March 28th, 2008


Hey All! I have some good news! I got a package from Japan today containing the Jumbo (bandai) Cards that I had up for sale awhile back =D

So here is the list of people who reserved the cards and the amount that you owe ^_^ (these are the totals with shipping)
naykomii: Gary Card (Total - $4.50)
pikachuashnat: Koga/Golbat Card (Total - $4.50)
chatsy: ASHley Card (Total - $4.50)
ellonwye: Kangaskhan Card (Total - $4.00)
shindow_kitsu: Vulpix card (Total - $4.50)

Just comment here and I'll give you the paypal information! =D

I still have 3 cards left over. There are pictures of them, as well as all the other cards, under the cut below ^_^
(Some Pokemon that are included in the left over cards are: Charmander, Pikachu/Muk and Hitmonchan/lee. Collapse )

I also have one Zukan left for sale, Collapse )

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it was a sad event today, as i threw out around 300 figures and various toys from sunyshore that didnt sell for over a year or were retarded (like machop/geodude/shit nobody wants).

*small moment of silence*

but on another note, it's also a happy sort of time. first of all Sunyshore will be updating early on Saturday with tons of great stuff! but even better....

Sunyshore is having its 1 year anniversary! yes, one year ago around this time is when I started Sunyshore as an actual buisness, and not just my old stuff/leftover stuff on a page. why should you celebrate sunyshore's 1st anniversary? well, do you remember how pokemon was before sunyshore? with the introduction of just this little shop to the pokemon community...

-collectors began to show off their stuff in what were called "toy posts"!

-zukan was introduced and became a widely known term and popular collectible! who still has zukan from that very first group auction ever arranged on these communities? i know i do!

-japanese goods could be more easily and cheaply accessed! sunyshore (by that i mean "i") was so overloaded from people asking me to bid on auctions for them, that SMJ use became widespread- and now almost anytime you see a "chaosjapan" bidder on a pokemon item, it is one of you guys, and nobody else!

-buying, trading and selling pokemon toys became a widespread idea that everyone could participate in! the sunyshore monopoly had ended!

-as a result of what occured because of little toy shop, we posted so many "toy posts" and "sales posts" to pokemon that a big dramatic drama occured and we moved here, to our beloved pkmncollectors!

i am proud of sunyshore, and what being the original token "girl in japan" helped bring to a lot of you guys. sunyshore has been my livelihood for this entire year, and you guys helped support me when the government of japan refused me a visa on a technicality, and i was not allowed to get a job to pay my own bills. you guys helped me through my legal battle with japan itself, a battle which was victorious!! one year later, i am finally going to get a "real" job... but sunyshore will always be here, with lots of goodies for everybody!!!!

so, why not come and see the inside of sunyshore?

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so thank you guys...for a really fun year!!!

also, our own pikachuashnat was mentioned on pokemon blogspot as an amigurumi artist! you can go visit and see the new amigurumi coming out.

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Attack of the V-trainers!


It was a lot of fun opening all of those boxes. The only two that weren't included in the set were the starter kids with Chikorita and Cyndaquil! (As a note, this will probably be my last sales post for awhile, unless I decide to sell more from my personal collection, which is not very likely.)

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Rare Cardass cards for sale// NEW Diamond and Pearl Zukan Auction!

Edit: Wonderful news guys: My SMJ just confirmed that I won my lot, I only want the cubone line, and the blue shellos for a friend Sooooo....

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Hi I've got my cardass cards in, and I figure I would give some people a shot to own some of these rare cards. I also have a few "mystery" cards I got awhile back, I have no idea what they are but I've yet to see any like them. There's some nice guys in here, and the Cardass cards feature Ken Sugimori artwork I have never seen before.

For payment I accept paypal only right now. I dont want to hold items longer than a day, so if you need someone to help you with a paypal just let me know and we can work something out!

I will ship internationally I am expected to make a post office run next week, so if you want them and live outside the US that is fine.

Shipping in the US is 1.50 (this covers paypal fee as well ) Outside the US: 2.50 I am happy to combine items.

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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Hoodie pick ups for 2 more peoples~! x3

Two more hoodies down~ six more to go!! ♥ (Techincally 5 because the piplup one is half done and everyone other one has been dyed and a small chunk into them~! XD ) Commissions are still closed, I am really sorry but I will not be taking any new ones until I get everyone of the last 6's out~ ♥ Very sorry! :_: I will answer price quotes when I start taking hoodies again but that won't be for at least for a couple of weeks.

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Thankyou everyone again for being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pacient for these. You have all been dolls!! :____: I have been very very busy since January. I am not legally supposed to talk about what's been preoccuping my time yet, but it's VERY VERY cool and exciting news. :DDD I shall share as soon as I find out how much I am allowed to talk about it legally. haha~~

Thankyou everyone for bearing with me!! ♥v♥

Also, eifia and neoscottie, please confirming you mailing addresses to bunnieofthemoon (at) ♥ I wont be at my apartment until Tuesday, but these will go out as soon as I get back so if you could confirm shipping addies by monday that would be peachy. =3
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