April 2nd, 2008

Mail post/Collection Post (Warning. Uber Image Heavy!)

Today, when I went out to the mailbox..... There was mail! yay!
Collapse ) Now... Finaly..... I'm going to post a Collection posting as well! It's about time too!
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Edit: Fixed.... I think...
Edit2: Now it's really fixed. Sheesh... HTML is evil... >.<
Edit3: removed the before-opening package pics, since for some odd reason photobucket kept on putting up the pre-edit versions, instead of the post-edit where I put a big green block over my mailing addy. Bah. >.< Weird...
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So I found a pretty today ...

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EEEEE. :D I was actually at Toys'R'Us to buy cards, but then wandered back to the toy section and MY GOD. They had Dialga AND Palkia, but I could only afford one .. so I bought time pony! I'm gonna go back to get space peen once I get my check next week, but hells yes!

Also, sorry for the bad pic, it was from my phone. XD

And you can see my tiny collection of mudkip figurines .. I thought it'd be cute/funny if I surrounded time pony with my mudkips .. and have my tiny angry mudkip on his head. C: I got teeny mudkip in a package with my absol, from this set. But yes!

I've also got thirteen mudkip cards now, yay! I'm still looking for the shining mudkip from the team rocket returns set, though! :C I still have my shining celebi to offer for it, if anyone happens to have one or know where I can get one that's not a bazillion dollars. D:

I'll be making a sales post soon (I have a hundred cards I have extras of, some really good ones and a LOT of toys) and posting my card collections so far (mostly typhlosion/mudkips/eeveelutions/team rocket/etc), so ... yea! :o

Hoppip friends
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Alternatives to SMJ

So! I know I'm not alone when I say I'm fed up with SMJ's high fees, shipping mishaps, and not crediting my account with shipping refunds. Doing some research with alternative companies, and wanted to share with you guys.
Here are some alternatives to SMJ.

(Lower fees, honest shipping)

(Has a fee calculator, good for middle-priced auctions)

(Decent for high-priced auctions)

(Overall low fees)

(Decent for high-priced auctions)

(no subject)

Hi guys! I really want to thank lineaalba for handling the confusing issue of group auctions VRS. preselling. I want to add a couple notes, and also propose a toast an idea!

COMMUNITY ETHICS! do you know what this is?
-We are a family - that was made clear by a CERTAIN USER who joined and immediatly began posting about why we need to change our ways to THEIR idea. we ALL stood together and turned them down - who comes in to OUR family and tells us WE NEED to change? hah! for the record, for various reasons, that person is now banned.

-Profit. We profit from eachother. What is profit? It's your reward for working hard to prepare a sales post... working hard to get items from Japan to your country to other people... your reward for having a very rare or coveted item - your reward for running around Japan battling housewives for super rare items! It's okay to profit - don't be ashamed! Whoever you profit off of today, will profit off you tomorrow - that is understood as we are a family!

-A group auction means you want to bid together on one item. It's not MEANT for profit, no! But in the end whoever organizes the auction might make some extra money (although I find money is usually lost). It's not bad to make a little extra on a group auction - its YOUR REWARD for busting your ass to put it together! But, that is not the point of a group auction, savvy?

-A presale means you are taking money for items you do not have! This is a no-no! It doesnt matter if the people are willing to pay. It's a risk and MANY TIMES in this community pre-sales have gone horribly wrong. If you disagree or do not understand, than obviously you've never been the victim of a photo taken of kids that look great, only to find they are bitten/sticky/dirty/broken by the time they arrive. Photos - and Y!J - can be deceiving. in short: it's the difference between "i have to cancel" and "i have to refund 20 paypal payments".

Again, this is only to re-iterate what had already been said - now both mods are backing it up, hopefully with both our explanations, it becomes clear!

Now it has been suggested many times we tag posts. FROM NOW ON, PLEASE TAG YOUR POST WITH THE NAME OF THE POKEMON FEATURED IF IT'S ABOUT A POKEMON COLLECTION! Selling? Please tag it "salespost"! Something about an auction? "auction"! Looking for something/posting a want list? "Wanted"! Very simple, yes? And we can keep track of all our posts - so from now on, join together and let's all try to tag posts - remind your fellow members to tag if they forget!

Please reply with suggestions to the tagging idea if you want to! The group auction/presale thing is really not open for discussion anymore - almost 80 comments to lineaalba's post is enough.
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So I received my package from Anuvia last week. I'm sorry, I forgot to post. The Scyther/Scizor Zukan is awesome, thanks again. I also received the chimchar line and Cyndaquil line Zukans from 216handsbound. I'm still waiting on the Sneasel/Weavile and Lucario zukan from Miss Fuu Chan and Glaceon and Gabite Kids from Goku_the_saru.

Sending Payment Tomorrow to:
Lazer-Lucario Zukan

kamikaze_drag0n -Nidoking Kid

on hold
ravestars85-(I'll send when you make your sales post)Clear Nidoking Kid

I'm still interested in attaining Tyranitar, Pupitar, Larvitar, Ekans and Arbok Kids. I'll post pictures of my collection once I get home and find my camera.
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Pokémon DVDs

I finally netted a copy of the first and third volumes of the Orange Island DVDs, which now completes that series for me! Hurray!

I'm slowly trying to get all of the Pokémon DVDs with the original English voice cast (minus the insanely hard to find and expensive volumes of Johto Journeys), but I'm having difficulty locating the first two volumes of Johto League Champions. I'm asking here because I keep getting sniped on ebay and just can't find them anywhere else. I'm also after all movies from the fourth one on and any from Advanced Battle, but not as high of a priority.

Does anyone have Region 1 copies they'd be willing to sell? I can pay via Paypal. :)
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noo stuffz

Awwright, first up, the picture I promised of my first Jumbo card!
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Next, I was going to wait until I recieved this before I posted about it, but I'm a loser and can't wait anymore, so here we go:
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Lastly, something a little odd...
I don't remember buying these cards from Candycafe, so could you confirm whether they were really supposed to come to me, or not?
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Huzzah for non-selling picture posts! =D
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eBay Mudkips?

I'm not sure if this is allowed or not, so uhm .. smack me if it's not?

I found this auction, and I really want the Mudkip .. but I don't like Blaziken. At all. :[ So I was wondering if anyone wanted to go in on this with me? Whoever does can have Blaziken and the Glacia thing, because I'm only interested in mister Mudkip.

I would only ask for half the price, and not charge shipping; so if it stays where it is, that'd basically be $2.25. I would ship the items as soon as I got it in the mail from the seller on ebay.

Anyone? :o


I also found this auction for a Jolteon plush if anyone is interested! I want it but can't afford it. They say it's from the Pokemon Center, so hopefully it's legit. Just thought I'd share incase anyone was looking for it. (:

Packages (fastest shipping I've ever seen)

 I got my packages today from miss_fuu_chan and ellonwye. I wasn't expecting them so soon, and my brother was delighted to have something to do (he was home sick). Everythings in perfect condition :D
And the cards were a great touch miss_fuu_chan! Thanks so much! Bulbasaur is his favourite pokemon, so he was bouncing around the place when he found a card of it. I'll go leave feed back now. You guys are awsome!!! Thanks so much!
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WoW - Khadgar


This Auction Is Closed:

Bidding is over!!! Below you will see whom the winners are, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am not expecting payment at this time, for wonderful SMJ is dragging their feet getting my box to me!!!

Current Bids:

Raikou - Highest Bidder - Norkia - $20.00
Entei - Highest Bidder - Enshogirl - $10.00

216handsbound I got my "Meowth in Love" card today and Thanks for the extra "goodies!!"
I'll have a collection update post here in the next couple of days once a few more packages reach my door!!!

Also, all items that have been paid for from my shop have been shipped today, thanks again!!!

Shop O' Pokemon Goodies

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Packages Recieved

So I just returned home today after being in TX since Saturday for my step father's funeral. What a better way to be welcomed home than by two packages harboring goodies of my favorite little fire puppies? ;o; It really cheered me up. Thank you taycs and grrrowly for the items. They are all happily with their fellow pups now. =3  (And the Squirtle taycs sent is happily in the hands of my friend, hehe.)

Also, I wanted to add pictures of the new additions and updated collection pictures... but my camera is MIA. =( Hopefully I can snag my friends and post some tomorrow.. ;-; Sorry for the lame post...
Happy Bat

Hey guyz :)

So I have a question for you guys :)

My friend has a E3 promo pikachu and he was wondering how much it's worth. I looked on e-bay but I couldn't find anything (I'm probably just dumb and put in the wrong search)

So any help is happy!


First off, I'd like to thank everyone in this community that wished me a happy birthday! ^_^ (To be honest, I think a lot of people either didn't know or forgot.)

It really means a lot to me, guys. I really enjoy being a part of this community, both as a moderator and fellow collector. I'm hoping for another great many years! ^^

Thank you for making part of my day special for me. I really mean it. :)




Just in time for my birthday, my 2nd custom SHINY UMBREON DOLL from Yutakayumi came!!!


Below the cut are large photos of my Umbreon Army! (The only things missing from it are my Umbreon hat and hoodie. ^_^) I've also got clear versions of the Umbreon kids (old and new), coming from SMJ. ^^

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Zukan Collection!

Well today I got my zukan peg from grrowwly (thank you!! The short one worked, but I know I'll need the tall one eventually, very kind to send two), so I can finally display my Shroomish/Breloom zukan properly! Yay! (Poor thing snapped in the mail) So with that here's my zukan complete with two new additions:

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Guh by Ghostmeast
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(no subject)

Those of you whom I sent packages to in the UK, Canada, and Australia, I would really appreciate it if you let me know when they arrive.
I'm a bit worried... The clerk didn't make me fill out ANY customs forms. I figured they changed their policies, that if they were under a certain weight/size, customs forms didn't matter, but I mailed something SUPER light in a bubble mailer today to the UK and I had to fill out a customs form for that. D: So I think the clerk was in error in telling me I didn't have to fill out anything. I even went up there and said "I'm going to need customs forms for these" and she just shook her head at me.

So, if the packages don't arrive within a reasonable amount of time, PLEASE let me know. This wouldn't be the first time the Savannah P.O.'s screwed me over (they didn't stamp my passport application, so I had to do it again and pay $20 for something that was THEIR mistake D:).

Also, as a collection update I now have Arcanine EX. Yay :3 FInally got it for under $15 on eBay.
I'd like to trade for the last cards/stickers I need... including:
-French Base Set Growlithe
-German Base Set Arcanine
-Chinese Base Set Arcanine
-Video Promo Japanese Base Set Arcanine (if it exists!)
-"Shadowless" American Base Set Arcanine
-1st ed. Base Set Growlithe and Arcanine
-Whatever Arcanine comes from the English set with the symbol of a mountain (Skyridge?)
-Holo D/P Arcanine (not reverse holo), either Jap. or Eng.
-more Cardass cards featuring the pups or skunks
-Arcanine Sandylion sticker
-Arcanine Bromide
-Growlithe Kids Sticker (my mint box never came with one ;-;)
-Amada stickers I don't have
-Pan stickers I don't have
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This and That

Okay, I failed at sending out packages this past weekend due to life slapping me in the face and my bank not sending funds over.

GOT THAT FIXED, will try to send them out this weekend! I'll mention when I do. :>

I'm double-checking the old sales post to who if everyone has paid, so I'll go ahead and make a list.

anuvia: $5 + s/h
antichrist: weavile bottle cap figure (on vacation)

A lot of these people I just gave their totals, so this isn't a scolding :>

bonjovis (echeck)
scarsofsunlight (paid monday-ish)

Also, I want to finish off the rest of my unwanted inventory, SOOO I'll just sell these guys. No bidding this time.

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