March 30th, 2008

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Talking Darkrai!

Hello, I'm new to the community. I only very recently started getting into collecting pokemon stuff (mainly plush) and started up an ebay and paypal account, etc. I absolutely LOVE Darkrai, and have therefore been seeking Darkrai plush on ebay, and last week I came across a TALKING DARKRAI PLUSH (Tomy). After much debating with myself about whether or not to get it considering that it was a bit more expensive than I wanted to pay, I finally decided to get it since I couldn't resist and didn't know of anywhere else to find it.

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Thanks so much for tolerating me and my naivete! ^_^ And please let me know if this isn't the right kind of post for this comm!
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Holy Arceus!

Finally something Pokémon good has happened in Finland! =D
Finland's first Gashapon station has come to Helsinki! And there's alot Pokémon things! Hurray!
I'm going to Helsinki at 15th April to get some Pokémon goodies out of those machines. I'm so happy! Here's pictures of those Pokémon things that I know there is.

Maxi Collection figures (3€ = $5 per figure.)

Spin Collection (3€ = $5 per figure.)

Ultimate Mini Swing (2€ = $3,50 per figure.)
I already own Pikachu, Typhlosion, Torterra and Dialga.

Cleaner Swing (3€ = $5 per figure.)

Pictures are from Kukunor, who keeps the Gashapon station.
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Love Tsushi is in Ditto-love

Rai rai!

This is merely conjecture and what not, but I hopped onto Serebii the other day for my EV training XD and in the right sidebar they always have the upcoming episodes. This time the episode really stood out, since it's called "Pikachu! Raichu! Road to Evolution!" and has a cap of Pikachu laying in bed with a Thunderstone on the table nearby.

Now I know that this is just a psyche-out like all times that they claim Pikachu is going to evolve(cuz it wouldn't make sense with the new movie continuity yes?), but I was wondering what if. Would that change the face of Pokemon merch? Or do you think they'd still market Pikachu as their flag bearer and just sell more Raichu merch too? Wouldn't it be strange? I think I might enjoy that, and it would be a lot of fun to have a fresh face, even though I love Pikachu.

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Big Bang Theory BAZINGA

Its A Sale!

Ok, so I have nothing to show for a collection update! I'm soo SAD! The postman hasn't been kind enough to being me ANY packages since my last collection update. :< I did get some trading cards but I'm going to post those when my Chou come in or when my leafeon glaceon plush set come in. Sorry to repost these few chou sets but its easier for me to keep everything on one post PLUS I have one last set I bought coming in and I'd like to get rid of some of these extra guys. Thanks for being so understandable. I'm thinking about  making a sales LJ just for times like this. ;3

Edit: TO ANYONE WHO COLLECTS MEOWTH OR TEAM ROCKET!!  I know a few on here do.I have LOADS of meowth cards/stickers here for sale and a few Team Rocket ones as well. I have some ADORABLE ones from the 'Go west young meowth' episode! Also I added a few more from the Orange Island series.

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Scyther Collection Update!

I got your package yesterday, regen! I loved the little note/card and the freebies... I didn't have that Scyther TCG yet, so it was most welcome indeed. The Jirachi pin is also going onto my bag. Thanks for helping me complete my kid collection! ^^

I also got a package from eBay containing my first-ever Scyther shirt! :D

The back.

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i think i'm obsessed with bell plush

i had a nightmare about bell plush.

two nights ago my friend from school came over to hang out and watch the pokemon ranger special and talk pokemon stuff. i showed her my bell plushies - raichu, electabuzz, pidgeotto. told her of zapdos coming soon and my final dream bell plush, jolteon.

then i spent all of the day before and yesterday doing my the big-ass sunyshore update. i put my life on HOLD to do that update. it was MASSIVE. (thanks to all of you for your purchases, BTW, i will be mailing tomorrow and tuesday if all goes well).

but last night i had a nightmare.

i found a UFO catcher machine FULL of mint in box bell plush - holy crap! including dragonair, mewtwo, kabutops, mew, tons of incredibly rare bell plush ive never seen for sale - EVER - except for a 4-year-old auction for the entire three sets of bell plush (you know we coulda won that together if we'd existed!!).

for some reason my sister was there, watching as i poured all of my money into the machines. they didnt even have jolteon!!! :( but my friends have seen me pour hundreds of dollars into UFO catchers trying to get plush for THIS COMMUNITY (and ill do it again in a month), and thats what dream-me was doing. my sister loves dragonair.. so i kept on and kept on and kept on trying. eventually the machine was almost empty, but somewhere in that time war had broken out, my family was dying and my sister was tearing at my arm sobbing, trying to get me to go home.

"leave the bell plush and let's get out of here!" she cried.


"gin, we're all going to die, because of bell plush!" she sobbed.

i smacked her hand away and continued playing the machine. she punched me in the head and when i turned to her in shock she just said in a very dead voice, "you are no sister of mine."

i was flabbergasted and held up dragonair. "but....i... i got you a dragonair."

she turned and left me to die. i think i did.

D::::::::::::::: I ACTUALLY WOKE UP CRYING. but now i am lulzing. has anyone else ever had another dream that makes you wonder "wow, when did i become fucking insane?"

oh bell plush. one day i'll you, set 3. one day.


New Diamond and Pearl Zukan Auction- Ending soon!

Hi guys!

Just wanted to let people know my zukan auction ends at 10 PM EST tonight!! If you are interested in these get your bids in now!

And just as a reminder they are on their way from YJ! I dont have these in hand yet. They are in the process of being shipped off and I will let people know when this happens! Thanks again.

I also have for sale some neat cards that I've not seen before. You can combine shipping with the Zukan if you win!


Posted the pic again but <333 I love it so much *__* Thanks again!

The new Darkrai Zukan

I'm sorry in advance because this isn't much of a post but I came across a good picture of the Darkrai Zukan today and wanted to share it. I know several members here have either bought it and are waiting for it to arrive or want to buy it so if they're anything like me they like to have nice pictures to tide them over. n_n

All I have seen prior to this have been the small promo shot, the preview (unpainted) shot or a shot all wrapped in the capsule.

Anyways.... here he is and I can't wait to get mine! :D

Sorry again but I thought some people might enjoy seeing it. D: EDIT-- I found the rest of the set. :D
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