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its fine weather for LJ to be sucking (in japan we are having torrential downpours, who else lives on a tropical and volcanic island?)

first of all, make sure you reply to THIS POST about problems with icer01 and the shipments that have not arrived after eight weeks. hopefully its not another TKsama ._. doesnt someone here know icer personally? and apparently it was all sent seamail? but even seamail usually would have arrived by now.

PS: nobody ever send seamail. i will throttle the next person on this community who sends something seamail. just pay the extra shipping, gah!

second! stamps! i know some of you have stamps because ive sold plenty of them in sunyshore! does anybody use their stamps, or do they just sit around? yesterday i decided to use some of my stamps - on my ALARM CLOCK!!!! now someone else go stamp something and show me a picture so my alarm cloc k doesnt feel gay (gay as in homosexual).

i also have a gym badge question under the cut.

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Surfing Pika

Sales, sales, sales!

I desperately owe this community some collection photos. ;__; Unfortunately, there's one thing looming on my want list, so that's going to have to wait a little bit.


My Sales Policy (Please read before buying!)
* Shipping within the US will run about $1.25 for flat items, and $2.00 and up for non-flat items. I do ship internationally, but expect to pay more for shipping.
* My primary payment method is Paypal. Want to arrange something else? Let me know, and we may be able to work things out! I definitely prefer Paypal, however.
* I do my best to ship things as fast as I can. However, I'm a full-time college student and I don't drive, so it sometimes takes me up to a week to ship things out. I generally ship within 2-3 days, however.
* Please feel free to make offers and barter if you don't like my prices! I do take trades. I collect non-flat items of the following Pokémon: Mew, Eevee and evolutions (particularly Umbreon and Leafeon, but all of them), Surfing Pikachu, Chikorita, Buizel, and Marill and evolutions. I'm very partial to plush, however, so if you have plush that aren't these Pokémon, go ahead and try me! XD
* I will hold things for up to three days. If I don't hear from you by the third day, your hold on the item expires and will go back up for sale.

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I apologize if I don't get back to you immediately--I have a class I'm leaving for shortly, and I'll be responding to comments when I get back. :D Thanks everyone!

Collection Update!

Hay guyz so I got in a BOAT LOAD (okay so a huge box) of stuff from 216handsbound, I dont have time to take full photos of everything [yet] so here was my favorite:

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If you have a moment please respond to this with your email, or AIM or somewhere I can contact you since I cant send you a message through LJ. I have something I need to talk with you about in reguards to the kids you sent me. Thanks!!
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Mini SALES POST! Pogs/discs and a couple of stickers!

I got my latest SMJ shipment... I bought a rather large assortment of cardboard discs and I only wanted one!
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Policies: No holding, Paypal only. I ship on Mondays and Wednesdays. Echecks are okay! Shipping insurance is available, but at an additional cost.

I ALSO have three plush auctions going right now on eBay! http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZgrrrowly
I have the rare Hasbro Lugia plushie, a chibi Mewtwo UFO catcher plush, and the Hasbro Mewtwo beanie.
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hey guys! while the americans sleep, if anybody is bored or wants to talk about pokemon, join the AIM chat "pkmncollectors"! let's just talk and get to know eachother better! plus, i'm really bored! right now i'm just sitting in my myself so join if you want to!


so this post isnt totally pointless, here's the tags i propose we use on the community! just voice your opinions here! or come and chat! :D

if you have a post about general merch how about the tag "merchandise"! of course you can use plush, keychains, pokemon kids, figures, etc.... but i wonder if these would get too crazy? as there are jakks figures, tomy figures, etc... if its a post about of or about your collection, then "collection"! i also think "discussion" is a good one for questions and general discussion!

and of course, pop in the pokemon you are posting about! also feel free to fix up tags someone forgot!

so right now we have... (as general use tags)

*name of pokemon*

any more suggestions? what do you think of "help", or a tag for leftover stuff?
articuno -- ice beam

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It was an okay trip, I managed to pick up a few things within the very sad, sad selection Little Tokyo in Los Angeles had....okay only two things. :/

lazer, I'm ready for your total -- as well as anyone else who held my items. Thank you very, very much for this favor. ^_^;

So this post isn't as meaningless as the last one, I'll post my teeny, tiny collection~

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[Looking for V Trainer's!]

So! how is everyone here on Pkmncollectors?! ^__^ I've been a member for a little over a week now, and I'm loving this place; thank you for all the kind welcomes and the responses to my introduction post; I'm expecting lots of goodies in the mail now! Get ready for some spam yo! XD

Two important things for this entry! One: new Pokemon!

Ta daa! xD Bonsly Chou Ghetto at the front there from my beloved. ,3 And Lucario, Bonsly and Mantyke-er, whatever the hell they are xD From Tesco of all places! They came in the Pokeballs sat behind them along with a pack of candy and some stickers (as show behind Bonsly) There was a chance of 6 Pokemon; Bonsly, Buziel, Lucario, Mantyke, Mime JR, and Weavile. Surprisingly enough, I put in £4/$8 (99p each/$2), and got the three that I wanted; these three! kiraras_lemon was with me and opened the Lucario one, I could've died xDD
 I think I've decided that my three fave Pokemon are Mantyke, Bonsly and Jirachi; 15" Jirachi plush want ;-; Anyway xD

We ended up with a Weavile too, which I I'm putting up for sale ^_^ I'm going to sell it for £0.99/$2, as that's exactly how much I paid for it, but if anyone would like to offer higher then I'd love the extra monies xD

See above for more info ^o^ Comes with all that you see here!
Lowest Price: £0.99/$2
Shipping: US: $4/UK: £2
For more info, please ask ^^

Also. I'm hunting, seriously hunting, for the Espeon and the Umbreon V Trainer set! I know the Umbreon wasn't released officially, and that some seller from Hong Kong on Ebay has them, but no-one knows who aforementioned seller is lol. But my bunny (kiraras_lemon) isn't happy ;-; SO! The sky is the limit! If you have one and/or both and are willing to part with them, or know any information about where I can get them from, please let me know. Help a girl cheer her bunny up ^__^

Ja ne!
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