April 13th, 2008


eggspam! :D

A collection post! I've been meaning to make a full collection post forever, but I have so much stuff I can never be bothered finding it all ;~;. So here's one of my little collections. I never meant to start collecting these...

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Also, I got a bunch of stuff from people in this comm recently - my stuff from sari_sumdac, warandromance and castform arrived! (as a couple of you can probably tell from my collection pics :D) Thanks!

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Collection Update

So, I've been putting this off and off... blame it on my excellent impulse buying skills and wanting to wait until everything arrives. I still have about 8 packages coming if I counted right, including one from obakehoshi and one from sunyshore, so I'll possibly do another update next week or a full collection post. I feel kind of bad since I recently bought some things from people on here and never posted about them, so I decided to stop waiting on pending deliveries.

Quick preview:

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Anyone up for a little group auction?

I'm interested in this Dragonite plush, but I don't know how high the auction is going to go on it, so I wanted to see if anyone has interest in the other two plush that come with it!

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I was thinking of asking maybe $10-15 (depending on how high the auction goes, I'd be splitting the costs into thirds or possibly I'd pay half and anyone interested in the other two would pay one fourth each) plus shipping to your houses, and you wouldn't be paying until after we win the auction, if we do. I'm flexible with prices, and we can work out a fair deal afterwards. I just want this guy, but would love some help getting him if anyone wants the other two. ;__; Thanks in advance, and I hope someone's interested!

Start of my collection

I just wanted to show how my collection is going so far.

This is what I basically had before I decided to recollect again. Mostly games cause I was still into them and stuff. Manuals are from the games my cousin Natalia had and lost. >_> I also got that nice reverse holo hoppip as a gift. I found the holo Aggron somewhere thrown aside and forgotten. Amazingly I found my crystal game it was lost for a LONG time.

This is how my collection is going so far anyways. Just ignore the other stuff around them. Also I plan on keeping it there temporarily because if you haven't noticed that is the top of my tv.

Maybe I'll show what cards I have later....
Lastly I'm wondering if anyone is interested in un/common cards from the earlier sets (around 1st-2nd gen).
Hmm, I'll get some other stuff later too in the mail either way.

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hi folks!!!! i had a pretty good pokemon day yesterday. you can skip the garchomp story if you want to read about the roughly 40 bell plushies, including mew, lapras, legendary birds and eeveelutions, i will be stocking. yeah, you read that right.

1) clipping figures come in boxes, but you dont know who you'll get. i wanted garchomp, but i didnt want it BADLY enough to buy a ton of boxes trying to find him. now the best luck ive ever had was luxray keshipoke - forth ball i opened. the worst was luxio stamp - i opened like 40 before i gave up and made phone calls.

despite that me and aftertheheaven decided to buy one box each last night. she got emuritto - the pink pixie? which made her happy.

well, scratch off luxray keshipoke as the luckiest i ever got.


2) now some of you want to know about these supposed BELL PLUSHIES i will have for you all. for the record NO, I DID NOT GET JOLTEON. i will have eevee, vaporeon, and flareon... they did not have jolteon. *scratches eyes out of sockets*

the bell plushies i will have for direct sunyshore buy and auction are!



they will be ready for the next sunyshore update in 2-2.5 weeks :D

3) whoever i bid-warred with last night, good fight. i wanted manectric for a friend, but you won in the end. enjoy whatever you wanted from it. GOOD FIGHT! ;D

Meiji Pokemon Promo Cards

I tried searching for information on these ones and only found info on the 1st and 2nd gen promo cards. I've ordered two packs from jbox.com. :D
Does anyone know if these cards are any good or what kind of cards are in them (other than Dialga and Palkia)?  
Here's the link for the picture, I have no clue how to add it in a post yet *noob*  http://www.jbox.com/IMAGE/pofzt
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Group auction?

I saw these super cute little Pokémon suction cups, and they have a Cubone in the lot!! I seriously want it, but I'm having some money issues right now... So I figured, why not make it a group auction?

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The starting bid is $9.99 with $9.99 shipping from HK, so I'm thinking around $1-2 per figure, depending on how high it goes. But before bidding, I want to know if anyone would be interested in the others. They're legit and made with solid PVC. ^-^

They end in about 3 days from when this was posted, and you'd pay after the auction is won, provided I do win it, plus shipping to your house. (about $2 in the US, $4 international)

I know it's not too much money, but I really can't afford much of anything right now... and I've never seen that Cubone. ; 3; If anyone would be willing to help out that would be so great! Thank you to anyone who's willing to help me out! <3

(I have a feedback post here for LJ, and here for eBay if you're curious as well.)

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Eeeeee look what I found! I love ebay sometimes :D


They say they got it in Korea, but its definitely just the japanese toy sent to korea. I didn't think I could find any blaziken happy meal toys! I hope I get this one *crosses fingers*

Speaking of kids' meal toys, I recently received in the mail a Burger King Mew with its pink pokeball intact! The only thing wrong is that its batteries are dead, but of course they are after almost 10 years X3

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Hi all. Haven't posted in awhile since my camera cord died and I've finally saved up enough to move out this summer.

I was wondering if there was any other merchandise for Murkrow aside the two kids figures, the zukan, and the TFG figure? I still need a lot of cards, but I just wondered if there was anything else.

:3 I also plan to post my Mew horde before I pack it up to move.

Lastly, I've still got two Pikachu plush dolls and some Amada stickers for sale: http://www.angelchansales.ecrater.com/search.php?keywords=pokemon
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Interesting auctions!


I've been seeing posts lately for Pokemon dining stuff, so I figured I'd post this. XD I can't tell who the Pokemon care though! :C

I think I see two Meowth, a Pikachu, and two Blastoise .. D:


That seems like an amazing deal, too. o__o I have the entire collection so I don't need it, but it's so tempting!


This makes me lol.


I saw this and thought of featherclaw. XD I don't know what you have/what you're after, but this has Blaziken on it!


China or not, Piplup or not, this thing is .. really adorable .. D:

I'm totally going to stop spending money now ... totally .. Dx

Auctions/sales reminder!

Just wanted to say that I've got a few auctions for clear Pokemon Kids going on here! Wartortle, Gyarados, Sandshrew, and Dratini! That's also my sales post, and I just finished reducing prices on a bunch of Kids :3

(Please excuse horrible picture and dirty-looking table XD; It's not really dirty! The camera flash caught all the scratches and bumps :[)

And also - found this on eBay! Fancy .. fire Pokemon duffel bag.
I like the fiery stripes :> Doesn't someone collect fire Pokemon stuff here?

.. Also! xD Would anybody be interested in buying a Rayquaza Pokedoll? I bought it a while back from the Pokemon Center site but I don't really have any need for it xD
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I get the feeling some people are going to be particularly interested in this;

Espeon Friends Plush from Hong Kong, but for a good price!!

I have absolutely no info on how genuine, but it looks pretty genuine to me.

Also; the group auction/reserves for the Jirachi Zukan set, we decided not to do it. It was another $100 job and we couldn't afford to chip in $20 each. Sorry guys! ^^;

A Very Large Zukan Sales Post

Oh boy, now who here remembers me? Sure has been a while, I know, I know.

These last few months my family has been going through difficult times, so I've been very much focused on them lately. This means my collecting had to take a backseat. Also, I decided to sell the bulk of my Zukans to help them out.

So, enough of my random angst! Onto the Sales XD

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For anyone who bought something from me at my other thread, everything will be mailed out Tuesday!

For anyone who cares, I was sick, so I'd asked my friend to amil everything for me, and it turns out she never did.

I know this is hugely late, and I'm so sorry to everyone who bought stuff from me. I never meant to start out in this comm like that. ;-;

For anyone who minds, I will definitely be willing to send you a refund, because I feel awful. Please let me know if you want one, and I will send you your money back right away. (Or course, I'll still send the items to you.)

I've also included a bunch of extras for everyone, so hopefully you'll be able to make use of them somehow~

Again, I'm so sorry. Your items will be shipped out on Tuesday.
Big Bang Theory BAZINGA

Last Set of Chou/Clearance

My last set of chou came in! [Regen yours will ship out first thing tomorrow. Thank you!]
I'm also getting rid of a few last items that I really don't need. Including a Mew figure I bought from japan when the Lucario Mystery of Mew movie came out that I haven't seen around [aside from one other person], eevee kid, some new chou, and zukan. Please have a look and help me clean up my collection.

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Pokemon- Desukaan Aww yiss

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Went to Uwajimaya today since I happened to be pretty close by after going to Seattle with my mom and decided to see what they had in the way of Pokemon kids, since I had never actually gone there for them before. ^-^;

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Few un/common 1st-2nd Gen Card Sale

I'm restarting my card collection and I've decided to sell a few extras. I'm gonna start this off with these few cards since I already have them ready at hand. All are used but in a Mint - Very Good Condition. Don't ask if I have other cards as I don't really have much at this point.

I'll put each of them at $0.25 each for now and $6 shipped for everything. I'm new at this so I don't know what price to put them at so I will also consider other offers given too.

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Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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First things first: All packages have been mailed on Friday! I'm SO sorry I couldn't get them out on Wednesday like I said, but on Wednesday it was storming all day (as many people in Texas can attest to ._.) and I was really busy on Thursday; hopefully the freebies I included with each of your packages will help make up for it. Also, if you live outside of the US, please let me know if you got your stuff! Hearing that one of my previous customers in the UK only recently got something I sent out at the beginning of March really worries me. ._. (Though I've already lost an awesome item in transit to me and a Quilava plushie I commissioned is MIA thanks to the postal system, so my opinion of USPS isn't very high at the moment. v_____v)

Now, on to the real point of the post... some packages that did make it to me!

*_* Thanks to pheonixxfoxx, I now have three of my most wanted Pokemon items! I was really hoping to get my hands on these three ever since I knew of their existence, and I'm very happy with them along with the stickers and the spectacular package doodle! Although Raikou has a lot of paint scars on his face (even though he was mint in the box O_o), it's no big deal since I can touch them up with paint later on. Anyhow, they're currently on top of my DVD player along with their respective zukans! :D

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Also, as soon as it warms up and there's not as much wind out there (this is Texas; it shouldn't be chilly outside this time of month!), these two will join my collection after they get sprayed with a clear coat to seal the paint!

Admittedly they're not PERFECT, but I'm rather proud of how they turned out for being my first time painting Pokekids! (Now I just need an extra Starly. :O ) While the camera makes the blue crest out to be bright, in person it's more suttle and better. D: That's my main nitpick about it.