April 11th, 2008


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a quick summary of tomy figure releases, thanks to AAPF!

* #473 Mamoswine (26 July)
* #433 Chingling (19 July)
* #428 Lopunny (5 July)
* #477 Dusknoir (16 August)
* #462 Magnezone (9 August)
* #414 Mothim (2 August)
* #487 Normal Giratina (9 August)
* #486 Regigigas (9 August)
* #482 Azelf (20 September) (the first pixie tomy!)
* #443 Gible (20 September)

i'm PSYCHED for magnezone! i hope i can get an official magneton by then (mine is bootlegged and the person on the comm who was trading me one vanished!)

still no luxio....? D: this is starting to pile on to my theory that one of the kids gets a shinx/it will evolve into a luxio (its the best explanation so far for the sudden upsurge in shinx merch and the incredible lack of luxio merch).

Movie 11 Merchandise?

I hope this is OK to post? If not, mods feel free to delete it. n_n;

I've been keeping an eye on a thread on Serebii about the mystery pokemon that's shown up on some merchandise stuff.. you know, the one that claims to be a new pokemon? Mainly for the lulz, because watching these people debate if it's Regigigas/Arceus/new pokemon is entertaining. Anywho. Someone posted a link as some proof that mystery pokemon can't be Regigigas, as Regi appears in this image along with the blank mystery pokemon circle/question mark. And there are some really cool pictures of what I'm guessing are future/upcoming merchandise? Some of it looks like stuff we've known about, but I'm not sure. Whatever it is, it all looks nifty. :o

The page is here: http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20080409/tt.htm (Scroll down a lil' more than halfway)

And some specific pictures I was all OMG over:
Lots of Giratina and Big Daddy Regi

If anyone can confirm what some of this stuff is or whatever, that'd be awesome. This almost looks like some sort of trade show/toy fair-type thing? Or just the company showing off some of the newest stuff?

A tale of two Munchlaxes

People unknowingly buying bootlegged plushies makes me sad for two reasons:

1- It encourages bootleggers to make more
2- The buyer is being deceived and not getting as good a product as they can

I guess this goes for figures too. xD

But anyways, I found a bootleg Munchlax UFO catcher on eBay today (they've been there for a while, I just finally decided to post). The same seller has like 5 on there. ;_;

Picture and comparison shot below the cut.
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Anyways, just kinda wanted to vent. >_>

Shipped Announcement

I just want to let everyone who bought, paid, and/or traded for items in my first sales post that I have shipped your packages this afternoon and should get to you within the span of two weeks, depending on where you live. ^_^ The shipping charges were less painful than I had previously assumed. ^^ I hope everyone is satisfied with their items when they come. Thanks again! :)
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A post to say hi to you all

I just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I wanted to say I had been collecting pokemon merchandise ever since I was younger. I had built up quite a collection at some point with merchandise all over my tiny room. I was quite a pack rat and still kinda am and had collected other things too like animal plushies and other random things. Unfortunately though I eventually lost all my posessions due to a fire. Luckily I wasn't there when it happened and I only kinda regret losing more of my sentimental stuff anyways. After a long while in my new house I recently decided to at least build up a modest collection of stuff I think is cool (it obviously includes pokemon).  I'm thinking a collection of mostly my favorite pokemon and a few that extra merch. that I think looks awesome.


Just letting everyone know, I sent out your items today!

I also had a collection post,but my camera died on meee ;.;

I got a Smeargle kid, the 3 ledgendary birds kids, Salamance kid, Pikachu angry kid, umbreon espeon kids. They also had Ho-Oh and Lugia kids,but they wanted a bit to much for them :(

Plush Database Launch!

I'll cut right to the chase! After much toil and many sleepless nights, juumou  and I have finally finished the PokePlush Project! Well... not really finished, as it's a huge work in progress, but you get the idea! The link will take you to the base site. Once you're there, click on The Project to go to the plush galleries! Once you're in, Pokemon are organized by generation, followed by number. If you'd like to search for a set or type of plush, head over to our profile to find the tags you need.

Also, we are currently accepting FAQ questions! If you have something you'd like to ask about the project, feel free to do so, and we may add it!

We're also interested in Affiliates!

and now, without further ado, HERE IT IS!

CAGED ➽ anya

I did the math, 222.88 dollars so far THIS MONTH

I just got done telling everyone in the chat I was done buying things on eBay for awhile. Well naturally I started to browse the newly dubbed "forbidden place" in my mind. How can I pass up 30 dollars for a complete Zukan set? I rly can't. It is the newest set too. I rly only want my Lucarios (naturally) and the East Shellos. Maybe LadyLegs but if someone really wants her I can give her up for the right price.

obligitory stock photo

I guess you guys can call dibs on what you want. First come first serve basis. Except on Darkrai. I will decide once I actually have them in hand if I want to keep him or not. No payment until I have them though, as it is the rules.
About 5$ per Zukan. (2$ S&H -and only in the US & Canada for now -sorry)

Darkrai; -not available-
Nosepass & Probopass; shiny_vulpix
Finneon & Lumineon;
Dusclops & Duskull & Dusknoir; tonko
Snorunt & Froslass & Glalie; tonko
Cubone & Marowak; tonko
Riolu & Lucario; yaoi_queen
West Shellos & Gastrodon;

For Pikachu Fans

If this isnt allowed please delete...(o~_^o)

I started an LJ Community for Pikachu Fans...There you can share anything about Pikachu and his evolutions..Share FanArt,FanFictions,Cosplay,Collectable Merchandise,Discussion on Pikachu in the Anime and in video based games..Share anything to do with Pikachu..Once a month as soon as I get enough members I will also hold contests of different sorts which you can win cool Pikachu merchandise....

Check it out and join in on the fun....and here's the link to it..