March 17th, 2008

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Guys! There's something pretty rare (at least I'd think is rare since I can't find one) I'm looking for, and maybe I can get some help.

About 4-5 months ago on ebay, there was this GIGANTIC Weavile plush for sale...I don't really have precise measurements, all I know is that it was pretty damn big. I didn't have the money at the time so I think I lost it forever. ;_; I have no idea if it was official (nor do I really care), but I must have it. :(

So if anyone has one or even can find one online, many many many thanks if I can snag it. :O Oh, I'm also looking for anything ice pokemon, so don't be shy. :3

Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3
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Something has been bugging me for a few days now. I want to give you my advice and say, DO NOT PRE-ORDER THOSE GIRATINA AND REGIGIGAS DOLLS FROM EBAY.

A LOT of "pre-sellers" of Pokedolls see the preview images and immediatly place them on Ebay. In Japan we can easily walk into a Pokemon Center and there will be hundreds of Pokedolls, so it is safe to do this. BUT. Not with these dolls.

One: Those dolls are special prizes - only ten of each are being given away. 30 dolls - 3 kinds of dolls - TEN OF EACH DOLL ONLY to ALL of the world! The raffle doesnt even begin for ANOTHER MONTH.

Two: There is NO announcement for a general release of these dolls, not now, not soon, not ever. Will they be generally released one day? I believe so. BUT NO ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IT HAS BEEN MADE.

Three: The images the seller is using are from that raffle drawing, indicating thats the way they think they will be preselling more of those dolls than will been released.

Conclusion: DO NOT PRE ORDER SOMETHING THAT IS INCREDIBLY SUSPICIOUS. I smell a ripoff, or that seller is having a serious misunderstanding (and for the record: NO, it is not I who is misunderstanding about the raffle).

Next time I go to the Pokemon Center, I am going to mention the raffle and say I saw the dolls for sale on auction and see what the staff think of that. If they are greatly concerned or tell me NO GENERAL RELEASE HAS BEEN INDICATED ON ANY CIRCUIT, I say get your money back ASAP.
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I was bored yesterday, so with some inspiration from prguitarman's success with a penny auction I went browing eBay for auctions ending soon with a low opening bid, just for the hell of it.

I dunno what this is exactly.. pokedoll? I'm not sure, but it had an opening bid of 99p and three hours to go until the end of the auction, so I put down that as my maximum bid and went to bed.

This morning I found out I won, but I'm kinda suspicious why! Does it look like a bootleg to you?
I guess it doesn't matter too much if it is, it's cute enough for a bootleg.

.. this community is such a bad influence. >_>
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Char-line looooove~


We all know how rare charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, growlithe, and scyther's zukans are.


Of course, it's really expensive and I don't have SMJ, otherwise I'd be like "group buy ftw". It's currently about 80$ (AND I'M CURRENTLY SHOOTING MYSELF IN THE HEAD DX)

and there's also the one with deoxys and some other cool things, much cheaper as of right now:

If anyone can read Japanese maybe it'll tell you something more. I'm assuming it's the whole set, but there might be a disclaimer that I can't translate. >_>;;
If anyone here wants to go for the R/B/Y starters one, LET ME KNOW. I really want charizard. ;3; Maybe someone else here wants to arrange a group buy? <-----me being hopeful.

I apologize if I sound crazy, I didn't get much sleep last night (spring break kept me up playing pokemon colluseum until very late).
Pixel Pair

Group Buy - Rare RSE Special 1 Zukan!

Hey guys, in follow up to [info]scarsofsunlight's post below, we're doing a group auction for this set.

The auction is currently at 8500 yen (about $85) but I expect it will go a bit higher, so we may need to have some high bids in order to pull this off. I'm planning to end this auction at 1 am CST (12 1/2 hours from right now, which is not the original post time). At that point I'll collect payments (so you'll need to use Paypal, or have someone who can sponsor you use it) and then bid on the auction.

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Also, while I'm here, can I ask a mod to put a link to my shop in the sidebar? It's just a sales post right now but I'll fix it up to be more of a proper shop. The loc is and it's titled something like "HappyJolteon's Loot".

multipurpose post out the whazoo.

kiraras_lemon: Hopefully flareon will go out tomorrow. if not, at least some time this week!

miss_fuu_chan: i got your kids! :D (i actually totally forgot i bought these woops) thanks for the freebies!
also, whoever i bought banette kid from, i got him as well! a while ago. sorry for not telling. c_c;;
if you both want me to leave you feedback, go ahead and tell me where. :)

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does anybody else want some of these weird colored figures?

i want to do a sort of group buy, because i want the raichu, but i dont want to spend so much.

i guess itd be like .75~1.00 a figure depending on how many people want one. respond here if youd like one!

Happy Bat


I have just recently found out about these Zukan pokemon figures and I was wondering if anyone knows a place where you can find a big box of un-open ones?


Pokemon Buttons? Interested?

Well, I've been trying to think of some ways that I can pay off my car as quickly as I can. I owe over 4000 dollars on it at this point (granted, I've had it for only 2 months), but with college graduation looming over my head in the next 9 months, I want to try and have it paid off by then. So the frantic money earning begins. My job at school is just not enough for my bills, and online/ebay are my main other sources for income. The new quarter begins for us in a couple of weeks, and that means.....OVERAGE CHECKS! Other than putting aside amounts for a quarterly food stipend, car payments for the summer, and bills.....I want to make an investment that is going to help me with my debt solutions.

I'm buying a button maker. One of those super expensive professional quality ones. I want to open this up to the community and see if I could get some interest here. If I bought this thing, would people be interested in custom buttons for 2.00 a piece? If there is a specific image you want, you can send it to me, I'll print it, and make the button. I want the world to drown in Pokemon dammit! Let's expose the world!

Edit: I did forget to put the size down. It's a 1 inch button maker. That size seems to be the most popular. And I could probably go down to 1.50 a piece for them.

YAY! Stuffs!

Quick any one here interested in a holo Vaporeon card (promo)? (I don't have a picture at this time as I have to go right after I post this...) But...if so...let me know and I'll get you pictures!

And now...the main reason...I got *3* packages today!!

lineaalba: Thank you so much for the Abra Kid!!! He's adorable =D! He was the last I need in the Evo line!!!
castform: YAY! More Waps!!! They are so much fun xD And omg...that Drowzee sticker is HUGE O_O! so cool XD And thanks for the freebies!! (PS: did my package get there yet =\?)
The Mewtwo card is from my wonderful friend gamecubegirl! Part of a gifty XD YAYAY for more cards for my Mewtwo Collection!!!!! =D

I am still waiting for even MORE packages! YAY! So...once that happens...I'll finally have a collection post!!

Multipurpose post

dark_half I sent your Kabuto sticker today, thank you!

I've also received some things...

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Also, attention sds_yukichan! Have you yet mailed the vending stickers (Raichu-Lapras-Vaporeon and Electrode) and the Pikachu-Raichu trading card? It's been over three weeks since I paid them. ^^* Just wondering if you've forgot to send them or something...
Friend Code DP, Hedgie Love

Good news.... And bad news.

Starting off, the classic 'All packages have been mailed' notice!
Also, obakehoshi - Still no Charmeleon Ball ._.

The good news - Europe have even more Pokemon goodies! This time - New Zukan!

A whole set EXCEPT for Palkia.
Which also means.....
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And of course, the bad news. Applies to UK only.
I decided to email Bandai and see if they were going to sell the plushies or series 2 of the Jakks figures. Yay for more Jakks, but....

Thank you for your e-mail enquiry below, we have no plans to release the plush. With regards to the figure and marble packs there is rolling assortments throughout the year so hopefully later on in the year.

Well.... Looks like we miss out on plushies, again .___.;
Char-line looooove~

Rare zukan auction reminder

Hello everyone,

Just dropping in to remind you about the zukan auction that's going on right now! :D Our auction ends at 1 AM CST/2 AM EST. happyjolteon is kindly running the auction for us, and we'd really like to bid as high as needed on the auction.

Gin has confirmed that the entire set is included in the auction! I know that we were unsure before, but now we know. It's possible that the seller is lying, but if so, we can always get out money back.

If you win a bid, we'll need your payment as soon as possible so that we can assure you that we can bid in this auction. The Yahoo! Japan auction ends at about 7:00 AM EST, so if you win a zukan, please get your payment in as quickly as possible!

Bids go here!

Thanks so much to everyone, and happy bidding!
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