March 29th, 2008


Umbreon halp!

Hi guyz so what is this?


My friend just bought it, and it was the last one (she wanted one too, but now I owe her some amazing espeon thing haha thats how we work.) Thing is we dont know what it is D:

Pencil topper...ish..thing?
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Just an update! I haven't gotten the chance to send out the items people got yet. I'm out of town at a convention,but I plan on doing so withing the next week or so! Sorry for the late notice. I'll add extra items for the long wait.
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kids and minor want list

okay, before I go off and buy this, does anyone have one for a lower price they'd be willing to sell me?
Thank you, Sunyshore!
I'm also looking for the Pokemon Poffin Ramune(?) figure.. I know it comes with a little rectangular basket and is on a beaded metal chain.. that's it. (of course any other Pachirisu merch you happen to have will be greatly appreciated)
Specific List
Pachirisu Bank
Custom shiny Kid
Friends plush

In regards to one of my sales posts, all Kids have been shipped out as of yesterday. For future, shipping will be $2.50 for the US (1-3 kids) and still $5 for over 3 kids. The shipping turned out to be a little more than I had though.. sorry.
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WoW - Khadgar

Art, Auctions, and Sales

Auction Reminder:

First, I still have the auction going for the Rare and Unopened Raikou and Entei model kits, for more information or to bid click the following link:

Legendary Community Auction

Auction ends April 2nd, but maybe extended until my package containing the kits arrives from SMJ...Don't let them get away!!

Second, I have reduced a lot of prices on items in my shop, plus I have added a couple small new things. You can check out my shop here:


Please note my shop is not as image heavy as it once was, I weeded out a lot of unwanted items!!!

, I have put a few more things up on eBay including a Card Captor Sakura cel of Keroberos:

My eBay Auctions

Thank you to all whom bid on my other auctions, I actually got my reserve for the James cel!!!


Now onto my real reason for this post!!!

I have done some recent trading with community members...Goodies in my Shop for some art commissions...I don't regret it one bit either!! There is nothing more that I love then having original artwork hanging up around my apartment!!

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regen I've recieved the sticker sheet, sixth movie manga and Skitty kid! :D
amirrorstwin I've recieved the Leafeon, Glaceon and Eevee zukan. It's HEARTFUL <3
candycafe I've recieved the 'Eon cards :D
happyjolteon I've recieved the Eevee charm. So cute!

My collection sure is growing. Woopeee :D
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I decided to show off my Eeveelution card collection, albeit my picture quality is really cruddy D: So sorry about that.

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Oh yeah, and a pic of the zukans I have, as well as the few Ash merchandise I also managed to nab (and make, teehee) through time:
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If there's anything I don't have that you know of, as well as where I can get it, please do let me know :D
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Small Cards Sales Post

LJ Sales
I have a handful of Japanese cards I'd like to get rid of. Namely some from a McDonalds set, as well as some from the 8th Movie VS Half-Deck.

eBay Sales
I am also selling quite a few cards on eBay, including several DP5 cards, a Pikachu gold boarding pass, lot of 6 Mews (oh the nerve! how dare I?), among other cards. Some of those I just listed an hour ago, so it could be a while before they show up in my auction listings. If interested, click here, many of them end tomorrow, but I will probably end up re-listing some of them since eBay is running the 1¢ special.

Onto the LJ sales...

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Does anybody have this card to trade?

It just came out this month in Meiji Chocolate packets in Japan. n_n

I can offer the Meiji Promo Turtwig and an American Holo Promo Pachirisu for it. Turtwig has some bends in it (I guess from being in a candy pack?) but Pachirisu is mint. Images on request!

I can also do art for it. I like to do watercolors. :3 This is with professional supplies on actual watercolor paper.

Thanks! :D
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ash party hardy


A FEW THINGS! First of all, I set up a way so that it's easier to do an E-CHECK PAYMENT! Yes, you can pay by E-Check now, but make sure you click the correct option! Also, EVERYTHING updated is behind the cut. Some updated items are literally updated items, so they won't show up if you just click "New Items" on the pokemart. Look under the cut to see everything new and updated! You can click on each image to go to the item's individual page and order!

Well... hope you find something you like! Enjoy!

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for my next update in a few weeks-monthish, i hope to start carrying tomy figures (the brand new releases, which will include leafia, glacia, and more!). i want to do this to help about tomy collection ignorance and supporting of bootlegs... ;-; let me know if youd like tomy figures!

i will also do my best to free some time up and catch those new UFO catchers - gallade, staraptor, heracross, salamence, etc! it'll be funtimes!