to wear that on their head. jesus christ.

anyway, in a continuing string of eeveelution fun, i've got this cloth up on ebay. i have five of them, funtimes. tomorrow i'll be listing a similar cloth with all of the eevee's on it. enjoy!

Hoppip friends
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Collection Case Group Order!

Hi guys!
So I went to Daiso today and got a photo of one of each of the collection cases they have there.
The types of cases I noticed that they (currently) no longer have are the ones with slightly rounded fronts, and ones with "steps".

I will be taking orders on the cases and going back and buying a bunch!

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Got My Cho Get Daizen In The Mail! ^_^

I got my figures in the mail Friday! ^_^ They are so tiny. =3 

Here's a recap of the people who have put reservations on certain Pokemon:

Buneary: warandromance
Meowth: meowthcollector
Sudowoodo: bluetip_echelon

Happiny and Tortera are still up for grabs. All I need to do is buy some shipping envelopes. I will be shipping everything the day after I receive payment. In other words, I will hold the figures for everyone if there is an issue with paying. I really don't mind waiting. Your figures will be kept safe in the bag they came in; unopened and untouched. :) Just drop me a line whenever you can pay. As an added reminder, the figures are $1.50 + $1 shipping.

Guess what REALLY sucked Friday evening in regards to these figures?! I misplaced the Gallade one! T___T I swear, I recall putting it in the car when I was leaving to see my bf. I looked high and low for it, but to no avail. I later went home and searched the places I remember it being, but still couldn't find it. @_@ I, honestly, don't know what happened. I'm gonna keep looking for it. Knowing my luck, it's probably somewhere REALLY obvious. ^^;;

Anyway, this post was just a heads-up on me getting my figures. You can pay now or whenever you can. No rush or pressure. ^_^
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Kyo fallen angel

I was wondering...

Does anyone have any Rattata/Raticate stuff to sell? I really thought I was done with Pokemon and now from looking around here for so long--I think I want to start a collection of them. o_o" Now I'm not sure -yet- if I will buy anything, but I just wanted to know/see what people have out there, and price things. So~ if you have anything of the cute little rats you're willing to part with, lemme see it please. ^__^!
Thanks so much~ ^o^!
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seeking further info on old toys

I am in the process of clutter-clearing for a move, and recently uncovered a few old Pokemon toys I obtained between 1998-2001. Most were gifts, so I honestly don't know much about them. Would anyone here be so kind as to tell me a little bit about these, or direct me to other Pokemon collectors' sites where I could research them? Googling hasn't produced much information. If you're a hardcore Poke-lector who can tell me more about these, I'd greatly appreciate it.

* Pikachu "Pocket Monster Du Le Fleur" toy, Japanese import; 3-pc. toy set in 3.5" plastic Pokeball with all components new in bubble-wrap and paper insert. This appears to come with a small disc full of seeds or potpourri!

* Flocked Wigglytuff figure in 3.5" plastic Pokeball, Japanese import, no packaging/insert.

* Pokemon origami book vol. 3, Gold and Silver, US edition - this is supposedly selling on Amazon for $117 and up, which seems... absolutely insane. Is it really worth that??? I also have a Japanese edition of vol. 6(?), ISBN: 4097342363.

I dug up other Pokemon items, but these are the only ones I've had time to photograph - I may post again re: those in a couple days. My sincere apologies if these kinds of posts are not allowed.

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Woahh~ I bought something else off of ebay..
I'm not sure if I'm going to keep all of them. But Giratina is just too cool to pass up! Aside from this, Target WAS having a sale, it was NICE too.
Got a cute Pachirisu plush for 4.00, and then i decided to balance it out, and bought a pack of cards too. o.O within it.. i withdrew.. SPACE TIME DISTORTION!! I was shocked. but alas, I have no need for it, so I'm selling it on ebay! XB They didn't have the Pikachu/Raichu figure set >< D| I was hoping to get it yesterday..
*nod* But, our zukan should be here before the 30th. @.@ I was hoping to get them before Spring break..
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Lucky Star: Oversoul

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Ok the zukan are arranged, packed and ready to go, I just need addresses and payments for postage.

efia - Pidgey & scizor
andyboyh - Clefairy set
eggsterminatus - Hitmontop set
Hoppip set
shiny_vulpix - Scyther set
battyvitae - Gilgar
featherclaw - Dunsparce
kasaiface - Houndour set

So the postage charges are as follows;

Europe - $3
United States and rest of the world - $5

There is also a paypal fee of $1 which I have included in the price of the shipping.

Anyone who wants to order anything from my shop, postage shouldn't be any more for 1-3 items, and they can be added into the packets.

I am also selling this little electrike, that's shown in this photo (not the pokedex figure). I'm sure there were people who wanted it. Asking $4 :3 Paypal is kisuneko[at]!
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Around staks, never relax...

Good news guys!
We won the Pokémon Staks auction! :D
It got a little fierce there in the end, but since so many people reserved magnets, I went ahead and raised my high bid.

When I get the magnets, I'll divvy them up and send to you. If you haven't already sent me your address in the paypal note, you should do so by emailing me at
Be sure to include your username so I know who you are!

shesatiger, my apologies on waiting so long to tell you the total, my bad. I replied to your comment with your total, so I'd like that payment whenever you're able :)
invader_julie, you can just pay me whenever I deliver your magnets to you, since you're local. :)

Another POKEMON Auction! ( more kids!)(UPDATE WITH A POSSIBLE TRADE)


Paypal(with small fee) and CC at own risk. Auction ends wed. at 8pm PST(I'll be at a concert then but I'll post once I get home) Please comment to the other persons bid. :)

Pachirisu Pez:starting bid $6
Darkrai pez: starting bid $6

Poke kids: Starting bids $4




Garbite(garchomp or whatever in english XD)

Pikachu folder: Starting bid $3

I'll be sticking free cards in with every package. :)

Sorry for the sideways pic
have a hikozaru pez I'm willing to trade for a Pocchama one if anyone is interested.


Hello All. I have a bunch of Pokemon things up for sale. I would like to sell everything together but if there are any interests in seperate items we can talk... (though trading cards will be sold together not singly, sorry)

The pokemon package would contain:
POkemon trading cards
Pokemon collectors Burger king toys
and three pokemon comic books (with original pokemon sticker inserts)

For everything $20
Pay pal only please
(shipping will be determined by area code)
please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

Art auction reminder

Just wanted to let you know my auction ends in a lil less than two hours. I will be gone though so if you want to bid please be kind and bid to the highest person so they get notified. Also Im willing to take two more commissions of this type (1-3 pokemon is 25 colored, with a back drop is 30)

Thanks guys :D

While your at it if you could take a look at my friend's Zukan auction she's got the whole set of DP06 up on auction. So if you ever wanted Dialga, or Cressilia, or anyone from DP set 6 nows the time to bid :D Hers goes on for a bit though

ALSO Miss FU chan (I think thats your User name) I got my Raikou Zukan thank you! In an odd turn out of events (thats not your fault at all it was sealed) he had no paw ^^; its not horridly noticable but eh. I checked every single packet and everything. but its okay. Im just happy he's here ((has this happened to anyone else??))

Thats all~
Who wouldn&#39;t?

Questions, Collection Update and Thanks


If you collect the cards and use sleeves to protect the cards, could you tell me how much clear sleeves cost at your local store? If it is a chain store, please include the name of the store if you don't mind. Also, is UltraPro really the best brand? Sorry, they don't offer comparison shopping courses at my uni... or do they? XD

Alright, so this post isn't completely off-topic, I have listed more items I found/bought for my 'collection'.

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Again thank you taycs and pacificpikachu; if you have a feedback post, please tell me. If I have bought something from you, you may opt to leave me feedback (here...) Thanks!.

Collection and Search!

I figured it was about time to finally post my "collection"!
Not very fancy, mainly US stuff.

I'm looking for two things from the Journey Across America 10th Anniversary tour- Lucario hat and Anniversary Pin. If you have any info, please contact me! (Details in Cut) 

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I know this is crazy, but, does anyone happen to have an extra Tyranitar EX from Dragon Frontiers that they'd be willing to trade or sell? I reeealy need one for my deck, and I dn't want to pay crazy amounts of money for it like alot of the store-sites charge for it.

Step Off

gigantic bulbasaur plush?

Hello all, I'm new here, and I'm looking to buy (that is, if anyone has one) a REALLY big bulbasaur. In the past month I've seen two on ebay; I think it's about 16 inches tall. Here are some pictures for size reference. Any leads would be very welcome-as I have no clue which company made it, and have had no luck googling or ebaying it. I am reasonable if the seller is in regards to price, and I can offer paypal. :)