March 23rd, 2008


YES Happy easter all!
I'm very pleased to announce, I finally got a pokemon easter basket!! I got Piplup and Pikachu, and they are retarted looking, but SO SOFT AND CUTE!!! >w<

We moved our collction across the room XD. Until we get a real shelf, this is where it will be.

Aside from all of this, I got new cards to sell! A lot of them are from my personal collection, but I must make room! I'm saving up for a EX Powerkeepers box. DO WANT! I really want Absol and Raichu, so.. I propose this to you: My card sale.
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Collection post! ^^

I was actually going to make this collection post yesterday but I remember that I would be getting at least one pokemon thing today since it’s my birthday so I waited. :3 (Easter + birthday = odd combination but I'll go with it. XD) And I’m quite happy I did. :)

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It’s hard to believe that it was just last June that I started re collecting Marill and I’m just amazed at how much I have actually accumulated in just under a year! Much of it is thanks to you guys and this community! :3



OMG... ;_;

I'm surprised I actually won this. No one bid against me, amazingly. o_O

I bought the Espeon/Charizard set about 6 years ago, but have since sold/lost the Charizard, and whereas I DO have Espeon still, my Espeon is dirty and worn (I carried it in my pocket at work for good luck for many years.)

It is amazing I was able to find it again - (thank you, juumou!)

I can't remember exactly what else is in the set - no other eeveelutions, for sure, but I believe there is a Hondoom/Houndour, first version of Suicune (different than the Ruby/Sapphire V-trainers), Cyndaquil, Raichu, and a few others.
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I don't know if it is anyone on here that has bid on this lot, but I kinda want the espeon/charizard set, and there may possibly be a charmander & umbreon set too.
I can't buy it at that price, the shipping is astronomical, but I was just gonna ask, um ok, beg, if anyone here has bid on it, I will pay a pretty penny for the espeon and umbreon figures.
*sad face*

I got my package from Sunyshore. I squealed, opened, and my DS is proudly wearing a leafia glacia & ebuii case. n_n so happy, I've been carrying it around on my trips out this weekend XD

In other news, 14 packages went out. Anyone who hasn't paid/contacted me, you simply won't get your zukan. This will be the third reminder, I won't be reminding anyone again.
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Sales Post! part one - plushies!

I have a lot of things for sale this week, so I'm going to split them up into separate posts so it's not too overwhelming. :)
Today, it's plushies!

Please read the following BEFORE you place an order. :)
I accept Paypal only, as I've had very bad experiences with mailed payments. I will ship worldwide, and insurance is available for an additional fee. E-checks are fine, but I will wait for it to clear before I mail it, which can take up to a week.
No reserving of items... these are all first come, first serve.
I mail things on Mondays and Wednesdays.
No returns.
If you're interested in an item, comment with the items you want and your zipcode.
Oh, and I am willing to trade for Growlithe/Stunky evolution line items I don't have, and fire-type zukans! :)

Okay, enough blahblahblah, on to the GOODS! Oh, and you guys at the PPP can gank any of my images if it pleases you :)
Prices negotiable.
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god... it's almost like everyone stays off the computer on easter or something... isn't anybody here jewish (besides the two of you who are constantly at my house eating curry)? ;D

i am posting...again.... because i am so excited.... again! i just got a MAJOR item off my wanted list. yes.. yes..... BELL PLUSH ZAPDOS!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!

look at these beauties, tucked away in an auction with a name totally unrelated to bell plushies or zapdos!

SPEECH! SPEECH! thank you SO MUCH to everyone who spotted the auction and sent me emails. thanks to juumou, lineaalba and aftertheheaven for listening to my OMGZAPDOSBELLPLUSH all week. thank you to phoenixfoxx who got this auction for me - bidding on it to get me zapdos before i even knew about it. thank you, i love you guys, seriously!!!! SERIOUSLY!!

the other two birds - and the other incredibly rare items from this auction - are all phoenixfoxx's, but those of you who emailed me ahead of time will be able to work something out with her for the items you want. THE BELL PLUSH are called for. anything else foxx will post another time :)

er... so yeah, i have too much to say! :D i need to ask a favour of you guys. IF ANYBODY HAS A JAPANTOWN OR JAPANESE IMPORT MARKET NEAR THEM, PLEASE GO AND SEE IF THEY HAVE THESE IN STOCK (SETS 2 and 3 ONLY!) IF THEY DO, AND YOU WANT TO HELP ME OUT, BUY AS MANY AS POSSIBLE AND I WILL PAY YOU BACK IN FULL FOR THEM! i realized too late that i want these damn stamps, and now they are gone from japan and off to import markets. crap! so seriously... help me out!

i also have a new trading station set up for rare raichu things. i did this because i was bored, mostly. i don't see it working, because only one raichu collector here doesn't blatantly refuse to trade with me for anything (XD;;; i love you guys;;;), but it's here in case any of you have some raichu things ferreted away, or a secret love for raichu, and want to trade with me! this stuff is seriously cool! CHECK OUT GIN'S TRADING STATION.

i swear i'll try not to post again for the... er... only once more today, okay? then i'm done. :D

(Very) Minor Collection update + Question/Poll

I have a few new flat items that I got in the mail recently.

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I always like hearing people's opinions in this comm. So, here's my latest question: What was your Gateway monster into Pokécrack, and how did you get reeled in? Also, do you still like/collect whatever that first love was?

I really hated the entire franchise until my friend showed me the Pokédex from her Prima guide, in which I had a certain fondness for Ninetales (since it looked like a wolf to me). Then I saw my first episode (The Flame Pokémon-a-thon), which started a weird sort of adoration for Rapidash. Showdown at Dark City was about the fifth episode I saw, and I instantly fell in love with Scyther. Nothing has ever deterred it from being my favorite since the beginning. :3

I'm just curious to see what all of your opinions are. ^^