April 3rd, 2008

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I had spoken to someone on here a couple weeks ago about some zukan that they were interested in. The set was magnezone,togekiss, and lickilicky. They were interested in two of them from the set, I've got that lot of stuff coming in the next few days if you want to let me know who you are, so we can arrange payment when they arrive!
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What are these? o_O

So, forgive me if this is an incredibilty stupid question... But what in the world are these "pracoro line-up" things? I was looking for the Arcanine one, but I still have no idea what they are. Just weird boxish figures? ;_; Help please...?

They are a dice game! =D Thanks popsixx for letting us know!

(Larger image)

What to search for: プラコロ
Directions for the game.
Some information on it.
More information.

What the packaging looks like:

A Few Y!J Auctions:

Edit: Added a larger image in case you want a closer look. =x
Edit2: New information and links on the dice game figures, thanks to popsixx ^_^

Cards Received! :)

Today, I received poke-goodies in the mail from chibisilverwing! ^___^ Thank you SO much for the fire chickens and other goodies! <333 Please tell me if you got the cards I sent you, okay? I want them to get to you safe and sound. :) Here's two pics of my new goodies:

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As a side not, I took pics last night of most of the stuff I'm gonna sell, so expect my sales post to pop up sometime in the near future. Also, pending time schedules, my bf and I plan on going back to Little Tokyo to get the pez dispensers for those who have requested them. If anyone else would like to jump on this offer, please do so. As a courtesy, I'll let you guys know the exact day we will be heading out there when such an arrangement is made. For those of you who missed out on the post for the pez dispensers, or if you just want to refer back to it for pricing, images, and selection, please click here. Thanks again! :)

Please note that if you'd like to combine your dispenser with anything you may purchase from me in the future, you're more than welcome. Just let me know in my sales post. ^_^
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Hey guys,

I remember ages and ages ago, someone posted a link to a list of all the pokekids. Anyone know of a list like that? I use zukanranger for zukans, that's a good one.

Also, if there are lists like that for anything else, like Tomy figures, please post.

I'll also post a picture of my growing elekid/electabuzz/electivire collection. For now, I'm looking at what I am missing. I know there is a bunch of electivire figures (I have to figure out which one I have) and elekid plushies. The next thing on my wishlist is the TGC holder so I can put my ele cards in there. I've only seen them on ebay from England, and it would cost me $27 because of conversion and shipping. Though that's not too bad since that's high on my want list, but I'm sure I can get it for less. The talking electivire (which I have yet to get) seems to go for about $10 on ebay. Actually, looking through my email, I paid $27 total for a whole bunch of things from Gin's Sunyshore including the OMG *faint* one and only electabuzz plushie!

I also have a bunch of stuff to sell on here, though I have to learn2ship internationally.

Also, I have to say a huge THANKS to tortoises for watching for ele stuff for me in this com when I wasn't :D

LOTS of stuff mailed! Updates

'Kay guyz I mailed out a LOT of stuff today

Kairi_XII- your shinx card is finally out!

Flygon- our card trade is finally on its way to you, along with some extras.

Castform- your grass sticker/card is on its way.

216handsbound- Your giant package full of your YJ stuff is on its way PRIORITY so it should be there by Saturday! c: Anyone who ordered zukan from 216handsbound this is your stuff too so be excited! :3

And to those who won -my- zukan auction (before the rules changed sorry) I've put in a shipping request, and they should be here next week! Thanks again~!

That's all for now *flops over* I hate going to the post office .___.

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Hello, fellow pokemon obsessors! (Is that a word?) Anyway, today I got to visit the Airman's Attic. What is the Airman's Attic? Well, as you may or may not know, I am in the Air Force. The Airman's Attic is a small place where military members and their families can drop off items they no longer want--dishes, furniture, clothes, toys--and lower ranking Airmen can pick up these items for free. Well, I was having a grand time digging through the large pile of plushes they had there, and I came across this little gem:

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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SALES POST - Pan Stickers, Figures, and More

CLOSED for now! I may post another sales post in a week or two!

It's that time again~

- All prices are in USD.
- Shipping rates for figures starts at $2.50 in the US and $3.00 international, unless stated otherwise. Rates may increase with bulkier shipments, but I WILL gladly combine shipping!
- I accept money order and concealed cash (at your own risk) within the USA and paypal regardless of location.
- HOLD POLICY - If you have bought from me in the past, then I can allow a one-week hold period, after which the item will go back up for sale if not paid for. Otherwise, I require immediate payment unless you are sending a money order/cash.
- Packages will be mailed no later than Wednesday of next week unless there's an emergency or some sort.
- Please include the name of the item, its price, and your location when ordering! It helps speed things up tremendously!

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Thank you!
WoW ♥ Malygos Forms


YAY! My Sunyshore package arrived!!!!!!!

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I also got another package. :3 It was a commission of Umbreon and Glaceon I got done by tiikay@DA.com. ^-^

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Status on people who paid for items
I havent shipped anything out yet cause I need envelopes first. I'll try to ship em out sometime next week! :3


rukarioh ~ Did you still wanna do the card/figure trade? Guess not. Didnt contact me and sold the figure out from under me without telling me. I'll put the cards back then.

shesatiger ~ Are you still interested in the orange articuno? You still havent paid for it as you said you would. ^^;

becky_girl92 ~ Are you still interested in the Mewtwo card? You havent gotten back to me on that yet.

And last but not least. I'm selling a Darkrai Chou. The one pictured is mine but the one I'm selling is still in the package, perfect condition. :3

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Sorry for multiple posts, but the picture of the Croagunk shirt I posted reminded me that I -do- have pokemon related clothing! Three shirts and three hats, so I took 3 pics modelling them.


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DB// yup that was me
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grrrowly, I got the Stak earlier this week! wicked shipping time. :DDD NOW EBAY CAN'T TAUNT ME WITH IT ANYMORE HAHA.
gin, I got the massive amount of slowpokes yesterday ;w ; I actually cleaned around my monitor so I could set them all up. Poor Magikarp had to vacate due to the 'poke overload.

One day I will tell the story of Slowdude, but not now. For it is too long, and far too epic to be included in this post.

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Char-line looooove~

New Stuff :DD

Before the holy grail arrives and my HUGE box from sunyshore, I shall post with pics of what I have gotten from all of you wonderful people in the past few weeks :D

I am so giddy. My collection ha outgrown its very large shelf...I need to go to Ikea!!!

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Also: if anyone has any zukan pegs I need 2 D: I am also looking for venomoth/venonat kids (I just want a couple to round out my very tiny collection).
Dragonite zukan! You have = I want XD
Mothim kid figure anyone :OOO?
And of course I'm always on the lookout for charmander/charmeleon/charizard kids, and well as ponyta and vulpix :DD

EDIT: Everyone who isn't Gin, if you have been awaiting payment, you should get it within the next couple of days. I paid everyone other than happyjolteon two-three days ago. happyjolteon I paid today :)

ALSO: Does anyone have a Gameboy SP lying around that they would be willing to part with for 25-35$? My girlfriend has been looking for one. That and a copy of Pokemon Crystal :(

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Wow, I'm really starting to like Zukans now. I got the Feraligatr Zukan I ordered from someone here(forgot who :x ), and now I wish I could have ordered the Typhlosion/Meganium ones from them, too. I personally think the Jhoto starters are the coolest.

(is this how they're supposed to be placed? Feraligatr almost takes over the entire stand)

Unfortunately I have to keep them in my collection box because I'm afraid of another cat attack. OH, speaking of which, I found my lost Zigzagoon Zukan that I thought my cat ate! It was under the bed, so one of them was at least playing with it. :| But never again.

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in a post office in yokohama:

me: hey... that's a salamence plush in that toy box!
soshi: yeah, its always been in there.
me: and a huge donphan! *picks up salamence* this is a really rare UFO catcher, wow.
a little girl: /um, that's a pokemon./
me: *grinning* /i know... it's bo-mander./
little girl: ..................../yes. you can probably buy it if you visit the pokemon center./
me: *whipping my bag around to flash my canadian raichu clip plush and magnemite buttons*
little girl and her brother: wow!!!!

at the airport:

airport staff lady: we have a cat here. (lifting soshi's cat onto the luggage weighing thing)
luggage scan guy (had to be like 40-50's): .... you say cat, but i see a raichu. *staring at my bag*
another airport staff: *leans down to poke the sleeping pikachu sticker on the cat carrier*

japan is truely kingdom of pokemon. pokemon reigns surpreme! it's hard to explain how pokemon comes into our lives daily living here, but it truely is fun for a pokemon fan.

in other news: who loves lapras? for 12$, help out your lapras collection in one clean sweep! gotta love it when people on Y!J give up loving a pokemon D:... i guess.

and, i am removing my reasons i had here for why the "new pokemon" is not regigigas or aruceus because i guess i made it look like i actually give a crap :P

Sales Post and Fake Cards 101

Hello again to one and all! ^_^ I guess my sales post came sooner than I thought. Heh. What I will post today is not all I'm willing to sell. This is just most of it. I will sell my other Pokemon stuff at a later date. For now, I wanna see how well this little sale will go. :)

Shipping charges will be at the end of each description, next to the cost of each item. Prices are non-negotiable, unless stated otherwise. I'm also willing to do trades. I don't have a list as of yet on what I'm looking for, but I'll give you the "quick" list at the end of this post of what I REALLY want.

Also, with permission from the mods here, I'd like to take this time to give you guys a little course regarding fake cards. My bf and I recently bought quite a number of them from Little Tokyo and regret it to some extent. I'm using our bad investment as a tool to provide you guys with more knowledge regarding fake cards. If this is not allowed in the comm, please feel free to delete any unwanted text

Be aware that everything is image HEAVY under the cuts..

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Lucky Star: Oversoul

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Oh wow, it's been a while XD

This is going to be a multipurpose post, so most will be behind cuts! :3

Firstly, I received my flareon bell keychain almost a week ago now, from eeveelution! Thankyouuu!!
I'm crap however and I always forget to post.

It's fantastic! Does anyone else have the other two/info on the other two?!!

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Next, a couple of collection updatey thingies.

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Thirdly, after a long time searching, I can finally add the espeon friends plush to my collection!

This means I only need two more espeon things to complete my collection. These are the normal pokekid and the V-Trainer figure. If you have either of these, talk to meh :P

And last but not least, I am going to be going to Tokyo for the 11th Movie premier!! ^o^ I am SO excited, and so happy to finally get to go, it's going to be awesomefun :3
I'll be staying with heerosferret, who kindly offered to put me up so I could go, but we were wondering, is anyone else going to be in Japan around the 16th of July??
If you are, message us X3