April 12th, 2008

Pokemon - Shaymin <3

Shaymin Plushie Poll!

OKAY! SO! Anytime anyone sees me or my Shaymin plush I get the same question of when I will be making more to sell... so I figured I'd ask you all, who ask me, for a little input on this. ;D

Poll #1169882 Crocheted Shaymin Plushie Question....

If I made extra Shaymin plushies, would you be at all interested in one?

Yes, I'd definitely buy one!
I may be interested....

Which would you prefer?

Make one every week / other week and AUCTION it off?
Wait until I make a handful and sell them at a SET price?

I just want to point out that if you want me to make lots first, that it will take quite A LOT of time, so you'd have to be patient for me. I only make extras on the weekends. :3

Thanks guys! <333
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Group buy??

Oh, my god. ;___; I just found a Mudkip card I don't have!


Problem is .. I don't want the Treeko OR the Torchic. I only want Mudkip.

Would anyone be interested in splitting the auction with me? The final price would be split in thirds (or half, depending on who wants what), and a dollar added to allow me to ship the card(s) to you.

Or, if it's easier, does anyone actually have this card? 0_o

I'm also still looking for the Shining Mudkip from the Team Rocket Returns set. D: I tried to buy one on ebay, but someone bid-sniped it from fifteen to thirty-seven dollars. I was like '.....', seriously.

ALSO .. I JUST FOUND THIS. OMFG. Does anyone have any further information on these cards?


That mudkip is ADORABLE. Ok? I want it, but it appears to be super super rare. I've never heard of it until now. Sad. :(

I'm also looking for this ::

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LOL I think that's everything .. Dx fldsafsd. Thanks in advance! C:
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(HEY! the chat has been going on for...four days now? invite yourself on AIM to the chat "pkmncollectors"! XD)

i had to strip the doctor down naked to take photos for the plush project!

he hasnt been so naked in so long.

so now you can enjoy...


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With generous help from heerosferret, I will finally be getting one of my 'grail' items, and eifia, one of her's.


OMG. I think I'd cry if I didn't have to study so much math today. ;_;

The dolls in the picture are over 2 feet long (but less than 2.5, I imagine)! My largest Latias plush is only 10" long, so this is QUITE an improvement!

Edit: For reference, Gin's giant Raikou is 2.5 feet in length, so they're not that much smaller (length-wise), than The Doctor.

Now, let's hope my other grail item (Raikou), won't show up for awhile. XD

Sales Post!~ (Zukan and cards and plush, oh my!)

We've been buying quite  a few things recently (the new Diamond and Pearl manga and lots of nice plushies/cards), so it's time for a sales post to make some space!

First up though, [info]tonko_ni , I sent your zukan parcel a while ago and forgot that you wanted the Kriketot kid when I totalled it up for you - please email me your address (to kawaii.clamp.fan AT gmail.com) and I'll send it free of charge for forgetting it ^^;

Also, a few people haven't paid for things or have held things and I was wondering if you still wanted them (just let me know either way ^-^)
kasaiface - Barboach line zukan - would you still like it?
kyogre56 - do you still want the Torchic plushie?
pikachuashnat - you were interested in Turtwig and clear Electevire kids?

Now onto the sales! Everything is regular sale (no auctions this time) - and nothign weighs very much, so worldwide shipping is cheap :) Please comment if you have any questions!

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post-package depression

So I was all worried that it would take forever for UFO Pachi to arrive.. but imagine my surprise when I went out to the mailbox!

He is nearly 14" tall! Next to him is a Gulpin Kid, both for size and because Pachirisu came with it for some reason... either way, I am so happy! This is the plush I was trying to buy way back when at the time when I was selling off my PokeKids collection just so I could make this purchase, and just in case you forgot, he cost $40 plush ten for shipping (from Japan)! Eeee I'm really glad I spotted him. < 3333 And as I recall, nefhithiel dubbed him Gwen. Yay Gwen~
He's still only second to Pika, my sleeping Pikachu who is now the most loved thing in my collection, but anyway, I want to know which is your favourite item out of your collection? Post a picture if you want too~

And of course, this calls for a...
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Bye all~ talk to you soon I hope!

Edit Forgot to add my want list. heh.

When Ebay Items Go Wrong =/

I bought this lot on ebay recently thinking it was a great deal. It still is, but I was distraught when I actually received them in the mail today. The Charizard card is in horrid condition. It's scratched all to hell, there are dents in it, and the card itself is slightly bent. I wish I could take a pic that would show all these imperfections, but I know they wouldn't come out clear enough; especially the scratches. It makes me wonder how this woman's son valued his cards. Not very well in my opinion. =( The only cards that turned out well were the gold-star Swampert and the promo Blaziken. I will be selling the Blaziken card nad, perhaps, the Swampert card. Kinda odd how I'm selling the only decent cards in the lot, eh? ^^;; I already have the Blaziken promo and I'm not too attached to Swampert. He's more my sis's fave starter, cuz she chose Mudkip in the beginning. :)

I gave the woman a Neutral feedback, which my sis says was too generous, considering the condition of the cards. As you can see in the ebay posting, she clearly stated the cards were in "excellent condition." I killed her 100% feedback rating, but oh well. She should have been honest in her post. =/

That's my rant. Hope it was okay to post that here. If not, feel free to delete it. You won't offend me. ^_~
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Sales post!

Okay, finally .. here's my sales post that I've been promising for .. a while. D:

First, some guidelines ::

1. First come, first serve. I WILL hold cards.


Shipping for cards is $3 worldwide, no matter how many cards you buy.

Shipping for figures is $2, and they will be mailed in bubble envelopes. $3 international.

Plush will be weighed to determine how heavy the box will be, and will be mailed in tiny boxes or bubble envelopes, depending on the plush. Generally I'm assuming $5?

3. I accept PayPal only, sorry! The paypal fee will also be included in the price, so when you comment on which items you'd like, I'll total them up for you.

4. I will ship items when I have the payment.

5. If you're interested in something but not happy with my price, I'll be glad to bargain with you. (:

6. I WILL TRADE for cards I'm looking for! I'm mostly looking for Eeveelutions (including Eevee), Mudkip, Typhlosion, Ampharos, Charizard, Might/Poochyena, Houndoom/our, Nidoking, and Clefable. (: I have quite a few of the Eevees, Mudkips, and Typhlosions, but I would PREFER these cards; just ask and see if I don't have something!

Though I am specifically looking for these ::

Typhlosion Ex
Giovanni's Nidoking
Any Glaceon/Leafeon cards
Any Umbreon/Espeon cards (again, I have a few already, but just ask)
Any Shining/Star Eeveelution minus Vaporeon
Shining Mudkip
Here Comes Team Rocket! (from the Ex Team Rocket Returns set)
Dark Houndoom [ Neo Discovery, I think it was ]
Dark Ampharos
Any newer Eevee cards (newer meaning Neo Genesis and beyond, including promos)
Any Mudkip/Typhlosion figurines (I have a few Mudkip ones, but I have NO Typhlosions! ;O; *flails in sorrow*)
VS cards with any of the above pokemon (I already have Blaine's Typhlosion, but I would love Karen's Houndoom/Umbreon, Lance/Jasmine's Ampharos, Rocket's Wobbuffet, Morty's Ninetails/Gengar, and any Eeveelutions)
This is a link to my eBay express wishlist. I'm just going to use this as a reference for which cards I'm after, though I know that those aren't all the Eeveelutions out there; but any of the more common cards (jungle/team rocket) ones I already have. Just ask. (:

I think that's about it. D: *scratches head* If you have any questions, just ask!

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Thanks for looking!! Please be patient with my responses, this took a long time to type up and I'm exhausted now, but I will answer as fast as I can. If you have any questions feel free to IM me at AdamWGontier on AIM. (:

♥ Julie Xane
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New Pokémon Manga?

Sooooooo, I went to my local comic book store to pick up my MONTLY load of comics! I was peeking around because it was pretty busy and I noticed that there is a  Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure Manga! My eyes almost BUG out of my head because I haven't seen NEW pokémon manga is YEARS! [I forgot about the mystery dungeon series that came out a lil while ago. Since the story came free in nintendo power, I forgot about it XD]  Sooo needless to say I had to buy it! And only $7.99 to boot!

I figured I'd share here because if anyone would want to buy it, it would be you guys!

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