April 1st, 2008


Stuff Mailed, Notes, Ebay Lot.

All packages were mailed today except bluetip_echelon's. My husband has to mail yours, and it will be mailed soon. ^_^

Also, meowthcollector, somehow, I was incredibly stupid and forgot to put Sentret in your package! Please email me your address (the.linea.alba(at)gmail.com), and I will mail it with my next mailing. Sorry about this. ._.;

On a final note, I've got this lot up on ebay:


I know I could probably try to sell stuff individually by marking down prices, but I kind of just want to get rid of it. I also lowered the prices and took off the reserves on other things - (LARGE Darkrai and HUGE Manaphy.)

WoW - Khadgar

Auction Reminder

Auction Reminder:

There is only 1 day left to bid on these beauties!!!
Don't let them get away, for finding the Legendary Beast model kits mint, unassembled, and in the box is not an everyday thing!!

Current Bids:

Raikou - Highest Bidder - Norkia - $20.00
Entei - Highest Bidder - Enshogirl - $10.00

For more information or to bid click here:

Legendary Beast Auction


Also, any items that have been paid for from my shop will be shipped out tomorrow, Wednesday!!!

Shop O' Pokemon Goodies

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Group Auctions/Buys Vs. Preselling.

It seems that there has been a lot of pre-selling going on, which, if you are collecting payment before you have the items in hand, this is against the community rules.

I will admit, that I do not read every single post that is made in this community, so I apologize in that I have missed these posts that have been occurring. I will be reading every single post from now on, however, seeing as there have been things going on I have been missing.

I want to clarify something however --

There is a difference between a group auction and pre-selling.

A group auction is when an individual in the community sees a 'lot' of items in a live auction, and wants to pool people in the community together to pay for the auction, thus everyone is paying up front - this is the only time it is okay to collect payment before having items in hand; this is not the same thing as buying a 'lot' of items by yourself and then selling them before you get them. Buyers must also realize there is a 'risk' at participating in a group auction - the items may be dirty or broken, as sometimes the auction pictures are not clear. (There's also the chance you could never receive said items, as I've had countless things lost by SMJ...)

So, bottom line:

It is not okay to ask for payment in advance if you bought it yourself already (and do not have it hand) and just want to sell your items quickly. Please be patient and wait until your items come in from SMJ/Rinkya or wherever.

Holding items is also fine, as long as there is no exchange of funds before the items are in your hands.

The community rules will be edited to clarify this.

EDIT: The overall point of allowing group auctions is to allow community members to get rarer items that they normally could not afford alone, thus funds are pooled together to work together as a whole. The aim of this is not to make a profit, whereas a presale is.

Further more, a presale is when an individual buys an 'lot' on their own and decides to sell it off before they have the items in hand. Their intent is to make a profit as an individual, and this does not benefit the community in the same way that a group auction does.

Both have risks, but in this community, only group auctions are allowed. Technically by buying anything on this community, you are taking a risk.
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kids and a darkrai card

So I did something unusual for myself, and I bought 3 packs of Pokemon cards from Target. Each had a special card in it (Pikachu, Riolu, and Promo Buneary, if anyone would like them).. and then one of the packs had this!

But going back to the reason I bought the cards in the first place.. well, there isn't one. So if anyone likes this card, just make a reasonable offer and it's yours!

And now for your favourite part of course. I still had a bunch left over from last time.. so here you go. Prices haven't really changed.

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As for the rest of me, I am waiting on a lot of Pachirisu stuff in the mail 8D
I think I'm suffering from a withdrawal because I haven't gotten anything in over a week, which is out of the ordinary since I buy so much Pokemons every day. It's gotten to the point where I glare at UPS trucks when they drive by..

Packages Received

I received packages yesterday from ravestars85  and eeveelution !!! Thanks guys! If you have a feedback page, please direct me and I'll be more than happy to oblige. ^_^ The pokekids are so cute! ♥

I'll probably be having a sales post soon. I have a bunch of stuff that needs a new home.

I'd also like to share my findings from my trip to Little Tokyo recently. ^_^

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kids for presale!

I won a lot of kids on Yahoo Japan today...meaning I don't have them yet. And since i must disclaim everything, I'll do it on this post. I am not requiring you to pay me for these until I get them. A few of them had been reserved by people, so I will mark those that are. As someone who has been a seller on ebay for many years, I know what i'm doing. I work to get my orders out fast, and safely. I should have these in hand in about two weeks, but I would love to see them have owners before i get them, so they don't end up in a box.

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ponyta fc

Vids of Talking Darkrai plus some collection pics

This post is quite pic and vid heavy!

Okay, I feel really dumb. In my last post I said I'd post vid/sound of my new Talking Darkrai plush as soon as I was able to since I didn't have a camera that records sound. I totally forgot that my own digital camera does! I've been using my sister's camera since it takes better quality pics, but it doesn't record sound. I haven't used my own camera in awhile, hence why I forgot all about the fact that it can record sound. o_o;

So I've recorded five vids, one of each phrase he does, and uploaded them to youtube so that I can post the vids here. Warning: the vids are VERY crappy. You'll also probably have to pump up the volume in order to hear what he says, because the sound is also crappy. Unfortunately it's the best quality I can do, and it does work somewhat. Yay! Hopefully these work, because youtube's being a bit weird with them. When I try to watch, one or two will randomly be unavailable.. Then several minutes later they'll be fine, whereas a couple different ones will be unavailable.. Well, here's hoping! -crosses fingers-

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Also, I'm extra, extra, EXTRA HAPPY today because I received my big plush Darkrai in the mail!!!! XD He's so big! -cuddles- So I took pics of him.

The first pokemon plush I got (at least the first one this time around... when I was little and watching/playing the first season/generation of pokemon my sister and I got lots of pokemon toys too) which started my pokemon collecting craze once more was a giant Palkia plush. My friends and I were wandering around Target one night when I happened to spy with my little eye a giant Palkia plush on a random shelf. Palkia and Dialga were selling for $25 at Target for awhile, and I didn't want to shell out so much on a stuffed animal at the time. This was, of course, before I started collecting and found out that these same ones were so freaking much more expensive anywhere else. Anyway, so I saw this random Palkia and walked over to it just because anything pokemon deserved at least my observation, if not my purchase. Palkia was on clearance for $6!! Obviously, I grabbed him and bought him. So I have pics of him here, too.

The first thing I bought on ebay was a Mew plush for my sister, who loves Mew, that was being sold for what I judged a great price for the size of plush it is. I included her in the pics as well. So, without further ado, Collapse )

I hope I did the tags right!
Edit: I guess my tags don't show up unless they're already on the tags list?

Card Collection (warning - image heavy!)

We've been at the community for a bit now and have only just found time to take pictures of our card collection ^-^ The folder isn't the best organised, but I've sorted it by type in case we need specific cards when we're playing the TCG - look under the cut for pretties!~

A bit of a warning! ^^; -there are loads and loads of images! I've put a short-cut below for those who just want to see the cards Ive got for sale :)

Of course, I know what it's like to collect Pokemon, so if you see anything in any of the collection photos you've been looking for, then just let me know-  there's no harm in asking, right? :)

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*phew* ^-^;;

Zukan Mews

Would anyone happen to have these zukan Mews that they'd be willing to part with? I saw someone was selling them on YJ, and I'm considering bidding on them, but if I could avoid paying fees and double shipping, all the better.

Actually, they appear to be the same, just different colors. Paintable, perhaps? I'm not quite on par with the zukans, so feel free to comment.

Here's a quick shot:

On another note, I'll have another entry soon, as I have made quite an addition to my Mew collection. I'm still waiting on a few packages to arrive first. The agony...

Lastly, I already sent messages to these two, but to [info]grrrowly and warandromance, I received your packages in the mail yesterday. Thanks again!

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hey guys! so i kind of MENTIONED i might try to stock tomy figures... and i got a HUGE response! so, i think for my next update (which will be after im settled into next semester) i will try to stock some tomy figures. i think its a good idea so you dont have to worry about ebay bootlegs. but, i dont know who you guys want!

so, why not check out the TOMY MONSTER COLLECTION LIST on AAPF blogspot and tell me what you like!

tomy figures are pricey to buy in "bulk" to begin with, so i cant be buying things nobody will want D:

also! please tell me which of these UFO catchers you want - so i know who i am hunting for when i work the machines in a few weeks (yes, its almost time! EEE! :D i want new raptor now!)

i also have a super rare raichu on ebay - give him a chance, add the cutest raichu plush made to your collection
Big Bang Theory BAZINGA


Soooooooo. I 'apologize' to those who paid in advance for the items your buying from me.
I didn't read anything about it, and wasn't told it was wrong till recently. I promise you will get your items in beautiful mint condition or your monies back [paypal fee and all]. ;3 I can't undo what has already been done, just know I'm sorry and I promise you your items looking great.

 I have a few previously On Hold figures up for reserve.These figures already shipped and these items should arrive late this week or early NEXT week. Payment will be due when they arrive. If you don't arrange to pay on a different date. [Thank you
ravestars85  for letting me know]

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