March 31st, 2008

rentorah raichu!

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first of all, i added some more bobble heads to sunyshore due to popular demand... including buneary! i also have added cresselia plush! if you want these items to be mailed with your other order tomorrow, just place an order and mention that i owe you a base shipping refund for the combined shipping :) if you dont order before i mail the stuff you'll need to pay full shipping price.

second of all, i finished these drawings of pokemon i owed community members for a while! if you are one of the people who entered my LUXRAY contest and didnt win a prize, but asked for a pokemon, your pokemon should be in here! only seven of you asked, so seven pokes... :D

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THIRD OF ALL, i'm still looking for new photos/updated photos for the ELECTRIC POKEMON COLLECTIONS PAGE! i've just added happyjolteon's jolteons, so go and check them out! last time i asked for this i got about 10 replies going "sure, ill take a photo later and send it..." "if you want a photo just email me..." etc. AAAGH! just comment here with a URL if you want to contribute your photo, YES i want your photo! i'm only not interested in pikachu collections, really, because... just by liking pokemon toys you tend to build up a small pikachu collection regardless. meh. electric pokemon that arent clone mice, please! if you think thats mean of me, then start your own pikachu fanpage :O

thanksguys :D
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Yahoo Japan Question.

So I've noticed that a couple of members have bought stuff from yahoo japan. How would you go about doing that, seeing as all of the characters come up as question marks(for me anyway)? I'm looking for ways to expand my Zukan/Kids collection, I'm particularly interested in purchasing the newest set of Zukans and finding Houndoom/Nidoking/Tyranitar kids. So is there a specific way you guys do it, or do I need to make a friend in Japan, since I noticed a couple of the auctions the sellers don't ship internationally. If someone would be kind enough to assist me I'd be more then willing, reinburse you(of course), pick up shipping, and throw in a little extra for your troubles. I won't be ready to purchase anything until Thursday, but I just thought I'd ask now. I really want this kid. *loves Nidoking* But they won't ship internationally.;-;
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A hello and idea from a new member

So, I'm back in the poke scene after about 10 years of delinquency.  My collection is old and my knowledge out dated but I still have the knowledge and concepts of all of it, I worked in the collectable industry both privately and professionally for about 5-6 years during the poke reign.  Here where I live Pokemon died pretty much and is no longer really sought after, save for us few who still enjoy it and the collectables that come with it (Including the anime).   I recently jumped back into the collectable poke scene after some encouragement from a good friend of mine (Mostly due to her showing me her collection  XD) and think I've started off right; I'll include my new purchases and the restart of my collection after I receive them.  All in all I'm happy to be back into it and though my knowledge is rather out of date concerning prices, rarity, what's sought after and so forth, I'm quickly jumping back in to it with tenacity and excitement.

The idea I spoke of in the title is this:  I've noticed that most of the selling, trading, etc that goes on is done via Livejournal.  This is a good system and provides a good community connection; however I see a greater potential for the community and something for the community directly.  I am a Web Developer, I specialize in PHP and mySQL dynamic database driven websites and what I propose is creating a website similar to Ebay but strictly for Pokemon.  It will of course be for community use, linked ot the community and general a very community oriented site.  I'm not looking to make some sort of huge profit off of something like this, so before someone says it:  "no I'm not attempting to milk the community for every red cent I can get".  it will start off free, for the most part, later there will be a very small fee for listing (I've got to pay for the hosting of such a site SOMEHOW).  Basically this will be Ebay but for pokemon merc solely (Pbay anyone? :P) and will give you, the poke community, a better place to list your items, with taking the worry and strain of remembering who bided on what and who got out bid and so forth.  The created pages will offer near full HTML support so you can customize your auctions EXACTLY as you want (If you're knowledgeable of HTML you will find that feature extremely handy), it will of course not allow certain things, to help protect you and the system.  I will not handle payment of any type, however I will link everything up to paypal to help expidite the payment method (If you want to use paypal, any other payment method will be up to you)  As the owner of the site I will back you in payment disputes if someone buys an item and refuses to pay, etc (However I will not participate in little squabbles over he said she said type stuff).

You may ask yourself WHY would I use this instead of Ebay.  The simple answer is, because it's for the community and the use will support the community.  Of course you can still use LJ for whatever and use my system for whatever, what I'm doing it proposing the idea, putting my talents and abilities out there (I have over 10 years experience and currently work as a web developer and systems analyst) to create this, as both a fun project for me and something useful.  This can also bring the community together, in a stronger tighter nit fashion and allow you to better share information and search for what you want, keep track of sales, keep track of sellers and bidders, and just generally be more pleasant.

Keep in mind this is not something I can just whip up in a blink of an eye, something this complex will take time and testing, what I wanted to know is what you the community thought of it, what you think a good domain name would be (that's the URL example is the domain name) and if their are any aspiring web developers, graphic designers, etc that would like to donate/work on this with me, feel free to contact me via a comment and we'll speak more (This is going to be done pretty much under open source rules, I'm not going to pay for graphic work or anything like that.  Anything you contribute, time, graphics, etc, will be considered as a donation to the betterment of the system and the community.  So in short, don't look at this as being a job, because you're not going to get paid, except for thanks and awes from your community  XP).  Keep in mind, I won't always accept everything, especially if you're a graphic designer, so if you send me a picture going "This would make a great banner!"  it doesn't mean I WILL use it, so don't be upset if someone else’s work gets chosen and I will attempt to find a use for everything that everyone sends me...sometimes however that's impossible to do XP.

Any questions, ideas, name ides (a name is very important and should involve the whole community) or anything else, please comment and let me know.  I'll post later when I get my knew cards to show them off, I'm very proud of them...they're cards I've always wanted  ^__^.

So that is my introduction and idea, thank you for listening and thank you for any positive comments you leave (Or non positive as long as they are constructive :P).

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Has anyone else seen this auction? It's too bad they don't have stands, but considering the rarity of some of them...

*makes grabby hands at Squirtle line*

Anyway, the reason I made this post was to show off my latest purchase! Blastoise phone strap. Isn't he so adorable in a very manly, grr type of way?

Sorry for the crappy image. My camera isn't being very cooperative today.
Love Tsushi

A tagging suggestion

After the post today about making a website for this community, I was thinking the main reason I would like that would be the ability to search, but LJ actually has a feature just like that called tagging! I was wondering why we weren't utilizing it. With so many posts in a day I think this would really help everyone out.

My suggestion is to have separate tags for each Pokemon, a tag for sales posts, a tag for collection posts and tags for specific merch like figures, zukan, plushies, cards. This way people would have a lot of ease navigating when looking for things. I think it work really well, it would just take a little extra effort for everyone. I'm not in charge or anything, but I wanted to make this suggestion in case no one had thought to before.
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! subarudo just updated their site with EEEEEE! april's new chupa surprise figures! and and and and and!


i love this whole, we need another episode where pikachu might evolve into raichu for all the kids who werent yet born when ash battled lt. surge thing :D we got a plush AND a new figure!!! squealing so hard.

if you want any of those, they'll probably be on sunyshore ^-^;;; i'll be pumping out the bills until i get a raichu.

EDIT: mwuah! i just found someone's site who used to be trading bell plushies and i emailed them and it didnt bounce back! *crosses fingers they have something good*

Today sure was a mail day! has been a pretty good day o_o (if I say so myself ^^;)

First, I got my chemistry test back, which I did way better than I thought I would...

Second, my aunt called me and told me I got 3 packages =O The mail for some reason was very quick with two of these packages (er, those two being out of country)

candycafe: I got your surprise mail today =O (as well as the neo 1 card) Thank you SO MUCH o_o I love them ;-; ♥
growly: THIS JUMBO GARDEVOIR IS SO FREAKING COOL HOLY CRAP THANK YOU *breathes* ^___^ I didn't realize it was holo also =O! And to answer your question you wrote me...they do make toploaders xD (they are slightly bigger than the card, but pretty good...picture under the cut) And thank you for packing it so well *_*
tortoises: Your package is one of the ones that I mentioned being quite quick =O It too arrived today! Thank you so much for the cards!! Thanks to you now...I only need *1* more holo (well, 2 kinda XD) for my bass DP set =D!

When my aunt got home I opened everything and took a couple pictures...but then thought that I should check the mail (er, for the house)....(most of the stuff I order from you all goes to my aunts office, where I also used to work, because our mailman sometimes puts the wrong mail in the wrong box soon yeah... xD)

So I checked it and turns out...I also got mail from denkimouse...I can't believe how FAST that arrived here O_O And thank you so so much for the figures Gin! I love them ♥!!

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And since I told you I'd update you, sari_sumdac, the Shinx promo still hasn't arrived =\

eeveelution madness sale!


Hey Guys! I've got one of these I'm auctioning off to the community.
Bidding starts at 8.00
Increase by 1.00 please.
Shipping will be 3.00 anywhere in the world for this.
Auction ends on April 4th at around 9pm EST!

High Bidder-Fernchu-10.00

Eeveelution mini binder! Brand new, still sealed! Holds 104 cards! These binders are no longer in print, and getting harder to find!

Starting bid-10.00-BIN 25.00

High Bidder-Invader_Julie-12.00
CAGED ➽ anya

In search for blissful Time Ponies

So I just bought this awesomely happy Time Pony.
I always thought this Zukan was adorable. And I realized my kids figure was just as happy.

So I've decided to collect only happy Time Pony things (as if I need another thing to collect) but I don't need to fight the SRS Dialga collectors like darkyo and the like for everything in this community.

So my question is, is there any more happy Dialga things out side of the Zukan and the Kid?