March 20th, 2008

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Received letters! :D

kanackering (Mudkip, 3 Poochyenas, Eevee, and Sentret), candycafe (E-readers Vaporeon, Dark Vaporeon, Clefable), missmoonsault (Dark Feraligatr/Blastoise) :: I got your cards! (:

candycafe :: I really loovveedd that Clefable that was thrown in there! I actually really love Clefable, so it was a perfect match! (: <33 The Dark Vaporeon was cute, too!

kanackering, thanks for the Cherrim! It's adorable! :D I hope you enjoy your Manaphy, too! <3

I'm still waiting on skinst_bomb's cards, but I think mine haven't gotten there yet either .. so. XD <3 !

I think that was everyone .. ! I don't remember. D: And if I mixed up information forgive me, I'm a bit tired! <333


Apparently, this is Celebi.

Also, I got a second Reverse-Holo Swampert in my Great Encounters pack today and wondered if anyone would be interested in trading for a Sceptile? It's the only RSE starter I'm missing from the set. :3
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Pikachuuu Hat.

I skinned a pikachu and wore it around on my head like a moron today.

Haha, kidding, kidding.

My friend Kiriska and I did an art trade and I made a pikachu hat for her as my half, so I thought I'd share.

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If any of you are interested, I still have the pattern I used. I might make a 3 more of these to sell. First come, first serve. $25 each + S&H

Anyone interested?

I also offer custom commissions for these guys for $40+ depending on difficulty.

You can see more of my hats here:
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hey guys! first of all... i want you all to know...
THAT RAICHU PLUSH, the gigantic new raichu plush, is the first raichu plush to be released since 2000. yes, the year 2-fuckin-thousand. amazing! go raichu!

second of all... i got something really awesome today.
i noticed these cards and saw something amazing!

i have expressed love for staraptor and flying types, other than just electric types, but, well, i also love..... GARCHOMP EVO LINE!!! one of my main team members is garchomp, and diamond and pearl is the first time i have ever fallen in love completely for my team. thats why i have gabite and gible kids and also a gastrodon kid on top of the statue on my desk, if anyone noticed :) (i dont raise kadabra, that and abra are just living with me while their mommy is between apartments)

well, my DP team is raichu, luxray, magnezone, staraptor, gastrodon and garchomp. so when i saw these cards.....

good days and good memories of raising up my team flashed back into my head! did they make these cards JUST FOR ME? my land shark... battling the only other pokemons i hardcore collect! (well...raichu alone, shinx and her whole evo line :D) they were expensive, as they are rare... but i got them!


(i also got a crapload of other gible, gabite and garchomp cards and stickers... including the third in this set, garchomp smasking down machamp, which just isnt very appealing to me XD so if any collector of this line wants these cards, let me know!)

Kids Pile like whoa!

I just won this schmexy lot of Kids of Y!J. I cannot wait to get them! There are 105 of them there, and MANY of them are going to end up being for sale as soon as I get them, namely most of those clear kids at the bottom! Some happy friends included in this lot are:

Clear Mew
Clear Mewtwo
Clear Eevee

And that's only just a few of them.

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OKAY GUYS...i can give you a pretty good idea of which pokemon will have merch for the upcoming movie promotion.

the new keshipoke in june (when movie promo begins) will include such pokemon as MAGNEMITE, MAGNEZONE, SWINUB, SHEILDON, MAMOSWINE, and also the legendaries - giratina in both forms, shaymin, and regigigas. yanmega and gliscor will also be keshipoke, but i think those will be anime related, not movie promotion. sudowoodo is also included... good job, nintendo, nobody cares.

with both magnemite AND magnezone - i think the dream of those two getting lots of movie promo merch will come true! AND I WILL STOCK IT for anyone who wants it! (and the other pokemon too yeah yeah sure XD)

speaking of magnemite... i have a confession to make. >_<

the magnemite and magneton tomy figures in my collection...are.... bootlegs.

OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really didnt know at the time, but i figured it out a while ago and have been kinda lamenting over the fact that magnemite and magneton are two of the most impossible to find tomy figures ever. i couldnt even find PHOTOS of the real tomy figures to add to my wanted page!

but now... i have the chance to get THIS GUY!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! when magnezone and magnemite get new figures and official plushies and pokedolls (i can fuckin' dream), my poor magnemite wont have to be a dirty stinky bootleg!!!

but sadly... it leaves .... yes. magneton will be alone in his bootleggyness. so i post here... the new addition to my wanted list... does anybody think they've got...AN OFFICIAL TOMY MAGNETON FIGURE?
PS: If you see it easily on any website such as ebay, its bootleg...

Anyone have Metagross EX for trade?

Hey all! I'm on the hunt to trade for a Metagross EX from the power keepers set. I have to make an auction replacement, and only had one of that card in stock. (BTW, I want to stab someone in the US postal service. I'm tired of having cards getting stolen out of envelopes) Anyway, I have a sales post on one of the first few pages, and I'm willing to trade from that. There's a lot of stuff listed, so don't let me down! Thanks so much!

Sales post

I am only accepting paypal right now, and sorry no echecks.

--1 big Eevee left big/baby sets SOLD--
---Big Eevee figures and babies ^_^--- $10 for big eevee w/ babie (selling as a set) and one extra big eevee for $7 (shipping anywhere in the US is $2)

---Random figure lot - make offers---

--Also my siter is auctioning off a set of Minun and Plusle plush/beabies at $1 with one day left!---

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Hi folks:

A quick note, please remember to always state your shop rules and policies when you make a shop post. For example, "Only accept paypal" "Do not ship internationally" "Will not hold items" etc. Then we can avoid people being hurt because of not knowing a shop's policies or someone not explaining them correctly.

And remember! It's a good idea to get a "Proxy Buddy" - team up with someone in another country, America, Britian, Australia, Canada, etc - so if you ever want an item in a shop that won't mail to your country, you can ask your proxy buddy for help, and they can help you in return! Paypal proxies are also a good idea for someone who's parents or whatnot deny them a paypal account. But don't ever abuse or overuse your proxy and always give them lots of treats! Mutual proxying is the best way to go :)

Odd Collectibles

I've been having fun browsing the internet for weird Pokémon items and collectibles lately. Most people here have zukans, cards, Tomys, kids, plush, and such... But what are some of the oddball things in your collections? Pictures would be awesome if you have some. ^^

I also discovered that a store near me has some leftover surplus in a nearby warehouse of a few old model kits for various 1st-gen recently. The figures are new in their boxes and are poseable with moving parts. I remember Charizard, Mew, Squirtle, Blastoise, Gyarados, Articuno, and Raichu being listed. Would anyone be interested in them? I don't mind being a middleman. ^^

Edit: I scoured Google Image Search for pics of the figures I'm talking about after visiting the store again. They aren't wind-up toys like someone guessed, but they ARE model Tomy figures. There also might be a Scyther available, I've discovered.

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Community Questions + Wishlist

I don't have any collections or news to post but I'm planning to have a sales post up this weekend. Look out for that though it's pretty small...

Now onto the main purpose of this post. I have a few questions for all the members here and hope you all can contribute your opinions...

1.  If someone purchases an item from you and later decides to sell it off on Ebay or this community, would you be offended? What if they sell it at a higher price then they bought from you?

2. If a package gets lost while in shipping transit, who pays for the lost item?  The seller? The buyer? Split the cost of the lost item?

3. What does everyone think about haggling the price of an item even though it's not a "make an offer" item?

4. Should leftover shipping fees be paid back to the buyer? (After Paypal fees are deducted)

Yup. That's all the questions I have for now. :D


Anyone have these figures and are willing to part with them? If so, list your prices. Thanks.

- Salamence line zukan
- Flygon line zukan
- Lapras zukan
- Jumbo Tomy Lapras
- Jumbo Tomy Skarmory
- Salamence Hasbro
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just a heads up

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Personally I feel this community should take part in this, because a lot of people on here joined LJ just for this comm. It's unfair that new users should be denied the ability of choosing if they want an ad free journal or not.


Alright folks, I've had all these cards cluttering up my desk for WEEKS and I just want them gone! frfhrvhf I want my desk space back ;___;
So prepare yourself for 75 CENT RARE HOLO DEALS and killer prices

All cards are in mint-near mint condition.
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*PAYPAL ONLY! *Do not send the payment until I confirm things with you!* Payments(US currency) go to pr[at]prguitarman[dot]com
*Shipping is $2 worldwide
*PLEAAASSSEEEE, it'd make things a million times easier if you'd copy and paste the URL of the card(s) you want, name the card, and state the price and the total of all of your items. *puppyeyes*
*I will not hold any orders this time around, sorry.

Wren: Bitty boop

Multi-purpose Post

First of all, I've received both of kanackering and scarsofsunlight's letters and have sent off your replies with their respected items. Expect them within the next few days! ^^

Along with theirs, I got a package from happyjolteon not too long ago!

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And... I think this community has had a bad influence on me. Shame on your guys for making me spend my moneys on you. :P So I had a shopping spree today... I'm expecting these in the next week/two weeks now.

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And lastly, I've updated my Want List! Now with more pictures!

EDIT: Thank you tonko for the pointing and laying Mew Kids!! 8D
EDIT2: Thank you warandromance for the brand new Wingull and new Togekiss Kids! <3

Thank you for reading! ^^
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