April 9th, 2008


Auction Reminder

I just want to remind people who might be interested that the auctions from my sales post are ending tonight at midnight EST and that everything purchased from there will be shipped out tomorrow. :3

The Charmander/Pika figure, Dragonite/Blastoise figure, and Flareon cards have no bids at all. They feel unloved. D:

super toy get !!

Wahhh I love this community <33 Today I received my box from tsukiyashi, which I've been very excited to get! Went ahead and got pictures of everything else I've purchased~

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I'll be making a sales post sometime soon, hopefully! :3 And now, to create my THINGS WANTED list, make a pretty sales post, procrastinate on my stupid interview project due Friday..


oh gosh this came so much faster than i anticipated!

gosh lazer GOSH its so cute. ;_; ill make it an icon one day JUST YOU SEE

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to add more substance to this post, i ask a question!:
what was the first item or thing that sparked your collection? what was the thing that made you want to start collecting, in other words. :D

i joined here in july of last year, and gin was selling the 10th anniversary bottle cap figures... i bought the darkrai one from her... and much purchasing commenced afterwards. :O
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First off, everyone who bought Zukans in the group auction a while back - I got them in today! They're all packed up and I've sent everyone an email letting them know (although I know some of you guys don't check your paypal email ;) ) Since most of them arrived sealed, I only opened the ones that I had to split - the rest were shipped according to the labels the seller put on them. They should all be correct, but if you receive the wrong Zukan please let me know!!

I have some of my new Zukans and some other stuff I want to share under the cut, so take a look if you like ^_^

(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures, my good-lighting time is not very long ^_^;)

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I have some new Dialga as well, but I'm working on a website that lists the full collection, which I will post once I finish it. It's getting a bit unwieldy for an LJ page now...
I am also planning to have a sales post later this week, but there is a lot lot lot of new stuff so it may take me a while to get all the pictures. Included are many Pokedex figures, pencil toppers, Chou Get, Pan stickers, and more!


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I received a small package today from Tsukiyashi today, and even though it's small I really like the things I got

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Okay, yeah that's everything. Now, a question. Does anybody have a Typhlosion Zukan they're willing to sell? I'm about to purchase a Meganium one soon, and would like the Cyndaquil line to complete the Jhoto starter Zukan set. lol, I remember when I didn't want anything to do with Zukan because I thought they were too tiny, but now I scour through every Zukan selling post, eagerly hoping to find some awesome Zukan I must have XD

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For those of you who use ebay, and buy from sellers directly in Japan, do you ever get the insurance/tracking?

Edit: Ok. So I figured everyone would say they don't and I was write so far. I also never get it, but I couldn't help wonder what everyone else did.
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Collection update!

The last time I posted any new additions, I was living with my grandparents. Since then, I've moved back home and I'm working on organizing my collection display. It's far from being finished, but here's some new items I've received from various community members lately, as well as some highlights from a recent SMJ shipment. :D

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about cups!

this is a post about pokemon dishes. i've just had a day all about them, so why not post?

i always ignored these cups, because the designs are usually really shitty and feature lots of starters/main pokemon/movie pokemon. never did i dream one design featured luxio and luxray - not as the central pokemon, but featured amongst only 2 other pokemon! WOW! and....luxray's two other pokemon? are two OTHER members of my team. damn!!! now if the other side had raichu, magnezone and staraptor... :D

so cups GET. photos by happyjolteon! who also told of the cups. love <3

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anybody else have any special pokemon dish or thing-for-eating? :>
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I bid on a LedyLegs plush thinking I would easily be outbid- but I wasn't! It was such a compulsive thing to do. I never liked Darkrai much until I saw the movie and found it so funny when his legs just FELL OUT of his body.

I may have developed a obsession with LadyLegs in the same sense that I have an obsession with happy Time Ponies.

I mean it's coming from China xD