April 4th, 2008


Fun with Y!J

I know I posted not too long ago, but I've been having way too much fun browsing Y!J. XD

I found a few things featuring Pokémon that I know people collect around here (like Wailord, Jolteon, Sandshrew, Kangaskhan, and Mew).

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I also took people's advice and have joined up at Akibado. I worry for my bank account now that I can use Y!J. ^^;

The only problem is I'll have to miss an auction for a little figure I haven't seen before ending in less than 5 hours. It makes me very sad since it's such a cutie (he has a little mantis butt!), but at least I can get some other things.
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So what's the market like on factory error cards? Not just misprints, but unique ones. I'm kinda kicking myself because once I got a pack and all the cards inside were cut along the corner. They were all legit, so I kept them for a few months, then (this is the kicking myself part) sold them to a local collector. Anyone interested in things like that? I know there's a market for factory error plushies, but nothing about the cards.

...also, we need a "discussion" tag or something.
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Eeveelution auction ends today at 10PM EST!

Here's the link! This auction is for an Eevee/leafeon/glaceon Handkerchief and I have one of the Eeveelution mini binders for sale. Both of these are in the auction, prices are still low, and the auction ends tonight! Bid! Bid! Bid!

I've also got a couple of brand new, sealed Zukans for sale!


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Sales help!

I'm going to be posting a sales post soon and I just have a few general questions, sorry if it's repetitive. :(

1) What is adequate shipping for cards/figures/plushes? I was thinking $1 for cards (in a security envelope), $2 for figures (in tiny bubble envelopes), and $4 for plushies (in boxes). That reasonable?

2) Where's a good place to get a decent price list from? I have a LOT of cards and a ton of toys, and I don't want to over-price my stuff.

3) For cards in other languages, would the price be cut in half? And for 1st edition, double or plus fifty cent?

4) Is there a list of how much money paypal takes per dollar so I know how to properly charge for the paypal fee?

Thanks in advance!
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My package from SMJ finally arrived!!! No, this package didn't include the Legendary Bird Bell plush, that is still on route to SMJ headquarters here in the U.S.!!!
I plan to keep my Suicune MINT in the box, since I have a mint assembled one already on display!! As for Entei and Raikou they were auctioned off and the following lucky people won:

Raikou - Highest Bidder - norkia  - $20.00  RECEIVED!!
Entei - Highest Bidder - enshogirl  - $10.00 RECEIVED!!

You can Paypal me at Pheonixxfoxx(at)cox.net...If you are in the U.S. then just add an additional $2.00 for shipping, for outside the U.S. then add $3.00....

I have a small shop update:


I'm also planning to have a collections update in the next few days, I am redoing the pictures in my collection journal posts so things appear more organized and less image heavy!! I already got my Absol collection section updated, so check it out:


I have a ton of new Suicune and Luxray things to show off...Oh, and a Team Rocket Zukan on the way!!!


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I know I haven't been around very much - I have some serious RL problems going on right now, and my collecting is temporarily on hold because of it. However, I received packages!
anuvia, received the Pidgey Zukan! It's one of my fave Zukan, and the drawing was adorable <3 Let me know when you receive Pidgeot & Growlithe cards! (It's been sent out a little late because of everything going on, sorry about that >>;) Thank you so much!
shiny_vulpix, received Riolu! Thank you so much for getting him for me - And the drawing was adorable, I love it <3
thelineaalba, received Mightyena! So adorable, thank you!

Also, happyjolteon - I worked out the shipping cost for those three figures and according to Royal Mails site, the shipping cost would be $30 via Airmail. They weigh a little under 800g. That's what the site says anyway, but if you want, I can send them out and, if it comes to less, refund you the difference.
warandromance - Sorry for taking so long, are we still up for that trade? ^^

I still need to leave feedback for a couple of members, I'll do that soon.

Aaaaaand FINALLY, so this post isn't completely boring, here's a couple of collection pics.

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WANTED: Glaceon pokekid

glaceonkids.jpg picture by wolfhond
So, is anyone willing to sell Glaceon pokekid for me?  EDIT:// I don't wanna that you misunderstand me, so, I am not asking you to sell your own cuties. I am  just looking for one(if someone finds cheap auction or someone is gonna sell one in the future etc). ^__^'

But! I had another reason to post. New figures arrived today. :D

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//And I am reticent, as always. <D//

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EDIT: YAY! shinx gets a metal collection figure in july! :D who wants to bet one of the kids will catch a shinx sometime in summer? seriously, so much shinx stuff suddenly.

OVER. regen claimed the latties, and this was a stake-your-claim, not an auction for highest bidder (because if it was i'd be profiting and i REALLY only mean to offer my services @_@;)

regen: 90$ for both latties
sugargerbil: 40$ for zigzagoon
skinst_bomb: 20$ for plusle and minun

its a complete set of ultra-rare plushies including zigzagoon! but its about 150$ for all of them ._.

considering the last zigzagoon i got for someone was about 60$ after everything, its not that bad a deal, but its also MBOK, and no auction service will bid on MBOK.

so - if anybody really wants the zigzagoon.... contact me, and i will get it for you (and i wont tack on a fee XD;;;). if you want to organize a group thing, let me know, and i'll buy the set for you :)

i know zigzagoon is a super sought after plush, and it IS really cute!


Just to make it clear, and a a small hiatus.

I commented to heerosferret's mod post, but I think my comment probably became swallowed up in the sea of others, which is, fine, but I just want to make sure all of you know that if you feel I am doing something wrong, please do not feel afraid to speak up about it.

We all make mistakes. I am nowhere near perfect. I actually like to hear your opinions on things - I like to think I am a very reasonable individual, and am extremely patient and willing to listen, so please, if there's every something you need to complain about or question (including if it is about ME), then by all means, go right ahead. ^_^

The other thing I need to post about.

Next week, starting from tomorrow, might be a bit hard on me for a personal reason.

I want to try to make the best of things, but I want to minimize any chances of stress, if possible. This has nothing to do with anything that happened in the community, as I was planning it.


This is the only time I will ask that you please do not contact me about community related things. ^_^; I will still watch the community, but I probably just won't be as active for the week.

After that, I'll be back full-swing. Thank you for understanding. heerosferret and badgerr_ftw will still be around.
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