March 21st, 2008


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SQUEEK! I have been nervously trying to distract myself all day because of an auction that ended tonight, it was driving me mad!

The auction was a set of incredibly rare KFC Japan promo toys from around eight years ago - in mint condition. How rare is the set? I have never, in all of my EIGHT YEARS of collecting Pokemon, NEVER seen these toys, not even once! The Raichu from this set is so rare I didn't even know there was one. But, now I know - and I have added it to my collection! It is the only figure made in the "Pikachu is too fast ;-;" pose - in fact, I think it's the ONLY non-grinning/smiling Raichu figure!

The figures are original poses (especially Lickitung - so cute!). Each figure is 7 CM tall - almost double the height of most Pokemon Kids. Very big figures! They look like (and design is based on) those tiny stand figures, but they are in fact, huge. Each comes with a stand.

Thanks to the stupid expensive bid and even more expensive shipping to my house in Saitama they got pricey. Now, I offer the rest of the set to the community as an auction, so anyone can have a chance at these cuties!

Add a super rare figure to your collection :) Here they are! Bidding will end on Sunday night around 11:00, American Central Time. By then I'll have the final tallies and lists/totals up for all of those little COLORED FIGURES you all reserved, so I can combine shipping and mail items together :)

Bidding Starts At $6.00 per figure. Please bid in increments of at least .50 cents. Please place your bid as a comment to the previous bidder for the item you want (if there is one). Enjoy! (Raichu is NOT available)

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ALSO! I added a new little thing to Sunyshore's collections pages... a "COMING SOON" JPG for any items soon to be added to my Raichu collection, or upcoming Lions releases. I'll update them as often as I can (although right now they don't include items I'll be adding to the page this weekend :D). If you collect Raichu or a Lion, enjoy them!

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iCollect--by profsparky

sore ga watashi no...COLLECTION!

WHAT IS THIS? It's driving me insane! I got this picture off a site years ago; I don't remember what site and I'm pretty sure the owner of the site didn't know where she got it either.

I posted it on Bulbagarden once and the concensus was that it was probably set up at the movie premiere. But nothing else, and even that's just a theory.

So what is it? How many are there? If it's truly unique, well then!

And if it *was* for a movie premiere, did they do anything like that for the other movies? If so, are there pictures? And what do they do with them after the premiere is over? Auction? Gifts to the director?

Character obsession? Perish the thought!

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hey guys! my campaign to post more collection photos versus sales posts continues. is anyone else going to play this game so i don't have to post so much by myself? :D

speaking of games... today my post comes complete with trivia. I DON'T WANNA DO NO TRIVIA, you say. oh rly? fine then! go away and don't look if you must. but this trivia is worth credit on sunyshore pokemart or towards any weird colored figures you've reserved or any KFC figures that you've bidded on! okay, i plugged, but hey - i'm giving away free money.

click under the cut to view the big sized photo and the trivia! you might have to reload to get the new pictures. if you see christmas lights, you're outdated.

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WoW - Khadgar

Not Just A Sales Post!!!

First, like many of you, at some point your collection gets to big for it's britches and before you know it, you are buying new shelves!!!
To read more about my new shelves and my display changes click below:

Pics Of My New & Old Displays

Second, I would like to give an over due shout out to featherclaw  for the awesome piece of watercolor art that arrived in my mailbox last week.

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Once I get some extra money, I plan to get Shiny Treecko & Grovyle matted and framed...No, I did not put push pins threw this gorgeous piece of art!!!

featherclaw  also helped with my ever growing Treecko collection with these three figures pictured below:

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MANY THANKS featherclaw  !!!

Third and final, I have decided to put several unwanted items from my shop into lot auctions that I have listed on eBay. Included in these lots are several clear kids figures (Including clear Eevee), Pokedex figures, Pencil toppers, and unopened McDonald's Japanese Happy Meal toys. Along with these lot auctions, I have listed a set of Yu-Gi-Oh pan production sketches, a Pokemon pan cel of James, and the New York City Pokemon Center Charizard Ceramic Statue, who's bid is currently at $75.00...
I know what you might be thinking, she is nuts for selling the cel of James,, I recently got a cel featuring all three Team Rocket members, which is what I was truly looking for in the first place, so now is your chance to grab a wonderful piece of Pokemon production art, for if it does not sell, I will not list it again!!!

Pheonixxfoxx's eBay Auctions

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Jumbo cards update..

Hey all! =D

I went ahead and just now bought the auction that I mentioned a few days ago in This Post And I just wanted to update the people who I am holding Jumbos for =D Here is a list of who and how much the jumbo cards are, but don't worry! You will not have to pay me until they are in my possession, and when they are I will make a post so that you know I have them. I am guessing that it will take anywhere from a week...maybe two for me to get them ^_^

naykomii: Gary Card (Total - $4.50)
pikachuashnat: Koga/Golbat Card (Total - $4.50)
chatsy: ASHley Card (Total - $4.50)
ellonwye: Kangaskhan Card (Total - $4.00)
shindow_kitsu: Vulpix card (Total - $4.50

AGAIN! payment is not due until I have the cards, this is just to keep everyone updated ^_^

However...There are still four three of the Jumbos remaining, there is a picture for the ones that are left under the cut, but they include: Charmander, Vulpix, Team Rocket, Pikachu....(it's hard to 'list' them as each has multiple Pokemon in them ^^)

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I also have a couple of Zukans for sale =D Collapse )

Thanks for looking!! And I shall keep you guys updated for when I get the auction =D
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getting rid of my kids

I really want this thing on ebay, but I don't have any money in my Paypal.
Edit Yaaay! Thanks to everyone, I have achieved my goal. I still think people are after some Kids that I have, so I will continue to sell.

I have over 150 Pokemon Kids figures, a great amount of which I am willing to sell. All they have been doing is sitting around! So, if you have one that you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask! And again, I don't know how to price these, so you get to choose how much you are going to pay. Shipping is $1.50 for up to 3 Kids, and $5 for any amount over 3.
For the most part, they are in great condition. I think I only have 3 or 4 with tiny scratches.. but that's it!

Please help me out~
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I come bearing nifty Shuppet arts that I found on DA...
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However, as you have probably gathered, having sweetened you up so, I also have demands to make!

Shuppet plushies!
Why can I find none?!
I demand there be some!
Could you direct me to any, perchance?
Wren: Bitty boop

Info Needed!

I've decided to start collecting Froslass. Mostly because I looove the character because I'm obsessed with snow and ice, but also a lot because that it's a newer Pokémon and has less merch. out right now. So I'm trying to collect something on a "release" basis instead of tracking down a whole bunch at a time and spending XX amounts of money. :3

So I'm wondering... how much Froslass merch. is out right now? So far I've come across these:

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If anyone could help, that would be awesome! Thank you! 8D
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