March 22nd, 2008



Hey guys! This post has many purposes.... I have some cool things I got last night!

They are called Kakumen Retsuden... and the package says in English, "Let's collect all Menkos!", so for all intents and purposes now we shall call them menkos. Let me introduce menkos to you! I have a bunch, and they will NOT be on Sunyshore - pick out who you want now, and the rest are heading for the big o' Ebay. IF YOU GOT A COLORED FIGURE OR HAVE AN OUTSTANDING ORDER WITH ME, SHIPPING IS FREE! Otherwise it's gonna be about 1.50 :>

Well, Menkos are battle tablets! There are eighty in the set, and some are rarer than others, but they are all nifty! They are double sided with stats and gold sillouettes. I want the Luxray ;__; And I'll keep trying, so rest assured I'll get more good Menkos in... well, they are great for a collection, so comment with the one you want! :D

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i also finally listed my many eevee cloths on ebay. they are so cute. please go give them a looksee!

aand these are still going until tomorrow, so give them a shot to: the very rare and big, KFC Japan toys! you can combine any colored figures or menkos with these :)
rentorah raichu!



i wasnt gonna post again today but FUCK THEN THE MAIL CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

how can i not post these beautiful, beautiful babies??? thank you SO MUCH, double_breaker, for getting and sending staraptor to me. i absolutely adore her, she is so beautiful, and oh god, her and the new raichu are perfect sizes for eachother! raichu is... i have no words. i almost missed out on this raichu (the auction had mere hours to go when i found it, it was labeled very randomly) and i paid a lot for it... i... how could i have never known of this rare, gorgeous raichu? its a tragedy... or it was. now this is my raichu. and it is one of the most special once i've ever seen! the only raichu of its kind!

time for kisses!
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CAGED ➽ anya

you know its "image heavy" and all

So, I told myself yesterday I wasn't going to update my collection til I got the stuff I bought from Sunyshore thinking it would give enough time for me to receive the other things I have been waiting on. Yeah, well, I got it today. Which seemed very quick for me. I don't know. And even though I am waiting on a few packages I am going to do this anyways.

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WoW - Khadgar

New Goodies All The Way Around...


It always makes my day to see that box from SMJ arrive...Along with that box I have added a few new items to my collection, and of course my shop...
I have several new Absol items that I was more then tickled to put up on my new shelves...Click below to see what I got...

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Now for that sales post...

Ok, these are the Legendary model kits, but these are not the ones mint in box that are on their way, those will be auctioned to the community...I will say though that Raikou and Entei are pretty mint, it is as if they were fresh from the box...The Suicune was mine, I replaced it with a more mint one...

Raikou - $25.00 - Mint!
Entei - $20.00 - Mint/Near Mint!

*I Will Take Offers!!*

For more awesome new items check out my shop at:

"Absol"-Lute Pokemon


Don't forget my eBay auctions at:

Auctioned Goodies

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Darkrai Collection and Azelf Trading

First off, I'd like to make a trade to anyone owning a holo Uxie card. If anyone would be willing to part with it, I have a more than fair trade to offer. I recently pulled a regular holo and reverse holo Azelf card. Here is a pic for proof:

My Mac cam took an awful picture, i know. -_-;;; The one on the left is a regular holo. Now, I'm more interested in the regular holo of Uxie, but if someone has both, I'll trade both Azelf cards for them. To put it simply, I'll trade holo for holo. :) And, yes, that's me wearing my Charmander shirt. :3

Now on to the fun stuff! ^_^

My bf and I went on another Pokemon spending spree a couple of days ago. Twas fun as hell! ^__^ We went to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles where we (more like I) bought quite a bit of Pokemon stuff, including a bunch of fake cards. ^^;;; They don't allow cameras in the store, but I'm tempted to take a pic of the STACKS of fake cdard packs. It's almost sickening. The packs were on sale for $1.49 each. Most of the cards in them are rare ones with a few uncommons. I was REALLY depressed when i pulled a fake Uxie card. T_T I'll take a pic of it later, plus the pack/box it came in. When we got home, my bf decided to "dissect" the cards to see what they were made of. Turns out, they were made of a thin cardboard material. He tried to dissect a real pokemon card (don't worry. it was a common Wurmple ^^;;) and had a harder time as expected. The rest of the fake cards are being recycled as of now. My bf wanted to turn the fake cards into the local law enforcement, but I told him it wasn't worth the trouble. ^^;

Anyway, we bought some fun stuff, too. OFFICIAL fun stuff! XD;; Anime Jungle ROCKS when it comes to prices... most of the time. ^^; I've now begun my official Darkrai collection thanks to Anime Jungle. ^_______^ Here are some pics:

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I also bought a Staraptor and Octillery kid while I was there. <3 I'll take a pic of them later. ^_^
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BIG Card Sales Post

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well. I have a collection post planned in order to make me feel better about the sales post, so keep an eye out for that this week. Or not. lol

ANYWAY, I was going through my collection the other day when it occurred to me.

I have a lot of cards. A lot of cards. And since I really don't collect them anymore, nor play the game (well the TCG, I mean), they're a lot of unwanted cards. So I sorted through them and put aside the ones I actually want to keep and the ones I don't and I'm offering them here.

Unless otherwise noted, Commons are $0.25, Uncommons are $0.50, and Rares are $1.

And at this time I can only accept PayPal. Thanks for understanding.

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Thanks for taking a look and helping me save up to expand my beloved Vulpix collection. :3

And I think this goes without saying but if you have any questions or want to see more pictures of something, please feel free to ask.
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Umbreon Army!


This plushie will be joining my Umbreon Army in a few weeks; I have two other Umbreon dolls by this plush artist already, and two Espeons done by her as well. - there's the full-size image.

As a heads up, she also has a Shiny Vaporeon doll for sale that has not been claimed, as far as I know!:

(no subject)

I was wondering, does anybody know more about these?

The description says "plush keychains"...? And there are Bulbasaur and Zubat ;__; I'd really like to see a clear photo of them, google links me here where they have some small Bulbasaur and ZubatGolbat plushies, but not in the Applause toys category. I'm confused :c

I can't buy it myself since the seller ship only within US and I can't spend more money after today, lol. I thought I'll share the link in case somebody's looking for them, and if they do, I'd like to ask for a photos of them when they arrive ^^;
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I was looking for my card binder the other day (I've been meaning to take pictures of all of them) and ran across a bunch of other Pokemon stuff I've had stashed away since before D/P reawakened my interest... thought I'd share some of the stuff I found with you guys! This doesn't even begin to cover the magnitude of stuff I have floating around in my closet, though. There's at least another box of toys/posters/cards/stickers/etc. stuck back in there, I just don't have the patience to go through it all. Anyway, enjoy the old skool pokeymans!

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I really wish I had a picture of my wall from back then. It was entirely devoted to Pokemon and I think I just might have owned every poster, magazine clipping, etc. known to man at that point. You guys would have loved it. Anyway, thanks for looking!