March 18th, 2008


Plushies in the mail are made of win! ^__^

Uxie Plush

This post is to let lineaalba know I received the cute as all hell Uxie plush in the mail yesterday! <3 She so soft and cute! =^___^= Thank you so much! I noticed you were also selling a different looking Uxie plush on ebay recently, but I guess someone bought it. T__T If you ever get another one like it, please let me know. I'd love to have it. I'm in the process of collecting merchandise of my favorite pixie. :3

Also, meowthcollector and warandromance: I mailed your figures yesterday via First Class. They should arrive in your mailbox soon. ^_^ On a side note, the other item in the envelope is a freebie. It's not much, I admit, but I hope you have fun with it, anyway. *sheepish grin*
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WoW - Khadgar

BIG WIN & A Quick Question...


First off, I won the following Gashapon Conbini (Thanks Heerosferret!!), which are mint and still sealed in their original boxes:

I am only interested in Suicune, obviously...but I am not sure what to do with the other two. I will sell them of course, but how I am going to go about it is where I need help...I have thought of several different methods and I would like feedback from you guys, the community...
First, I thought about auctioning them off to the community with a possible "Buy It Now" price, but I could also leave off the "Buy It Now" price. Second, I have considered just putting them in my shop for sale, but that is a bit boring and I am not sure what price to put on these guys. The third and final way to sell them that crossed my mind was eBay...Let me know what you guys think...

I have decided to auction them off to the community with a "Buy It Now" price that will be removed once bidding begins...

Quick Question:

Has anyone else been having problems with SMJ not crediting money to auctions they have bought? I had my account paid up with them and I decided to send $50.00 towards an auction I just won before they invoiced me...I also sent them another $15.00 a day later to cover shipping on a bunch of items that have just been shipped to me. Well, the invoice for the auction that I paid ahead on came, and they only took $13.00 off and completely ignored the fact the I sent $50.00 before hand...I know shipping didn't cost freakin' $50.00!!!  I don't know what their problem has been lately, and they have pulled this stunt on me before...Has anyone else had this problem?
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(no subject)

hey guys, thanks for all the replies to this post i made yesterday about weird colored figures!

the final price from the auction will give each figure a final cost of .90 cents per figure.

also, there are TONS of them, not just the photo i posted, but there is no good photo of them all.... so IF THERE IS A FIRST GENERATION POKEMON YOU WANT, ASK FOR IT AND I WILL TRY TO ACCOMADATE EVERYBODY! there is one of almost every single first gen in this set!

so go forth and reserve!

before i mail those i will feature a few other small figures here in the comm (not as a sunyshore item) before i put them on ebay, so you guys get last pick. then i can mail all your tiny figures together.

AND! sunyshore WILL be updated with brand NEW items middle of next week/next friday - so, be excited or something!

one last note: contest winners who claimed glaceon and abra kids. did you ever send your addresses to me? i cant find them anyway and i dont remember who you are - so please send your addresses and the kid you chose to me (my email is MY LJ other runners up - ive drawn all your pokemon and will post them soon!
Lucky Star: Oversoul

(no subject)

I hate to make another community post about this, but I don't want to single anyone out! D:

Everyone who has paid for items/shipping in the past few days, I'm making a PO run tomorrow.

If you haven't paid by about 6pm your time today, you will have to wait an extra week!

So far I'm waiting to hear from battyvitae and eggsterminatus.

You two and kasaii, efia and the shiny_vulpix team haven't paid yet [still need an address for you two too] but I've heard from you guys so it's ok!

And to make this legal, here's a restored Mr Spiky-Pup friends plushy plush plush, I got from Blodia :D

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Fav scene in the GN XD

Delays -___-

Hey guys, hope this is okay xP Didn't want to track everyone down individually.


Okay so the pokee people above know about my situation and what's been going on lately. My account is still NOT fixed even though they told me to call back in 48 hours and it should be. As a result, all i can do is keep calling and having them check the downgrade status because i/they have no idea what's wrong with it. They've got notes on my account and have told their supervisors and everything so right now i was told to go ahead and accept any payments coming in and whatever the fee will be, i will be reimbursed for it since they've got tags on my account now to keep track of transactions.

I've had to contact every individual last week who was to send payments my way and had to tell them to hold off because of this damn situation. At least now i can accept everything coming in without having to worry. But because of this entire dilemma i have to be smart and not move anything OUT of my account so i really hope all of you understand.

All of you on the comm know i've always followed through with paying people right away but right now i completely understand if you guys want to re-sell the items since i really don't know how long this'll go on for and i dont want to make you all wait even longer. You've all been awesome and nice as hell enough to reserve my items specifically for me but if you think you can sell em right away to someone else, go right ahead.

This isn't my way of backing out but moreso the fact that i feel awful and dont want you to have to hold on to stuff just for me -__- Anyways thanks very much for understanding and this really sucks big ;~;
Perkins Monocle
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(no subject)

I recieved quite a few items from Gin this morning in the post (thank you!), so it seems like it's about time I posted an update of my Clefs collection :3

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If you have any Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable merch that you're willing to sell, please let me know! I'm open to anything; figures, keyrings, TCG cards that I don't have (including holo/non-holo and japanese/english versions of ones I already own), random cards/stickers, anything at all! I'm particularly after the Zukan and other Kids Figures of the three. :)

Photostory: Meeting Latias

X-posted to girlcalledresin and pkmncollectors

I had this lame idea for a photostory last night.

I really wanted to do it outside, since my front yard is great for taking pictures, but it was muddy, wet and very rainy today - not good weather for taking toys outside, or pictures.

Obviously I had too much time today.

Very image heavy. I sized the images relatively small, since there are so many. ^_^ Enjoy, or laugh.


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Hello Everyone!

Hey! I'm new to the community, so hi there! xD

I've been lurking around here for awhile, and I finally got the courage to join. :3 You all are so cool! I come here everyday and look at all the collections. I'd love to take pictures of my collection, but it's a bit small... xD; 

But I've begun looking for all sorts of collectibles, and I have become much better at hunting. I started looking for specific stuff about a week ago and I couldn't find anything! I am not very good at search engines. But today, I found four or five of the things I was looking for! I'm really excited. 

I don't believe I have anything else to say, so it's nice to meet you all!
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A Helping Hand.

X-posted to girlcalledresin and pkmncollectors.


Jointed Espeon plush was made by a talented DA artist; finally did a photostory with her, though I wasn't expecting (when I first thought to), use my Fox-doll for it. ^_^

My Fox doll has a name pending, but I haven't settled just yet, so her name is just 'Foxy' for now.

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Assorted Pokemon Figures

I decided to show you one picture of my Pokemon figure collection. D:

And then you'll have to really make me want to take individual pictures. xD

I need to learn how to do LJ cuts!!! Hahaha!

Cool man...


Yeah, it actually does look pretty small. O_o But I have over 300 assorted figures, and most are Tomy Monster Collection-ish. xD I probably WILL take individual pictures, just not today. And I do have more stuff than that. :|

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Look at this cute candy!

I remember someone mentioned Pikachu Peeps in the post about the large Chocolate Pokemon Eggs, and I thought they sounded cute. :3 I was just eBaying Peeps stuff, and I found this. :D At about 11 dollars delivered, it's pretty pricy for marshmallows that probably aren't gonna taste too good anyways... D: But they are cute to look at. n_n
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DB// yup that was me
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it's probably not the same tiny growlithe you lost in the movie set, but I found a SIMILAR ONE?

The whole set looks cool to me, honestly.

Also, you know those neat pokedex figures?

Does anyone have a list of what's come out per set? I'm looking for my babies, but have only seen one so far. (wartortle) It would help if I knew what was out there.

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Zukan Collection Update + Art Progress

Just wanted to make a post about my zukan collection that I think it growing quite nicely ^-^ I now own four! (and soon to be 5 when shroomish line gets in~)

I also wanted to post some photos (bad quality sorry) For the art thats been commissioned from me to let people know of their progress. Hope you like!

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And thats it for today's update :3