April 10th, 2008

Mew Giddy

Bought, Sent, Received and Selling

Yup, it's me again! Got a few things to say this time around.

For anyone who is interested in buying cards from me: I finally bought a package of top loaders so that cards can be sent without worry about damage. My only question is: do you need some kind of slip to put them in INSIDE the top loaders or are they fine in top loaders alone? :P

On that note: skinst_bomb, I sent off your Ampharos today! I hope you like the picture as much as I do! :3

kiraras_lemon, thank you soooo much! I finally got him! Admittedly he's way smaller than I had anticipated, and darnit he falls off his peg really easily, but I love him so much!
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Lastly, my sale of the retired charm gachausa of the Legendary Pokémon from series two. I still have a bunch leftover, which are brand new and have NOT been taken out of their capsules! Since they're basically retired and still in fine condition I am selling them for $2.25 each (remember each one comes with a free commission!). If you want to haggle then give it a try, but I literally spent over $25 at that gachausa machine and if I don't sell all of them I want to cover PART of the expenses. >>
Celebi x3: $2.25 each (never-been-opened perfect condition)
Deoxys x2: $2.25 each (never-been-opened perfect condition)
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To the people who have shown interest:
sari_sumdac: I have your cards ready, as well as the Mewtwo. Waiting for you to check if you have any Mewtwo stuffs if you're willing to trade back, I suppose. :P

shiny_vulpix: Glad you got the money, and I looked through your Sales Post and didn't really see anything that caught my eye in exchange for the Rayquaza. I'm not sure if I want to keep it - thing is I want either Lugia or Rayquaza, and...I'm not sure which one I want. ^^; Tp be honest I think I'd prefer Rayquaza so er...I dunno, if you really want it I can just stick with Lugia, or I can sell you Lugia instead? ^^; Up to you, really.

sonicelectric: Please confirm if you would like that Jirachi charm! If you don't then I've got another customer. :P

regen: We shall wait for sonicelectric's decision. I shall work on your art in the meantime. ^^


Auction End

Here's the totals for the winners of my little auctions. I should be able to send these guys out as early as tomorrow/Thursday, as soon as I receive payment.

Please send Paypal to bscyther at hotmail dot com

keisuro - Mew vs. Pikachu = $15
unowncafe - Blastoise vs. Dragonite = $13

Totals for the Eevee cards:
penanna - Umbreon + Espeon + Leafeon + Dawn Stadium = $19.50 ($20.50 if you would like the Togetic also)
sari_sumdac - Vaporeon = $8
chatsy - Umbreon + Glaceon + Eevee + Dawn Stadium = $11.50
kefanii - Espeon = $5

-And so this isn't completely pointless, I'd like to point out to those who collect Pokémon DVDs/boxsets (like myself) that the Orange Islands is being released in May! It has a really cute cover, I think.
dr. raikou

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EDIT: the chat is going to hit 48 hours of activity soon. invite yourself on AIM to the chat "pkmncollectors"! XD

two things! first of all, i have the shipping costs for those plushies.
please pay to MY LJ NAME@yahoo.co.jp :D

regen: 312 grams 12.00$
sugargerbil: 116 grams 6.50$
skinstbomb: 392 grams 14.00

second of all, featherclaw so generously donated the rest of these electrics to the community. zapdos stamper is already taken, as long as electrike things - the rest are up for you guys! just make offers on the things, since i dont know what a lot of them are worth (most probably between 1-5$).

click under the cut for full size!

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Happy Bat

(no subject)

Hello guys!

Well first of all I would like to say that I've finally landed my mind on a pokemon I would like to collect. I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for Kabotops and looking back he has always been a pokemon that comes to my mink when I think of my favorite. So I really want to start collecting Kabotops and Kaboto things. I'm also going to start a Kyogre collection.

So I'm looking for any and all Kabotops, Kaboto, and Kyogre things. I'm willing to pay, trade, even make. I'm a good sculptor, I can even make custom tobacco pipes, I can draw for you, etc.

So please let me know what you have and what you are willing to sell it for and if you are willing to trade it for something as well. My art can be found at http://www.wereblood.com

Onto my cards. I found these recently and was wondering if anyone is interested in them. I'm not really looking to make money, more like I would love to trade for them, be it art, one of the pokemon I'm looking to start major collecting, or money ($5 a card except for Kingler whom is $2 or the red dude with the ten whom is $10 mostly because of shipping)

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So yeah, I hope this is an okay post to make, I really wanna start collecting Kabotops and Kyogre and I'm gonna throw down some money to it come the 15th :)

Are there any Zukens of those two? If so is anyone willing to sell those and for how much?


Curiosity About When To Ship

Hello to all! I still haven't mailed everything out yet because I thought, maybe, it was proper etiquette to wait for everyone to pay before shipping items out. >.> Is that the best way to do it or should I ship the items out that have been paid for and wait for the rest once they are paid? I talked with kaygee84 about this and he said the latter is best. I just want everyone's opinion; especially the ones who have been selling on here for quite awhile.

I plan on shipping everything out tomorrow. I'm awaiting payment from one person, so that package will remain on hold. Thank you all for your cooperation. It's very much appreciated! ^_^

EDIT: Thank you all for your help! :) I think I have a good idea of how to conduct business in the future. Since this was my first tim selling on here, I was kinda winging it; hoping everything would go smoothly. Luckily, I only had one mishap. My fault entirely. -_- I will be more professional in the future. I also now know the value of researching international shipping costs. I'm kinda dreading what tomorrow's shipping costs are gonna total. ^^;;
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pokemon cookie technap

and just remember, i'm the top cat :D

this is the dorkiest post ever but...
maniac_online! i found some meowth toys while i was cleaning that i don't think you have! one is of him riding in the team rocket meowth balloon and the other is the talking english meowth toy (only he's missing his tail).


tangently related! the nintendo center in NYC still has *all* the original eevee-lution pokedolls (flareon, jolteon and vaporeon), and a bunch of others as well (grimer, metagross, groudon, kyogre, mantyke and a bunch of others). if people want some, i can take orders and pop on over to the center. i'd probably charge something like 15$ plus shipping just to make up for the bus fees and i-hate-new-york fees. if anyone's interested in a particular pokedoll, comment here and i'll see if they've got them the next time i'm in.
julie/jimmy icon


space_fight & featherclaw :: I received the v-trainer pack today and will be mailing out your parts of the package tomorrow! :D I will be posting again once I've mailed out the v-trainers with tracking numbers so I can give them to you guys, also. <3

penanna :: I will be mailing your Light Togetic tomorrow, as well! I was waiting on something from wolvenillusion before I mailed it, and I should have it tonight. (: ! So be expecting it!

216handsbound :: I got Chatot today!! He's so TINY. o___o I didn't realize he was so leeettle! And OMFG you totally win AMAZING points because of those bonus cards, seriously! Birthday Pikachu and Lily Pad Mew!? I've been wanting those for YEARS .. YEARS!! ;___; I seriously, officially love you! <333

And I swear a sales post is coming. D: I'll post my updated collection (Mudkips and Typhlosions!) when I finish getting everything in from ebay. XD I'm still expecting another Typhlosion and I'm bidding on a Shining Mudkip, which is I believe the last card I need to complete my collection .. unless there are other promos or something out there!
Char-line looooove~

New Fire types :DDD

I love Gin! I love Gin! I love Gin more than I love...pokeymanz! 8DDDD

I got my Sunyshore package today! Well, more like yesterday, but the gf didn't give it to me until this morning at school. The tons of poke-crap made for an excellent school day (everyone was playing with the stuff as well as asking to smell the inside of the bag for a little scent of Japan XDDD). Good times :p


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Sales Post Part 2

For some strange reason, a part of my sales was forgotten in the confines of Photobucket. ^^;;; I thought I had posted them all, but I was mistaken. So, I bring you "Sales Post Part 2" for your enjoyment. :) These are just Jakks figures and one Absol TFG figure. I was also post some leftovers from my last sales post in case people missed out. I doubt anybody did, though. I'm sure you guys stalk this community as much as kaygee84 and I. XD I swear, I've always loved Pokemon, but there was a time when I didn't really pay too much attention to it. I rekindled my love for it a couple of years ago, but that feeling tripled when I came across this comm. :3 Now I'm a little obsessed with Pokemon once again. Damn you pkmncollectors!! XD It may molest my wallet a bit, but I don't really mind too much. Pokemon is LOVE! <333

ANYWAY... on to the sales! :)

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I will be adding a new collection post as soon as I get everything in the mail. :) I've already gotten a few things, but there will be more. I shall be patient till then. *twiddles thumbs
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