March 26th, 2008


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thank you, pokemonblogspot (PS: i love you! :D), for this great sneak-peek of a shaymin plush! yeah, yeah, it's cute. *grumbles about having no space for a damn grass-type no matter how cute and cuddly and adorable and sweet and wonderful it may be*

anybody notice how shaymin always looks...sad? i wonder what happened? it should have switched its car insurance to geiko =|

well, here is an updated list of people who need to FEEEEED MEEEEEE. i mean, pay me munz. same thing? well, here's the updated list anyway. please pay ASAP, i want this stuff sent off today if possible so i can start throwing away things/putting things on ebay/updating sunyshore, and i'd feel bad if i accidently threw out your precious thingy on accident. for the record, the first stuff to go on ebay from sunyshore will be stuff from "others" mostly, and also "figures". next will be keychains. god, keychains! go get it now if you think you'll be sad later.

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on a final note... JAPANESE! WITH GIN presents:

大人買い 【おとながい】 (n,vs) (col) buying a large amount (esp. of collectible items aimed at kids, such as manga); ED

*glances around nervously*

weeding out unwanted stuff in my collection so a small sale =]

ok so i dont have any images but i have these zukan for sale ( price includes shipping to anywhere )

meganium $9 ( i have 2 )
typhlosian $12
huntail, gorebyss, clampearl and barboach, wishcash bundle for $11
hariyama $9
celebi $10 ( i have 3 of these )
entei $13

ok so those are the zukan i also have a few cards for sale these are all holos not rev holos and all are in mint condition;

jirachi ex $14
claydol ex $8
electabuzz ex $6
skarmory ex $13
espeon from the aquapolis set and vaporeon from skyridge ( I think ) both for $13

and if i get desperate i may be willing to sell my umbreon ex and rockets mewtwo ex for about $20 each but it depends on if i sell anything but still if you are interested let me know =]

i may also be getting rid of my holos folder later this week (their is around 60-100 holos inside) and my tin full of other cards commons, uncommons, rares, energies, trainers ( 700-900 cards inside ) the whole lot would be about $65-75 shipped anywhere.

I only accept paypal and it is first come first served i will not hold anything for anyone as i really need the money ( you may haggle with me if my prices are too steep )
iCollect--by profsparky

Blackjack's Sales Post!

That's right, with a major con coming up in May that will take me to Canada, I need to sell off some of my stuff. Kids figures, Friends dolls, DS cases, Tomy figs, and MORE behind the cut!

First some guidelines:
-Right now I can only ship to the US, simply because figuring international shipping is more than I can do off the top of my head. So those of you outside my borders, I encourage you to find a middleperson. (Looks like Kyogre56 is offering!)
-I prefer checks, but I'll take cash and money orders if you so like. Obviously I'll wait for everything to clear before I send things out.
-I'll send things out in bunches since I can't easily get to the post office *or* bank. But it'll be within a week of me getting the payments. Patience is all I ask.

Enough of that, on with the sales!

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Well, I hope you enjoy! Bid to your heart's content! Please!

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Okay so I got this really great charm from regen of Articuno.
I went to attach it to my DS and realized there wasn't a place to put it.
Am I just stupid or can you not put charms on a DS?
I SWEAR I saw pictures of other people's DS's with charms on them.
And now my boyfriend and I are really frustrated and confused because we were both SURE that the DS has a slot for charms.

Help would be appreciated.


Ps- Aside from the Bidoof figure which eventually I will be getting from castform I am looking for the Zapdos zukan.
Help there would also be wonderful.

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More ebay finds. I'm looking in the clothes and accessories today!

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Also, in other news, I sent off packages for Featherclaw and ..sorry, forgot the user name, but the person who wanted Metagross EX, it also has been sent out!


The hell is a Mukugarasu? Is it a bastard child of Mukubird and Donkarasu? X3

Some Art Updates, along with some collection stuff

This post is to my commissioner's I've finished two pics, one is being inked, and the other (though more of a gift) is half way finished coloring.

Also took pics of my "special" Luxray doll from Regen, and some new suicune cards I got in.

IMAGE HEAVY somewhat! Be warned.

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I am open for 3 more commissions of this type. Flat starting price is 25 dollars for up to 3 pokemon. A simple backdrop like the eevee line is 5 dollars. Anything more than that contact me.

I also will do art for items, but it will depend on the item really..I collect suicune and umbreon primarily.
WoW - Khadgar

It Is Time...Auction Time!!!


I am auctioning the following Japanese model kits to the community!! Both are mint in the box and were released around 2000, so you can imagine the rarity!! I have the Suicune from this set and it is probably one of my favorite figures in my collection! You assemble the kits yourself, the eyes are stick on decals, and so are Entei's leg bands. The figures are made of a rubbery plastic and they are so easy to put together, "That A Cave Man Can Do It!" Sorry, bad joke...damn Geico!!! Any questions, just ask!!

Raikou  - Highest Bidder - Norkia - $20.00
Entei - Highest Bidder - Enshogirl - $10.00

Bidding starts at $5.00...

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Collection update + mini sales.


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Everything here for $25 shipped (Also have a Claydol evo, Deoxys, Vigoroth, and Slakoth toppers to add... and a talking Pokedex...) (international will cost a bit extra)

Cards :V (feel free to reply here if interested in a card)
($40 shipped gets EVERY card there, plus some extra rev-holos(around 20 or so common/uncommon))
($45 shipped gets every card PLUS a Palkia tin(JUST THE TIN, no packs inside))
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kids sales and finished commission

ahh it's been so nice having a great amount of joy knowing you've made others happy with selling your kids.. and having a great amount of $ in your PayPal... so, even though I've reached my goal, I'd like to get rid of most all of them. ask me, and I will check if I have the kid you're after!

secondly, tonko commissioned me a while ago, and here is the result

I really like how Swampert and Snorlax came out. I hope you like it too!

OH and thirdly... I recently got an unopened Glaceon Kid that.. I don't really think I want... I do know the value though, so offer wisely. :)

Shiny Dratini plushie!

I made him today on a whim... I know I am not the bestest plushie maker, but I am pleased with how he came out. :3

The picture does kinda look weird, though. ._. His tail is pointier than it would imply, and the color is a little off. xD

See my teeny Dratini collection under the cut. :3
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I really want the Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite zukan, but I am afraid it would be both hard to find and costing $Texas so I would VERY MUCH appreciate it if someone who has it could take a nice picture for me. :3 Other stuff I want for the collection are the other Dratini kid and clear kids. Possibly also the TFG fig. There's not much cool Dratini stuff out there I guess. ._.

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I just thought I'd post my 'completed' Meowth collection! I was lucky enough to find most of this stuff at two local malls, WOOO.

I'm pretty much done unless anything pops up around here that I DON'T have. Thanks to all that helped me~!

nethie vulpix

Got it! Vulpix, you're mine!

lineaalba, got the Vulpix! It was short postage (33 cents lol and the postman paid it) but no biggie, if I can't afford 33 cents I need a different hobby.

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I have a somewhat modest Pokemon collection (mostly because a lot of spare money goes into keeping 9 18" dolls in jeans, historical clothing, and early 90s outfits and buying plastic ponies). I think this is only the second kid I've ever owned (somewhere in this house is a Chimchar; I thought I left it on my sewing desk.) One of these days, I'll either take a pic of the Pokemon plushie pile around the phone at my desk at work, bring them all home again for lookings, or something. Pretty much I'm a fires/Eevelutions/Pikachu/first and second gen starters lover. Though I have a soft spot for Chimchar.

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come check out such wonderful things as bobble head shinx and lion coins and custom plushies and puzzles and button/badgers and MORE!!!!!

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also for some reason i seem to have amassed NINE people who asked for stuff/confirmed wanting things but have not paid D: unless you are one of the people whos already talked to me about a circumstance, please do so i can get organized before i update sunyshore ;-; argh. ashketchum, i havent heard a thing from you. unowncafe??? please check the list, guys, make sure you arent on it. :>