March 27th, 2008


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Ravestar85, I got your cards! The Latias address sticker was too cute, too. X3 Two of the three cards I asked for I wanted because Kouki Saitou is my favorite card illustrator--he/she is right up there with Ken Sugimori in awesomeness.

Which brings me to my next topic; due to most of my funds going to buying materials for a fursuit I am building, hubby and I have agreed to restrict my pokemon card buying for the time being. I'm looking for Empoleon Lv X (non promo), Gardevoir Lv X, and Politoed EX.

As you probably saw in my previous huge post, I have tons of cards to trade, so let me know if there's something you're interested in, or ask me if I have something!

(p.s. I'll post the link to the cards later when I'm at home. :x)

Edit: Some more ebay stuff.

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Payment Received and Card Question

Konnichi wa, minna-san! ^_^ O genki desu ka? Hehe.

Okay, I have three purposes for this post.

First off: scarsofsunlight, I received your payment in the mail yesterday and I just mailed your Togekiss Pokekid today! ^__^ That was a quick payment! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! ♥ I hope your enjoy your new kid. ^_^

Second: ravestars85, did you get my email? >.> I haven't gotten one from you in return, so I'm a bit concerned. I bought the topholders yesterday, so your Crobat EX is ready to be shipped. :) Just drop me a line whenever you have a chance, okay? ^_^

Thirdly: I have a question about two identical Deoxys cards. Some of you may recall the Deoxys card that came with the Destiny Deoxys dvd, right? Well, I recently pulled the SAME card from a ex Deoxys pack. The only difference is that is doesn't have the Destiny Deoxys foil writing on it. I'm very curious as to why these two cards are identical. Did they keep the same card design for future use? Here's a blurry pic for reference:

Just click on it for a closer look. Sorry it's so blurry. My Mac cam is bipolar. ^^;; I just wanted you guys to see the obvious similarities and the one difference. I know the answer to my question is probably obvious. ^^;; I'm just trippin' about this. Hehe.
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Setting a World Record

Well as many of you know I am going for the world record of having the most articles of Poke'mon merchandise in the world, Over a period of 3 months I have inventoried everything in my collection, got witnesses in the community,got all kinds of legal things done for it, took pics of every square inch of the room, and then media coming to my house and covering all this and below is the news article that just came out a paper did on me last week...Whats cool is I'm in the paper twice, on the front page with a huge pic and the article continues on the inside of the paper. So tomorrow I am sending everything off to England to Guiness and hopefully final word will be I got into the book that will be published next year and hold the world record until someone out there can beat me,maybe one of you..(o~_^o)..So below is the news article I thought I'd share, it's funny there are alot of spelling mistakes and stuff in it though, but it's all still so awesome, where you see the white boxes is where they used my last name and what town I live in, this being on the net I chose to hide that information..Also under the article are pics of my entire collection if you haven't seen it before.

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Collection Update and Questions

First off I wanted to say I got regen's package with the arcanine plush. Its lovely! Thank you so much!!

Secondly I wanted to ask three questions

1) would anyone be interested in going in with this lot of FRIENDS plush here: (thanks raichu_saana for pointing it out) I am interested in: Espeon, and Raichu only. JOLTEON is now spoken for. The rest are up for grabs.

2) Does anyone have an espeon/umbreon zukan they are willing to part with? I only need this one to complete my eevees and its the one I want most actually. I can do arts, pay or a combo. Just contact me.

3) Do any shroomish/Breloom plush exsist???? :C :C :C Guess not.

Thanks ^__^;

As a shipping update to some of my overseas customers I must admit I have a very difficult time getting to the post office. I don't drive so its really not up to me...I've been promised a trip next week at the latest, so flygon, kari_XII yours will be shipping off then. And flygon our deal was to half the shipping for the cards dont even worry about it anymore, its all on me since its taken awhile to go out.

I think thats about it. Thanks again for your help!
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Guh by Ghostmeast
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shipping tomorrow!

I'd like to thank everyone for their prompt payment on my sales posts this week. Tomorrow, I ship all of your items, with the exceptions of popsixx (payment hasn't cleared yet) and chatsy (I put aside your order and promptly misplaced it. D: If I don't find them by the time I ship popsixx's order, I'll give you a full refund. Sorry I suck! ;_;)

Guessing game over, frugrow and wolvenillusion guessed closest! It was $44.79 total.
Now a game.

Guess how much shipping will cost me tomorrow total, and the guesser who's answer is closest will recieve a free icon of their favorite Pokémon ($10 value). xD There's some examples and shit he'yah:

Comments screened to keep the guesses secret (even though there's probably no reason to).

Oh, and I forgot to post something on my sales post... an inflatable Bonsly!
It has a hole on one of it's little green head ball things, but I temporarily fixed it with a piece of packing tape. xD It's very cute and weighted at the bottom with sand!

(only the Bonsly is for sale!) No set price, just gimme an offer. I might even just give it away for the cost of shipping.


Auction Winners!~

Our latest Zukan auction has finished now, and the following people won!

Palkia: $6 regen

Lucario: $11 babael

Sneasel/Weavile: $10 babael

Piplup/Chimchar/Turtwig: $7 meowthcollector

Shipping for one Zukan is $4 to the US/Canada/Australia and $2 to Europe. (Babael, can you let me know where you live so I can total up yours?) Payments should be sent to - please put what you have bought in the message so I can keep track ^-^

Thank you to those people who have sent payments for kids/plush - your items will be packed up tomorrow once work is over for the week :)

Gets post soon!~ We found some older TCG sets at our local Toys R US and pulled some eX cards *smiles*


I just found some auctions some of you might find interesting. Enjoy. :)
Espeon and friends... I mean Friends plushies.
Some rare looking cards.
One quite disturbing Mew.
Forget those manufactured Mew plushies, make one of your own!
A bowling set of Psyduck, Snorlax, Mew and Voltorb. Life's so cruel for Pokémon.
Step Off

Looking for two things, and a quick Mewtwo question.

Hey all. I'm still on the lookout for a large bulbasaur plush, either the play-by-play version, or any other that's around a foot or so tall. Here's a picture for reference:

I also am looking for the tomy mewtwo figure in armor, but I'm curious to the story behind it. I saw it on the Mewtwo museum, but all it said was that it was a movie promo. I'm pretty sure the ones on ebay are bootlegs (if not, please point me in the direction of a real one), so I'm looking to get a legit one if it isn't impossible to find. Here's the figure, along other tomy mewtwos:

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Any help would be most appreciated. I have paypal, and am fair on price if you are. :)
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Full Collection Post!!!!! ^_^

I just finished taking pictures of my collection =D (Tis a long overdue post, but I kept putting it off as I always had something coming in the mail ^^;) But today I received regen's package =D So I deiced that I'll just take pictures of everything xD The only things aren't pictured are my TCG I couldn't be bothered to take pictures of them XD

regen Thank you so much!!! I love everything, and will be sending kamacazizero's stuff to her soon =D The vending machine is SO CUTE. omg xD I didn't realize it would be that small....cuuuute!! *_* (and thank you for the cards! Mewtwo! ♥) I also left you feedback on this community's post! A+
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And now...My Collection! I need to thank all of you guys in this community for making these collections possible! Without you collections...well...they just wouldn't be this great! Thank you! (God...that sounded like an award acceptance speech xD)

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PHEW!!! I hope you all enjoyed looking at my collection ^_^; I had fun setting them all up (because you know, I'm 12 xD) Thank you all again for all your amazing sales and trades that helped me get my collections started and going!!! ♥

And Now....I have a some things for sale...including some figures, coins and promo/holo cards (no more common and uncommon's for here xD)

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I also believe someone was look for: WAILORD ZUKAN?!....Um...the price is OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!? So I doubt any one from here will want ends in a little over 3 hours