April 5th, 2008

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lineaalba :: I got the Charizard and Raichu v-trainers! The Charizard is so FAT AND CUTE!! ;___; And my friend will LOVE the Raichu, he's got the biggest ears I've ever seen! I gave wolvenillusion the Morty thing, 'cause she wanted it. XD So all of us are happy thanks to you! <33

dunsparce :: I got the German 'Hier kommt Team Rocket' ! :D It's so PRETTY OMFG. German + Team Rocket = LOVE. Two of my absolute favorite things all in one. And thank you so much for the Larvitar, Slowpoke (which is LFSDJ adorable!!), and the Rocket's Minefield Gym. C: !!!

I'll be posting my collection soon, I just splurged and bought a few more Typhlosion cards on ebay .. ahah. Dx

And 216handsbound :: Have you received/mailed that Chatot zukan yet? o_o I haven't gotten it, and I apologize if I missed a journal you made saying you were having trouble or something, I'm rather unobservant sometimes. Dx
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My computer is annoying, gaiz. -_-

I really hope this is allowed, so um basically I had an entire list of people I was buying/selling/trading with and some kind of...thing happened. I'm too computer-stupid I figure out what happened or where it is (not that it was perfect anyway), but basically please, if you have been considering/waiting to make a transaction with me, please post here so it can be sorted out as soon as possible, since I know I never finished sorting things out with a couple people! I am severely annoyed at myself right now, and I feel absolutely awful and annoyed. ><

Here's my Sales Post to refresh your memory or, if we have yet to interact, expose you to all the awesome stuff I'm selling. Selling terms are all at the very top. Don't forget the free comission with every purchase! ^-^

shiny_vulpix: As I told you, the money has been sent! ^-^

skinst_bomb: Just got your e-mail! Upon finding a more *cough* suitable and safe way to send the card (and finishing your picture) it shall be...well, sent.

sari_sumdac: Got your payment! Again, once I find the safest way to ship cards *doesn't know where to find Top Loaders or whatever* they will be shipped out with your picture (which came out quite well, imo). :3

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Pokémon GBAs

Just a reminder that today I will be going to a local game store which has various rare Pokémon GBAs for sale. If anyone would like me to pick one up on their behalf; just leave a comment in my previous entry. Please only comment if you want to buy one or have a question!

I will be out for most of the day and unable to provide immediate responses. I will be back home at around 4:30PM EST before heading out to that store, so get your questions and requests in by that time. Thanks!

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here is what i really want to say: PLEASE, do not be afraid to call out the mods just like you would any other member if we do something retarded. you aren't gonna be banned if you put us in our place. i cannot speak for the other mods, but if you contact me with a problem you have with me, it will be resolved WITHOUT you being banned or screamed at. and also, please do not worry that mods band together to break rules together. i have reminded fellow mods anytime a rule was broken, and it has not been allowed to slip.

if you ever feel a mod is breaking a rule and getting away with it, or if you have a problem with any moderation policy here, please don't be scared to contact me about it/or even reply to this post right now and tell us about it. i offer myself up to you, have at us, so we can better ourselves and the community :D

second of all... what the heck are these? obviously not japanese, but they dont look shitty enough to be bootleg. i have to assume they are tho, since i have no idea where they come from. does any of you peoples know? :D

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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A few notes and a picture...

Plugging my sales one more! I've lowered prices on some things, so please check it out!

If I have arranged trades of any sort with you, I have not forgotten about them! I haven't been able to make it to the post office for a while and yesterday was very tiring and trying for me, so my responses were limited to near-copypasta'd transaction confirmations.

Also, I've grown a little attached to Palkia over the past few days (some may know why XD), and while I can't buy just anything right now, I want to ask... Does anybody have a Palkia zukan for sale or trade? I really can't spend more than $10 shipped for one at this moment, but perhaps I can offer something in my sales post or artwork to make up the difference? (While Time Pony remains my favorite of the two, I've gained a whole new love for the other. XD)

Finally, a picture of my (literally) growing Carnivine collection...

Lame joke, I know, but I've been fascinated with carnivorous flora for my entire life yet only now went out and bought my first flytrap yesterday. XD I couldn't resist taking a picture of it with my Carnivine pokekid!

another zukan set group buy perhaps?

Hey all, I was doing a bit of scanning myself, and found a set of zukan, but I only want one figure from the set.

http://www.zukanranger.com/gsc.php?set=3 this is the set, and the only one I want is dragonite. (zukan ranger rocks) Everything else would be up for grabs. This is a pricy set though, and with shipping, each figure would be around 12.00 each. Would anyone be interested in a group buy on these? I would love to go in on them! I just dont want to pay a fortune for figures, and then be stuck with em. if I can get interest in at least 6 of them, I'll absorb the cost of the others. Prices will not be any higher for you guys.

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We won!


YAY. I get another mudkip!

featherclaw and space_fight :: How to do this? :o

space_fight wants the Glacia thing if you don't really want it, featherclaw, but I don't want to make the call on that. It's up to you. If you decide to let her have it, then we'll split the auction three-way; it sold for $5.49. Divided by three it's $1.83 each, but in half it's $2.75. So I'll let you guys decide what you want to do.

If no resolution can be made then I'll keep it between me and featherclaw, since she was interested first .. that only seems fair to me. :(

Please let me know! I'll be paying for this in the next day or so and probably will receive it in a week, so you have time to talk this through. (:


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I just received a few cards I won on Ebay last week, and oh my gosh look at that Dark Raichu! I didn't know it'd be that sparkley, that's insane!

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The entire lot I received. Of course I only wanted the reverse holo version, so the other two will be going in my shop pretty soon to anybody that's interested. These three are from the LEGENDARY COLLECTION, not Team Rocket, so don't get them confused.
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Possible reserves/GA

After many months spent trying to bring her over to the dark side (ekekeke |3), I and my girlfriend, penanna, are thinking of going halves on a zukan set from ebay. However the set itself is prettty expensive, so we were wondering what interest there would be in the set if we bought it. We only want to take two zukan out of it, the rest will be up for grabs as and when we get it, depending on the interest, of course. And we will only get it if we get interest XD

So is anyone interested in this set?

The zukan set is this one [link to individual images @ zukanranger]
The zukan we will be looking to keep are the skitty/delcatty and the flygon line. Though I may relinquish skitty/delcatty for the right price :P

Uhmm, make a vague suggestion as to how much you'd be willing to pay, it would help us out a lot ^^
I'll post again if I decide claims are feasible, or a group auction may be a possibility. Lulz.

Also, does anyone have any phone charms of Riolu, Piplup, Turtwig, Plusle, Minun, Mantyke, and Mew to sell? =O

"Pocket Monster Du Le Fleur" toy/figure on eBay

I'm auctioning off the mysterious "Pocket Monster Du Le Fleur" toy/figure I'd asked about here a few weeks ago - never did find more info on it, though!

I have the Pikachu one. I have not unwrapped its components, which makes for a less-than-stellar photo, but I'd just as soon leave them wrapped and truly "new." US only due to concerns about exporting the seeds/potpourri.
IT&#39;S GIN!

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we wonnnnnn those plushies, guys! :D our total with fees and shipping to my house is


so please paypal MY LJ NAME@yahoo.co.jp with these totals! TRUE FACT: these totals do not reflect shipping to your homes. once i have the plush i'll weigh them and give a proper shipping fee, that you can pay next week. :D i'm also adding paypal fees and whatnot (otherwise i'll lose money doing this D:)

regen: 97.00$
skinst_bomb: 26.50$
sugargerbil: 46.00$

also, i found the actual PLUSH photos of the april plushies. they will be out in a few weeks! i'll update with them then - this week (tomorrow) will also have a TINY sunyshore update, if you are interested (some more plastic models and bobble heads, also some tomy figures :D)

um....the sketch made staraptor plush look different/better design... but i think its just a re-release of the other one... *chokes back a small sob* D:::: well at least they are making the huge one ;-;

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Espeon Look up



All the zukan [from my auction] arrived safely and perfect today! They have also ALL been redirected to their new owners! So expect them next week everyone!! Everyone got a few free gifts, and I hope you like them! One persons I sealed it up then had to reopen it to add the extra stuff! I PROMISE Its tapped and retapped good! All zukan are wrapped in bubble wrap AND placed in bubble mailers AND stamped as FRAGILE!  All the sets came factory sealed, I had to open Cresselia/Manaphy and the Eggs/sunkern and honchkrow/chatot to be sure everyone got their correct pegs and such. I promise I checked and double checked EVERYTHING! Just let me know when you guys get your stuff please. ;3

ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO RESERVED/BOUGHT CHOU FROM ME! Still waiting on those cuties in the mail! I promise to let you all know when they arrive! To those who pre-paid they will be shipped the day they arrive, to those who reserved I will give you your invoices and as soon as payment clear they will be shipped. :3

obscurevibrance Your e-check cleared and your card shipped today as well!! So expect it soon!! <3<3

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